Big Time Rush was a weird show...

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Alex Meyers

преди 15 дни
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Jacob Black
Jacob Black преди час
U r divorced😐😐😐😐well this video turned weird ???
Anasyub преди час
i can say one thing BTR fans r passionate was basically jonas brothers type thing if but a bit more edgy coz yknow nickelodeon
Bongani Ngobese
Bongani Ngobese преди 2 часа
please do true Jackson vp
Jevil преди 2 часа
-pulls out rocket launcher- Me: C H A O S
Avani Shetty
Avani Shetty преди 7 часа
Wait hold up a minute... did Alex just say he got divorced?
no u
no u преди 8 часа
The cringe is intense on this one.
Kat Flores
Kat Flores преди 14 часа
They actually had an episode all about how British bands were taking over. Specifically One Direction.
Lee B
Lee B преди 14 часа
I'll never not love Big Time Rush.
Ann s
Ann s преди 15 часа
I remember when BTR was still on tv and everyone freaked out cuz there was a pic of Kendall drinking coffee 😂😂😂
O w O
O w O преди 18 часа
Do ricky,nicky and dawn
Carl Joseph
Carl Joseph преди 18 часа
Alex Mayers Is A Dumb
Victoria Nieves
Victoria Nieves преди 18 часа
You haven't done the infamous Naked Brothers Band looking back that was such a weirdly named show 🤣🤣
Jill Augspurger
Jill Augspurger преди 20 часа
Do spongebob
Mohd Arsalan
Mohd Arsalan преди 20 часа
Do sacred games
Em преди 20 часа
This was the best show. Change my mind.
L'Oréal Meshay
L'Oréal Meshay преди 20 часа
Boyfriend is a bop and I still run it on Apple Music to this very day sooooooo lol
Alexandra Boucher
Alexandra Boucher преди 21 час
They look so scrawny for hockey players
Yoongi the Lil Meow Meow
Yoongi the Lil Meow Meow преди 21 час
5:40 Me: In my room with BTS posters everywhere .... Nope couldn’t have a clue in the world
TGDRAW преди 22 часа
BTS REFERENCE! quality content
Alex O
Alex O преди 23 часа
You should review Unfabulous 😭
Exstream sauce
Exstream sauce преди ден
Can guys watch this show
Xmeme Xsuni
Xmeme Xsuni преди ден
0:01~I'm on level 105!
Dragonborn Studios
Dragonborn Studios преди ден
What’s the game called
Crystal Snow
Crystal Snow преди ден
I came for big time rush but the second I saw bts I screamed!!!!
Ricco Snóòkž
Ricco Snóòkž преди ден
Alex: Duuudes Me: DUDES DUDES DUDES This is fun
zofia thomas
zofia thomas преди ден
Big time rush is the only reason I'm still alive I love them
Sanskriti Rana
Sanskriti Rana преди ден
i loved btr-
Qsean Ferrigon
Qsean Ferrigon преди ден
So are you going to do cartoons now pen zero part time hero
That Person
That Person преди ден
Ah yes the bodies in the freezer Wait-
callmecai преди ден
ok listen, i let you slide with victorious...i let you off the hook with lemonade mouth...and i kept my mouth shut with like 100 other shows and movies. but this right here is where you’ve crossed the line bud😭💀
xavier davis
xavier davis преди ден
insert violent singing
OC Cactus
OC Cactus преди ден
It was a kids show🤨
au5cowpuncher преди ден
*Chilllll, why you in a big time rush?*
Ollyoxenfree преди ден
Kendall with his Jeff Winger speeches
M A R I A H преди ден
U should watch the one direction iCarly episode
Yaya Doodlez
Yaya Doodlez преди ден
Woah Oh Oh Oh Oh
linda iglesias
linda iglesias преди ден
Bruh, sum of y'all be forgetting 'Boyfriend' was a MASTERPIECE
Tahia Rouf
Tahia Rouf преди ден
Lost Girls
Lost Girls преди ден
Please do dynasty
Maria Eduarda Alves
Maria Eduarda Alves преди ден
Are you really divorced? lol
littlejauregui преди ден
ik you already did glee but maybe do the s2 premiere and other seasons too
Hardik Ahuja
Hardik Ahuja преди 2 дни
Why is nobody taking about the divorced comment is it common knowledge
emma ?
