the biggest problem with The Social Dilemma

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Alex Meyers

преди 23 дни

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Bryni Adiel
Bryni Adiel преди час
Imagine being so detached that you aren't willing to adapt but happily deprive your entire family of something that you have the ability to limit and monitor. It's almost as if they refuse to actually parent their kids. I know that the message isn't that all internet is bad, more that things are shouted into echo chambers and technology is harder to cut away than just a decade ago. However, people are just handing their kids a phone and then complaining that they're using it because they don't like it... It's a cowboy blaming the shoes for hurting the horse. You put the shoe on, you trotted them through the desert, and don't want to own up to the fact you never cleaned or maintained them. Some people are right about the message maybe being missed in the video, but the blame game is still being played in the documentary.
Talia Birnbaum
Talia Birnbaum преди час
I had to watch this for school and I made my mom and brother watch it to and it was soooooo boring even my mom thought it was boring to
Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l
Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l преди час
*☼ IM LONELY AND THIRSTY!* my mom watched this. it may be...bad, no it will be bad for her.
Marta Wiśniewska
Marta Wiśniewska преди 4 часа
my teacher told us to watch this movie
Erif The fox
Erif The fox преди 20 часа
All this i tried to explain to my mom
Nattvingen преди ден
Internet is a WONDERFUL tool. It provides job opportunities for people who otherwise wouldn't be able to do what they enjoy, or couldn't work at all, like disabled people, people who come from poverty or live in isolated areas. It's an easy, quick and cheap way of education. It gives us many, many ways to entertain ourselves. It gives a sense of belonging to people who have difficulty finding friends or who are part of some specific community. It's an easy way to keep in touch with friends and family no matter the distance. It became super apparent this year. The corona crisis would get so much worse if we didn't have a way of instantly sharing information with public, not to mention the schools going online and all the people working from home office now. Why can't people just use everything in reasonable amount? We need to work, and it's great if you find your job fulfilling, but you shouldn't turn into a workaholic. Sports are healthy, but if you spend all your time in gym, your relationships will suffer. Reading is a great entertainment and education, but you should be socially active as well... Internet is no different. It can make our life so much richer and easier, all we have to do is not let it turn into an addiction.
gabriel porras
gabriel porras преди ден
Honestly, this video essay makes me feel like you saw the first 15 min of the doc and thought that was enough
FRE - Dream
FRE - Dream преди ден
The biggest problem I had with the documentary was the short film that was shoved in there - like that was what made the point feel like it was being too hammered in for me.
Bhuvaneshwari Sathiamurthy
Bhuvaneshwari Sathiamurthy преди ден
Jimin’s lost jams
Jimin’s lost jams преди ден
I spend a ton of time on social media, I’ll admit it. Especially since COVID started and I haven’t seen any of my friends, online talking and watching youtube has become a big part of my day. However, I really enjoyed this docu, and normally I don’t like these kind of things. My mom wanted me to watch it, and I wasn’t super excited to, however it was very interesting. I don’t believe the point of this was to make everyone get off the internet, it was just saying be cautious. And honestly, what they said is true. You skipped over the algorithm part of it, and in my opinion that was the most interesting and true part of it. The internet can be a scary place, and harmful place too. I think the way they handled it was actually good. Not once did they say we should never go on online, they just said be careful. Idk, I think it was actually really interesting and I recommend watching it, it really makes you think.
