Riverdale: The Musical

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Alex Meyers

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just a collection of all 3 Riverdale songs I've made so far
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Riverdale Season 4 is a mess...
how is Riverdale a real show

Emerald Cordova
Emerald Cordova преди 2 дни
I can sing this entire musical by heart. That's how good this is
Serafina Mantell
Serafina Mantell преди 9 дни
Zali Lovell
Zali Lovell преди 11 дни
We love abs the musical
Jordyn Kinney
Jordyn Kinney преди 11 дни
What the hell was this?
Tali K
Tali K преди 20 дни
Imagine recording yourself singing about a "teenage" boy's abs and then ur girlfriend walks in like: biiiiiii-
Isabella DiPaola
Isabella DiPaola преди 21 ден
Plot twist jug head gets a twin and his actual brother comes on the show without a beany 😱
N8 Hulk
N8 Hulk преди 24 дни
Disney in a nutshell: 0:10-0:30
Suck It
Suck It преди месец
Riverdale’s next musical episode is just going to be a crappier version of Abs: The Musical
Bob Gob
Bob Gob преди месец
Omg when Brian Boitano played I DIED
Erin Dougherty
Erin Dougherty преди месец
I refuse to watch river dale but 🎶AND PECKS! 🎶 had me crying. This is incredible mate, respect for the work that must have gone into making this. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Chungus Mug
Chungus Mug преди месец
Does anyone notice how the Archie’s abb’s song sounds almost identical to the song from the 1999 SouthPark song What would Brian Boitano do?
John Laurens
John Laurens преди месец
Donniedrako15 E25
Donniedrako15 E25 преди месец
I hate how I Unironically love this song.
Aiyah преди месец
Listen to it with 1.75 speed XD
Arthur Dickson
Arthur Dickson преди месец
Abs Abs Abs
Kyle Lp
Kyle Lp преди месец
I didn't know that it was gonna become a musical and when i got to the episode where it starts i was like well hell nah i aint watchen that no more
Autumn Barclay
Autumn Barclay преди 2 месеца
You can tell Alex used to be a theatre kid, he’s got a good singing voice.
Alexa Larson
Alexa Larson преди 2 месеца
Is it just me, or is the “Abs of Archibald” song eerily similar to “What would Brian Boitano do”. Even some of the lyrics are the same, lol
twiinlove13 преди 2 месеца
Brittany преди 2 месеца
This was pure gold.
Blood Rose
Blood Rose преди 2 месеца
Thank you thank you thank you for this video this made my day!
Liz Manjarini
Liz Manjarini преди 2 месеца
My dad: what are you watching Me: the best cartoon ever!
Paul Tumaliuan
Paul Tumaliuan преди 2 месеца
That ending belt was off, but damn, that vibrato
Vivi преди 2 месеца
This is so accurate.
Kadine Van Rooyen
Kadine Van Rooyen преди 3 месеца
Lol that was so funny. Riverdale is really dumb but I just keep watching it 🤣🤣
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi преди 3 месеца
Now *THIS* is art.
anthonyanimations преди 3 месеца
Archie's abs is based off what would Brian boitqno do by south park
julia feltl
julia feltl преди 3 месеца
lol she and chang both ate their twins in utero
AdxlynnPlayz преди 3 месеца
its safe to say he is on jingle jangle
Kewlo Quiet
Kewlo Quiet преди 3 месеца
This is better then the musical episodes
Doggo Animator
Doggo Animator преди 3 месеца
Dude he used the same music As that one song from South Park lol
Suzy B
Suzy B преди 3 месеца
How did Alex not end up on Broadway? 😂
Olivia Fang
Olivia Fang преди 3 месеца
Technically, Charles is also related to Jughead.
Beatriz Fernandes
Beatriz Fernandes преди 3 месеца
2:44 I keep asking myself the exact same thing!!
Musomania27 преди 3 месеца
You're a good singer
Alina Grace
Alina Grace преди 3 месеца
Anything can happen in season 4! Well I mean he’s not wrong...