emma ? преди 2 дни
im watching this in the middle of algebra two. i am highly uncomfortable seeing that dudes early 2000s emo-ass hair... can i just opt out now?
Shinichi Kudo
Shinichi Kudo преди 2 дни
I would love to see him react to a series of unfortunate events since its kinds a kids show but also not? its such a good show
bunnylover460 преди 2 дни
Samantha Brown
Samantha Brown преди 2 дни
you missed the iconic part where one direction opened for them on tour and heaps of people came and walked out after the opening act
Amy преди 2 дни
Where can i watch big time rush....
Mr Sauce
Mr Sauce преди 2 дни
Rina Bologo
Rina Bologo преди 2 дни
Of you covered best friends whenever, it would be awesome ✨
wu t
wu t преди 2 дни
Do jessie
jamie greenberg
jamie greenberg преди 2 дни
ok but dude didnt mention their BANGERS
alvaro pallo
alvaro pallo преди 2 дни
It's interesting to see how you accumulate views, just for the fact of throwing garbage to others. It is easy and does not require the minimum effort XD
Norah Dougherty
Norah Dougherty преди 2 дни
I am sorry for your divorce
Rosie Ross
Rosie Ross преди 2 дни
I love your videos so much
Amelia Whillans
Amelia Whillans преди 3 дни
This reminded me of the Nick show, The Naked Brothers Band
Phoenix St
Phoenix St преди 3 дни
Can you do *Big Time Rush*
Jillian McGauley
Jillian McGauley преди 3 дни
Idea: ant farm
Sulachana Mukherjee
Sulachana Mukherjee преди 3 дни
He got divorced?!
Independent Thinker
Independent Thinker преди 3 дни
you got divorced??!! awww sorry to hear that man, hope life is treating you better lately.
Aidan Rosenberg
Aidan Rosenberg преди 3 дни
Big Time Rush was a way bigger deal than people remember. They've been credited by many people as making boy bands a trend again. 1D even opened for them.
Aidan Rosenberg
Aidan Rosenberg преди 3 дни
It was not a weird show >:(
sofi преди 3 дни
Everyone's talking about Boyfriend and Worldwide but don't forget Til I forget about you and Any kind of guy... those are BOPS
sofi преди 2 дни
@Farhana Mehjabin *TIL I FORGET ABOUT YOU* !!
Farhana Mehjabin
Farhana Mehjabin преди 2 дни
I swear I'll do anything that I have to~
Alexandra Sexton
Alexandra Sexton преди 3 дни
How have you never done the tv show awkward?! Or the film sleepover or Angus thongs and perfect snogging I need validation I'm not just bitter and judgemental
Gamey Firebro
Gamey Firebro преди 3 дни
Whole show written by youtubers... Let's not tell him about fred.
Gamey Firebro
Gamey Firebro преди 3 дни
Thank God.
awkward loser
awkward loser преди 3 дни
god this show used to be great when i was like 8 and the reruns were still on but now it seems so much weirder
Mr E
Mr E преди 3 дни
if you were gonna be a sellout and make a video game, at least make it a good video game
Taiye Adams
Taiye Adams преди 4 дни
Petition for Alex meyers to review dr.stone
Justin Green
Justin Green преди 4 дни
Ima Midwest guy and there is truly nothing to do
Kilana Schulze
Kilana Schulze преди 4 дни
wait is he really dicvorced? i so, man im so sorry dude
James Beattie
James Beattie преди 4 дни
Can you do Henry danger
torii преди 4 дни
TangyTarn преди 4 дни
Every time I listen to City is ours, I get major nostalgia. I miss my childhood
Brighton Sheehan
Brighton Sheehan преди 4 дни
Damn you do be ragging Minnesota... fair enough
Panz Cross
Panz Cross преди 4 дни
Ummmm.... did he just say divorced??? What happened??