Anna Maria Zanchi
Anna Maria Zanchi преди 2 дни
This documentary is so funny, people saying social media is evil using those same social media they are condemning
Apocalypse преди 3 дни
I watched your video, and now my teacher is having me watch the social dilemma, and the first thing I thought of was you video
Jillian McGauley
Jillian McGauley преди 3 дни
I really do love this video essay style video. I love both styles, but this really ignites some Alex Meyers nostalgia
Ans :
Ans : преди 3 дни
i am so tired of old 50 year olds saying all technology is bad like i am sorry but things change the world changes and not having access to the interent will isolate you from the whole world with that being said of course their should be restrictions but all I am saying is it has opened my eyes to a whole other world
Nasya T
Nasya T преди 3 дни
Met my fiancé in an online forum, so the positive impacts hit hard
ennui blue
ennui blue преди 4 дни
We Live in Public was kind of similar
Sophia Capraro
Sophia Capraro преди 4 дни
Wow this is a whole show run by Karens
Invox преди 5 дни
The problem with "social media" is not new technology (we had those thing before) the thing it REALLY delivered were: 1- Social interaction to people who are to young to learn proper social interaction. 2- Annonimity. 3- Uncountability. I have youg children in my family and I do let them use smartphones, which they usually do JUST to play videogames mind you. BUT I do not let them visit BGcd, acompanied by an adult. But they never even asked for a Facebook or Instagram account! To be honest, none of their friends have those things or even "need" them, I guess. This young generation was so bombarded by "media" in general, that (at least in my city/country/small experience) doesn't really care much for it... Which is a good thing. Now videogames, that's a whole other thing... Damn Fortnite! 😅
Cc Cc
Cc Cc преди 5 дни
It’s ironic that this is on Netflix
Kinglink Reviews
Kinglink Reviews преди 5 дни
Second time watching this video and it pisses me off to no end when he says "If you're in different cities your going to see different results if you type in climate change is." That's now how it works. Different USERS or even different ACCOUNTS get different results. Your location has a minimal value. If that's the level of understanding of the system.... I worry about the rest of the information. Also I doubt most people know the full depth of these systems... so I would question how much actual knowledge these guys have.
Ratboy2004 преди 5 дни
You're actually deflecting. Get help. The alternative is no phones.
Simple Simply
Simple Simply преди 6 дни
Alex: *rants on for 11 mins* The Point: ---____---
Don Rodriguez
Don Rodriguez преди 6 дни
Dang, Alex, that transition into today's sponsor was ✨C L E A N ✨
chocolate cream
chocolate cream преди 6 дни
I definitely lost interest on Instagram and basic social platforms except for discord, BGcd and online games. But I do feel myself being more pulled into the things that I do focus on while using technology, mostly my phone. I can’t put it down until I feel like it’s in my way. And I often pick it up and put it down multiple times in a short period of time. Like my brain is trying to get away from it.
lauraafjs преди 6 дни
I fully AGREE that the 90s "Generation" IS the best and I have a fully formed argument to prove why.😂 But that's another story. I LOVE your view on this film. I completely AGREE. People also need to take more responsibility for their own actions. If people didn't put out all the negativity on these platforms, then it wouldn't be negative thrown back.
I am AZm
I am AZm преди 6 дни
It's the oldest story, SOCIAL MEDIA or INTERNET is not evil, people are. Blaming it for what's happening in society is foolish.
RevolveTNT преди 7 дни
I think this documentary didn’t scratch the full points like what about people who made friends and relationships like I would’ve never found out about Minecraft if it wasn’t for BGcd and reddit
Damini Shah
Damini Shah преди 7 дни
I've been on and off on social media (especially Instagram) since 3 years now and I can say with no doubt that it makes a huge difference on my mental health. Everyone tries to put their best versions out there (including myself) and I was at the peak where everything seemed so fake that I couldn't take it anymore. For so long I felt like there was something wrong with me but this documentary made me realize that I'm just a human and there is valid reason behind it. And I assume we've all seen people with thousands of 'reel friends' and 'zero real friends'. I think he is just trying to deny it because he rely on 'social media' for his living.