Seesaw_korekiyo преди 3 месеца
i know all the lyrics now this is amazing
Liz Manjarini
Liz Manjarini преди 3 месеца
Doctor: you only have 2 minutes and 52 seconds to live Me: alright alex, hit it And yes I know this is copied
Zama Ngcobo
Zama Ngcobo преди 3 месеца
Now when he says he was in show choir I'll believe him
Hattie Dame
Hattie Dame преди 3 месеца
You sound SOOOO much like Rob Paulsen, the voice behind Yakko, Pinky, and so many others.
Elisa Parent
Elisa Parent преди 4 месеца
Love the south park tune
The JJ Show With S & S
The JJ Show With S & S преди 4 месеца
I made a playlist just for this song called "PURE ART"
Gayil Sobelman
Gayil Sobelman преди 4 месеца
I watch riverdale bc i have nothing better to do in my life
arwa balasinorwala
arwa balasinorwala преди 4 месеца
I mean everytime I see shows like these, I am like when do these people actually study?!
Adelia преди 4 месеца
this was absolutely beautiful lmao
Lukas Sattaur-May
Lukas Sattaur-May преди 4 месеца
When I first saw this I was laughing my head off.
The Sexiest Rat On YouTube
The Sexiest Rat On YouTube преди 4 месеца
I don't want my mum to see my watch history
Misael Suarez
Misael Suarez преди 4 месеца
LOL he's not wrong always everytime in the show there's abs which is annoying like ok we get it these guys are hot but y put so many abs. Alex sing along video is way better than the musical episode of Riverdale I was so annoyed just by watching it.
Arshi Firoz
Arshi Firoz преди 4 месеца
I can't stop replaying this 😂 This is pure gold
Spaceman Craig
Spaceman Craig преди 4 месеца
Olivia Radulescu
Olivia Radulescu преди 4 месеца
Riverdale in a nutshell YOU GET A SISTER, YOU GET A BROTHER, YOU GET A TWIN YOU'RE DEAD JK, YOU'RE NOT ( every character be like: why can't i just finally get the sweet release of death) LETS GET GAAAAANGS AND AAAAAABBBBBS
Prakash Balaraman
Prakash Balaraman преди 4 месеца
Make a part two of this from the season 4 finale
Aseony преди 4 месеца
He do be representing us theater kids
BlúëWølf преди 4 месеца
admit it you watched this more than once
Seesaw_korekiyo преди 4 месеца
i know almost all the lyrics now
Petar Vasiljev
Petar Vasiljev преди 4 месеца
I listen to this when l work homework
??????? преди 4 месеца
ive watched this too much so now i know all of the lyrics
V H преди 4 месеца
Too late but don't care i haven't cried laughing for so long, so i had to subscribe to you. In my head im signing what i say please make it stop xD
Hannah White
Hannah White преди 4 месеца
It's so true though
Kaylee Lomas
Kaylee Lomas преди 4 месеца
I don’t know what happening anymore Cause anything could happen in season 4
??????? преди 4 месеца
Matthew Kaplan
Matthew Kaplan преди 4 месеца
I didn’t know he could compose.
Pandi_cupcake17 преди 4 месеца
This is PURE GREATNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lilly Grady
Lilly Grady преди 4 месеца
This literally just made my day
Lulu Ouma
Lulu Ouma преди 4 месеца
riverdale in a nutshell
xXTheater_KidXx преди 4 месеца
the only good singer in the riverdale musical episodes is toni the only good one
אמילי קיטרו
אמילי קיטרו преди 4 месеца
That was the best musical ever I mean like e v e r
Eternal _ Anarchy
Eternal _ Anarchy преди 4 месеца
I swear, we haven't gone one episode where we *don't* see Archie shirtless.
RandomTurtleGamer преди 4 месеца
I never watched riverdale but I know this is 10 times better than the actual show
Andrae McLeod
Andrae McLeod преди 4 месеца
Go with that feeling.