J A преди 4 дни
6:20 Alex are you ok? That sounded like a cry for help.
Damian Kinzler
Damian Kinzler преди 4 дни
Minnesota!!! 😅
Eve M
Eve M преди 4 дни
there's still a few from the 2004-2012 era true Jackson vp, naked brothers band, Neds declassified, unfabulous, how to rock
Glitter girl _riri
Glitter girl _riri преди 4 дни
Let's be honest it was a weird show but we loved it
Genevieve Graziano
Genevieve Graziano преди 4 дни
Who else got his game when it first came out lol love the vids
XxCloudiixX преди 5 дни
FINALLY somebody talks about big time rush after ALL these years
sunny m
sunny m преди 5 дни
Do ya’ll think they play hockey?
Justme21021 преди 5 дни
I LOVEEE YOUR CHANNEL you are sooo FUNNY !! greetings from Turkey !!!
Avery Colvin
Avery Colvin преди 5 дни
I hate to be that one guy but... 1:18 what were they doing behind the couch 😳
Redd Love
Redd Love преди 5 дни
I hatedddd the movie I never finish it bc of how bad it was I loved the show doe
Noemie Pace
Noemie Pace преди 5 дни
To be honest I forgot all of the episodes/songs of the show EXCEPT for the first episode and the Katz Crews one ( along with the songs that go with them ) BTR is also the weirdest kids show I've ever watched in my entire life and I love it
Adrie Nossaman
Adrie Nossaman преди 5 дни
i think we need to talk about btr’s BEST SONG that is nothing even matters
Ayanna Lowery
Ayanna Lowery преди 5 дни
Not relevant but big time rush was my o g band than one direction still is in 2020 and the Jonas brothers
juan ren
juan ren преди 5 дни
Alex: Do YOu EvEr feEl liKe pUNcHinG SOmEoNe? me: YES.
Suçons преди 5 дни
How the fuck did you get an app?
Meg Biederman
Meg Biederman преди 5 дни
I want to remind you all of the oft forgotten BTR bop “Paralyzed” whilst I’m here
Ultrainsct Spyku
Ultrainsct Spyku преди 5 дни
Wait you were married
Renee D
Renee D преди 5 дни
So a few years ago Big Time Rush did a concert at a park in my town after our elementary school had a shooting there. I think the tickets were free or low price, I don`t remember. But there wasn`t a huge amount of people there. Again, small town, right after a shooting so our town wasnt excacly cheery. They were trying to hype up the crowd but nobody was singing along or dancing. They canceled after 45 minutes because a thunder storm was coming in pretty bad. They said they would come back. It`s been eight years... still have my ticket somewhere.
Lucy Fruit
Lucy Fruit преди 6 дни
There is “NOTHING TO DO”. Yeeeeeah represent them Midwestern kids!! WOOP WOOP 😂
Lucy Fruit
Lucy Fruit преди 6 дни
“Do you ever just feel like punching someone in the face” 😂
rebal180 преди 6 дни
All of them are suppose to know how to sing because they were gonna be the next Jonas Brothers in real life.
Miracle Giwa-Amu
Miracle Giwa-Amu преди 6 дни
Am 14 and I still love big time rush
SquidoSquido преди 6 дни
Hellloooooo Pls do Avatar the last airbender..
Zhane Alliyah
Zhane Alliyah преди 6 дни
As a Big time rush fan, I just cannot comprehend how the show got four season. It just was not good.
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton преди 6 дни
You can't say btr is bad then promote a knock off candy crush.
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