sean._. преди 7 дни
Me watching this while doing online school
Judah Austin
Judah Austin преди 7 дни
If we delete soicial media then influencer don't get paid
Carla Ferraccini
Carla Ferraccini преди 8 дни
Here a comment to feed the algorithm
Daniel Kolbin
Daniel Kolbin преди 8 дни
No, Social Networking IS dangerous. We were better off without the internet. That's a fact. no, i have virtual school so yea
Asif Ihtemadul Haque
Asif Ihtemadul Haque преди 8 дни
In my view, the film was about mentioning the issues logistically and reverberating them. We didn't watch it to see the glories of social media as we already know how it is helping people. So there's no use wasting time on that. They also didn't go after the tech companies or the people behind them. They blamed the business model which the companies all are after. It's evident that we are reluctant to hear others' opinions because of social media. They want to rectify the system,not shut it down. You presented them as hypocrites. You just undermined their message by doing so. Who else could have been brought to make you more aware of the system other than the people who built it? I use social media as minimal as i possibly can right now. But still i get stressed out, get headaches after using it for 15 minutes(except for YT) Now i will be trying harder to control myself so that it will always be MY CHOICE to use it.
SamuraiC преди 8 дни
The one thing the movie didn’t answer was “why should we care?” Apart from the mental health part that’s an issue that needs to be fixed
Ro преди 8 дни
I got an apple ad on this
ReBeL преди 8 дни
I’d be able to live without social media but insta let’s me call my mate and show him memes, other than memes nothing else appeals to me on Instagram
Artixell Animations
Artixell Animations преди 8 дни
You can't blame social media for our problems. Take protests for example. People are saying that protests now are caused by social media, but actually social media is just taking the protest that is already happening, and showing it to more people. It's not like protesting is a new things as a result of social media. They protested with the civil rights movement, they protested during the vietnam war, the boston tea party was a protest! Yes, more people may know about/be getting involved in protests because of social media but protests are not a result of social media use.
Artixell Animations
Artixell Animations преди 8 дни
Yes, social media isn't great if your mental health isn't good, and taking a break is really good for you, but I feel like saying "INTERNET BAD STOP USE" is kind of stupid.
Alie Chiasson
Alie Chiasson преди 8 дни
I think you missed the point. They don't advocate for putting the genie back in the bottle but to give him some boundaries for the greater good of society. We never adapted our laws to regulate social media like we did for other telecommunications, automobiles, even trains. And we NEED to regulate this, so that these giant companies are no longer incentivized to operate in a way that fosters addiction, creates division and spreads misinformation. As for not acknowledging there are good sides to social media, they did mention them burt chose not to focus on it. It's the other side of the medal they set out to show, and as well as the manipulations that are invisible to us and that we all should be aware of.
Sully Cook
Sully Cook преди 9 дни
build it up, build it up.... boom paid advertisement
Noel Babas
Noel Babas преди 9 дни
This reaction video didn't really know what really the documentary means... SOCIAL MEDIA is being used by big companies as a weapon to manipulate human behavior, plus the AI... 🤷 That is why its title "social dillema" dumb
Mohammed Sherif
Mohammed Sherif преди 9 дни
Continue to watch the flash
Anxiety Ebriety
Anxiety Ebriety преди 9 дни
Its almost like this guy didnt watch the movie or if he did he forgot everything he saw. Several points he made the film actually addressed lol. How many of you didnt watch the movie but came to this guy for a reason why social media is totally ok and not an issue
Ida de Snoo
Ida de Snoo преди 9 дни
They're not saying, leave social media forever. They're admitting that they have created a monster. And sure it also connects people, educates people and stuff. But it has also radicalized people. It has people live in their own toxic bubble. And because of that people start doing really messed up shit, like rub a pizzaria because they believe there's a basement where Hillary Clinton runs her pedophilic business. And in my opinion, that's heavier than making new friends or enjoying videos, because there are still books and libraries and other really cool offline options that are dieing because of the internet.
Jordzyi1 преди 9 дни
Yes you can stay away from social media and the internet it’s simple. I’m gonna stop & leave social media/internet soon & focus on my future. These people in the video are fake rubbish people.