Vilda Lishöj
Vilda Lishöj преди 4 месеца
Is it just me or does the melody in Archie’s Abs remind anyone else of ’Seize The Day’ from Newsies?
Brooklyn Black
Brooklyn Black преди 4 месеца
I don’t now what I just watched... but I loved it!
Natasha Bradley
Natasha Bradley преди 4 месеца
I love all your shows you should make some more really good at a all
Gacha Khloe Noodle;-;
Gacha Khloe Noodle;-; преди 4 месеца
The best singing I’ve ever heard :)
Pancake Wolf 4
Pancake Wolf 4 преди 4 месеца
Haha Arches abs lol!
Pancake Wolf 4
Pancake Wolf 4 преди 4 месеца
I love this lol
Jacob Lazenby
Jacob Lazenby преди 4 месеца
What is this video Alex
Anne Wong
Anne Wong преди 5 месеца
Riverdale is good
Xx_PinkDunsparce56 _xX
Xx_PinkDunsparce56 _xX преди 5 месеца
The best part is, if Alex tried his best, he would be an excellent singer or songwriter. He’d make millions.
Karlapoof преди 5 месеца
Have you seen riverdale heathers
Wify 0
Wify 0 преди 5 месеца
I have this video in my music playlist because it's so good
Ni Vortex
Ni Vortex преди 5 месеца
I love you Alex!
Sydney Grover
Sydney Grover преди 5 месеца
Um...Am I the only one who noticed that he drew a dinosaur and made a ball of tinfoil just so he could use a ken doll (why) to hit them with its abs? I mean that took effort....good job...I guess...
Agnes Waldolf
Agnes Waldolf преди 5 месеца
Is it weird that I know this text by heart?
Yarah Hallaert
Yarah Hallaert преди 5 месеца
7:58 puberty hit ben hard
Nicole Cefaloni
Nicole Cefaloni преди 5 месеца
Honestly I watched season 1 and half of season 2 and after that I decided that I did not like Riverdale.
Cosmic Activity
Cosmic Activity преди 5 месеца
0:52 thought it’d be a pop tart
Cosmic Activity
Cosmic Activity преди 5 месеца
True song
Tahia Rouf
Tahia Rouf преди 5 месеца
plot Riverdale: throws out the window
844Steam Fan
844Steam Fan преди 5 месеца
Just replace the b in abs with an s. Lol
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy преди 5 месеца
This makes more sense than all of riverdale 🤣😂
Silja Dukovska
Silja Dukovska преди 5 месеца
2:43 because it's awesome
Silja Dukovska
Silja Dukovska преди 5 месеца
Y'all talk about Archie's abs But I'm talking about Jughead face🥵
tetetae преди 5 месеца
am i the only one that thinks this is a better musical than the REAL one!
yugotuber преди 5 месеца
I needed to rewatch this vid 😊😊😊😊 soooo goood ! I adore Alex so much! Really talented, funny and creative! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
yugotuber преди 5 месеца
I needed to rewatch this vid 😊😊😊😊 soooo goood ! I adore Alex so much! Really talented, funny and creative! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Colette Groenewald
Colette Groenewald преди 5 месеца
Tina Howard
Tina Howard преди 5 месеца
When he said fought I heard something different guess what I mean
Joy M
Joy M преди 5 месеца
I'm going to memorize these songs
Morgan Schaefer
Morgan Schaefer преди 5 месеца
I love Riverdale and I don’t know why people don’t like it
Ctuber Barbarian
Ctuber Barbarian преди 4 месеца
Morgan Schaefer well he said why people hate it
Morgan Schaefer
Morgan Schaefer преди 5 месеца
Well not every one thinks that
EmberTheatre преди 5 месеца
It’s just not a well-written show
Chibi Being Chibi
Chibi Being Chibi преди 5 месеца
You missed the last one
Riverdale season 4 was a mess... (season 4 finale)
Alex Meyers
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how is Riverdale still on tv...
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what even is Riverdale anymore...
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how is Riverdale a real show
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