Holden DePardo
Holden DePardo преди 9 дни
“When new technologies arise there are always people who say it’s bad” is a terrible response to The Social Dilemma. These people came from social media companies, and were big players. I don’t remember Henry Ford saying cars were bad, because that’s what this documentary does. It’s the social media players themselves giving the warning.
BriannaBird Davis
BriannaBird Davis преди 9 дни
Does anyone else notice there’s a typo in the term, “travel agents” at 7:06 in the documentary?
Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake преди 9 дни
suure the documentary is a *bit* sensationalized. But what isn't these days? the important thing is they highlighted a prevalent issue. I don't think people will turn staunch anti-tech after watching it, but it definitely starts important conversations around this SPECIFIC issue. I recognized my own fractured attention and how I would waste hours upon hours on mindless browsing, I deleted many of my social media accounts (least the problematic ones anyway). So when I came across this documentary, it was nice for these 'concepts' I had at the back of my mind, to be made more concrete in how I understood them. Needless to say I'm still aware of the internet at large and use technology as often as any online student these days. This documentary definably has value and a positive impact, I don't see extreme consequences of it being one sided. But hey even your critique starts some valuable conversations - so s/o anyway for presenting an alternative
Fake Name
Fake Name преди 10 дни
much like heroin...the internet is a lot of fun until it becomes necessary just to numb the pain in your life...This is what creates addiction. The scary thing is that unlike heroin, the internet is required for day to day living, for getting a job, for working your job, etc. It would be like telling heroin addicts to get over their addiction, but that they still have to use every day.
Aidan Ling
Aidan Ling преди 10 дни
The point of the documentary isn't 'internet bad', they said that they don't want Facebook or Google to fall. The point was that the algorithms running them and how the businesses are forced to make money is causing division across the public and more radicalisation to occur. The people in the documenary genuinely thought that social media would help communication and make us more united.
James Green
James Green преди 10 дни
Want to know what the documentary missed out? I created an honest, unfiltered review of the Social Dilemma from the viewpoint of someone who owns a social media advertising agency (I know I'm the enemy right haha)
Billy Batson
Billy Batson преди 10 дни
A BGcdr telling us not to worry, social media is fine. Seems legit, not to click on your sponsor link and then buy some of your merch.
Dalton Hutchinson
Dalton Hutchinson преди 10 дни
No one in the documentary is pushing to get rid of social media/technology... They want to make it ethical, not delete it.
Clay Brad
Clay Brad преди 10 дни
Algore probably
Shasta Orr
Shasta Orr преди 10 дни
As a person in the legal field, I think they made this as a plea to get enough public backing to get legislators to move. It needs to be scary enough to get the public in an uproar to get theirs legislators to push regulation. Currently none is really out there to protect consumers (regulation is super behind for tech) and it takes forever to get it through and passed. You do it today it won't really be in motion for a few years. This is whi it is quite literally about our kids more than us. There is reason to the madness. You just have a very one dimensional view of it, I encourage you to try and see big picture.
Beza Addis
Beza Addis преди 11 дни
When he added the ad at the end, I was out. He was basically bashing on the documentary that was exposing social media as a capitalistic venture. Then he continues to say that social media sites like BGcd are good for us. But then he adds a sponsor at the end literally proving the documentary right. Idc if youtubers use sponsors but it just seemed so bizarre to me
Anna Tabner
Anna Tabner преди 11 дни
The people on The Social Dilemma are people who have worked in the industry and have developed these platforms and algorithms - they are the experts! They understand better than anyone how the internet and social media have detrimental effects on society, especially young people. They are telling us that the algorithms that they have created have become something greater and have become something more intelligent but, they’re main goal of profit has not changed. The algorithm prioritises profit over ethics, meaning that if putting you at risk will increase profit - the algorithm will mot hesitate! They are not saying that Social Media is the worst threat to planet we have ever encountered and that it should be completely eradicated - this is something that they had helped to create with good intentions! They don’t tell us all of the great things about social media because they don’t have to; we all know that! What many of are not aware of is how dangerous it is growing to be. The e of this documentary was to reveal the truths that we don not see so easily.
Kastiel G7
Kastiel G7 преди 11 дни
Thank you! Alex, this movie is part of my assignment.
sharklife преди 11 дни
Netflix hidden agenda 0.04 death rate ppl saw through the lies. Billionaire plays spending 100s of billions to make trillions. Yes Bill Gate is not a ruthless business man he made it to the top and and continue to build his weather faster than ever bc he a nice guy. The end of this movie bc it’s not a documentary redirects by we need to find the truth no we should allow everyone to say what they believe...Not allow social media to moderate what they believe to be true
mmelanoma преди 11 дни
When I grew up I heavily relied on technology (internet and social media in the form of bbs, chatrooms, Yahoo groups) to meet people and make friends. I don't remember online polarization being a thing, making technology the bad guy is very short sighted (on purpose of course)
Benjamin Anderson
Benjamin Anderson преди 11 дни
Are those people who do ted talks or boomers
Jacinta Soza
Jacinta Soza преди 12 дни
i dont think the social dilemma is perfect but i think you are missing the point
super mario and super luigy
super mario and super luigy преди 12 дни
Im 9 soooooo i whath dantdm 8n youtube
Papaya the Rainwing Wof
Papaya the Rainwing Wof преди 12 дни
My mum watched this and decided I needed to remove myself from social media. I make monies off selling my art on social media. And I don’t really mind having my data mined honestly.
musani nlebesi
musani nlebesi преди 12 дни
I don't know man, its sounds like you're trying to appeal to the emotion of social media, talking about "how many friendships it creates" and how it can be used as an escape. From what I saw, the documentaries main point was to make people understand the make-up of these apps and how they built systems to increase our usage on them regardless of whether what we see is good or not. It's just advising that we be more AWARE of the inner workings of sites and how they are optimized to be ADDICTIVE not necessarily reflecting real life. They weren't trying to get us to agree with anything just be fully aware of how they affect our decisions and better yet those that aren't aware of it.
Essye_bee преди 12 дни
i relate alot to what you said at 5:50 my life is just horrible rn and honestly its gotten soo bad that i want to commit suicide and the only reason i'm not is cause of my online friends cause people online are really good and nice (not all) they dont immediately judge you i love art and love to draw so i'm a part of the art community on insta and am able to talk to people and make friends! so i made a few friends and am staying for them my family is going through a hard time and need money my parents started a school but things are difficult noone pays the tuition fee we are struggling to pay fees drowning in debt we are trying to get another loan to help pay everything and now things are even harder cause the gov said we're not allowed to ask parents to pay tuition but are supposed to pay money for everything and my parents are super busy with all of this i feel like they dont pay attention to me or care about me i know they love me alot but all this is making them busy they just dont have time they found out i got molested by a guy i thought was my friend when i was young (i'm a guy too) but they are too busy rn i bet they even forgot about it i dont know why i'm commenting this it'll just get buried underneath all the comments but... oh! well
Freast преди 12 дни
I just think that there should be an algorithm that you can only tweak yourself. There shouldn't be a secret algorithm that encloses you into a bubble. This way if you only want to see news for Democrat-sided newspapers, you have to consciously tell the algorithm to do so, making you aware of your own biases.
Boris Katzmarzyk
Boris Katzmarzyk преди 12 дни
Gotta disagree with a lot of what you said, and the dashlane ad gives your motives away
Shreya Shukla
Shreya Shukla преди 12 дни
I did watch the movie/documentary and I don't think they were harping on deleting social media apps, they were mostly pointing out its adverse effect on people and how it can be a dark hateful place . Two things that I have felt first hand which was mentioned in the movie/documentary as well are : 1) Losing friends who have a difference in opinion over politics , they assume they are right and anybody who isn't inline with their believes are anti . 2) Feeling a complex from random strangers who seems to have a figured out life on social media apps. and etc etc What they wanted to portray was these big companies have lost sight of what said apps were supposed to be and only focused on how they can profit off of us , without considering if it had a positive or negative impact. Lost their ethical sense of business And this is just my opinion.
Professional Idiot
Professional Idiot преди 12 дни
so this whole video was just one big OK BOOMER
Angela Vera Catarine
Angela Vera Catarine преди 12 дни
Quite slick that ad 😂🙃
Carolina Barrientos Morales
Carolina Barrientos Morales преди 12 дни
what is that film called?
ShingInAction преди 12 дни
In this new 95 min Netflix documentary... They spent the first hour to set you up with their truth and opinions that you would probably agree with but for me, the last 30 minutes you see clearly their real agenda. And it's to debunk #pizzagate (pedophilia) and other truth as #FalseFlag and manipulating you to think that you are manipulated by A.I. and algorithm. In a way it's true. But I know what they're trying to do. After all, it is by Netflix. The irony of the amount of times they mentioned "fakenews" and never mentioned the mainstream media as being fakenews and instead plays mostly news clips from CNN as being legitimate sources for information should tell you something. I agree with this review by Alex.
xHylianx преди 7 дни
Is this some kind of joke or
Farid Baharim
Farid Baharim преди 12 дни
what is to fix isn't the tool, it's the people. guns don't kill people, people kill people. spoons don't make people fat, people make people fat. social media doesn't ruin society. PEOPLE RUIN SOCIETY.
wdghk преди 12 дни
The documentary was just phony controlled opposition.
Richard Briggs
Richard Briggs преди 12 дни
You sound like a drug addict defending himself at an intervention
ski stokeley
ski stokeley преди 12 дни
You sound like an idiot or someone who didnt watch it. You completely missed the point, and commit multiple logical fallacies throughout this video.
Abigail Jockle
Abigail Jockle преди 12 дни
I think we just need to tame our screen time....I deleted tik tok and I feel much better so I’d recommend you guys do the aame
Dania Flores
Dania Flores преди 12 дни
But that’s the problem, Alex. The internet (mainly social media) has become such a big part of our lives. It’s like a drug. Sure good things come from it, but it’s also hurtful. You present some good points but there can be arguments as well. Social media basically brainwashed you into being on your phone 24/7. It’s crazy
Miles Trombley
Miles Trombley преди 13 дни
People just need to balance technology. Take a break and enjoy reality. I know this year sucks, but we alwayw have time to take a breath of fresh air. Don't let technology control you. You control technology!
Isobel McGovern
Isobel McGovern преди 13 дни
Its the one sided nature of the documentary. It really got at me. I watched it with my family and my mom was like yes this is fact my kids addicted. Not 5 minute later my mom and dad were staring at their phones. Its when I pointed this out and how biased the documentary was and how preachy and contradictory it was. My mom was like "You have been brainwashed by your computer" I never expected this thought process to be in my mom and it was scary. I am well aware we are addicted and the apps are designed to be addicting but I am also aware that every time a new big thing was invented people claimed it was ruining young lives and society. I am more concerned with the fact climate change will ruin my future not 'sOcIAl mEdia' . That's what I consider important
Snehashis Panda
Snehashis Panda преди 13 дни
Just use BGcd in incognito mode.
Ravyn Spears
Ravyn Spears преди 13 дни
My parents limit my technology to an hour when they can But without instagram I wouldn't have friends no one likes me where I live I've made mistakes on social media but now I don't do that and I have tons of real friends due to social media
Luke Brown
Luke Brown преди 13 дни
I think the documentary was trying to tell people use the internet with moderation. Which is something we should all consider for all aspects of our lives. We don’t use anything in moderation and therefore we get addicted to things like the internet or social media missing out on things in the real world. Doesnt mean its bad its just time for a diet.
Casey Fuller
Casey Fuller преди 13 дни
BGcd algorithm has this the first video that shows up hoping that it makes people question the authenticity of the documentary, which entire subject is against social networks like BGcd.
Requiem преди 13 дни
We need Jesus
Jamera преди 13 дни
Imagine how powerful it would’ve been if (in addition to the people that actually created these softwares) they asked actual influencers, youtubers, kids/teenagers, etc, on this topic and their experiences. Would have been way more relatable if you ask me.
Jamera преди 13 дни
I just got finished watching this documentary. I agreed with a lot of what they were saying and was shocked at the facts they were pointing out such as all the information these computers are gathering and how we have little to no privacy. I don’t necessarily think they were telling us to get off social media, but they were just explaining to us why we should be aware because the internet is literally designed to keep our attention no matter what. Although I was hoping they would include more younger people (generation Z) and picked their brain on this topic. I’m 17 years old and I remember getting my first smart phone when I was in 4th grade, ever since then I’ve been on social media for like, my whole adolescence and I can point out ALOT of bad things that have come out of it. But also a lot of good things. I don’t think I would be nearly as open minded without social media, but I also think I wouldn’t be as anxious/have so much anxiety with real life conversations. And that’s just a small example. Basically, for me personally I think it’s 50/50. I think this documentary though would have been more relatable if they had included more people my age instead of everyone’s parents and people that literally created problem. It almost feels like they’re blaming us but again, I do understand the point they’re trying to get across and I agree. I’m not gonna lie and say I’ll delete all my social media and throw my phone away, but the documentary definitely made me think and I will be limiting the amount of time I spend on it and keep in mind everything that’s happening behind the screen while I’m online. Edit: oh something I kinda hated about this documentary, when the family was eating dinner but the mom made everyone put their phones away and the kids were acting like they literally couldn’t survive without it and the little girl busted her phone would of the container and ran upstairs with it. I felt like that was way too dramatic and it felt like a tease or something like “This is how you act without your phone for a few minutes” 🤦🏽‍♀️
Sachitanand Parida
Sachitanand Parida преди 13 дни
all you said is exactly why it is aptly tiled "Dilemma". We exactly didn't know when we created it, we don't know how it is going to roll in the next couple of decades. Any voice against the system has to come from the system itself, that's the dilemma.
Woody Balfour
Woody Balfour преди 13 дни
Nice one devoting 25% of your lesser of two evils logic vid to sponsored content...Blah blah blah...Pity you missed the world when it was analogue...
Earth преди 13 дни
watch the creepy line
hornsby618 преди 13 дни
You should do a video about netflix’a crispr film
David White
David White преди 13 дни
Lol i remeber my first dell desktop. With dial up lol. Only good for google images. And aol instant message.
artificially aesthetic
artificially aesthetic преди 13 дни
They always exaggerate how much people on their phones
Daya Hobbs
Daya Hobbs преди 13 дни
To be fair, peppa pig honestly is ruining our children.
gigi the rat
gigi the rat преди 13 дни
everyone over 35 is obsessed with this movie and keeps telling me to watch it. i don't really want to because it just feels like a PSA they would play in health class by boomer teachers who think that the only thing people do on the internet is look at the kardashian's instagram or watch cat videos. like no susan i watch videos about evolution and connect with people from the otherside of the world. the internet is such an important place for people like artists, sex workers, musicians, and scientists. the amount of information ive learned from reptile channels. im autistic and it helps me connect both with my special interests and my community. the neurodiversity movement exists almost solely online as well.
Mitchell преди 13 дни
Sorry, alex. You missed the point. As Musk says, we has released the demon
Henry Anderson
Henry Anderson преди 13 дни
Sorry Mitchell, you missed the grammar.
Dat gurl iz hea
Dat gurl iz hea преди 13 дни
Its because the government is being exposed and they are trying to dilute the ramifications before it all blows up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
TheChibiestHatRack преди 14 дни
All of this hate that you see has always existed. technology isn't bad, the problem is that technology has made that hate accessible to everyone.
Judah Macabee
Judah Macabee преди 14 дни
Proud to say I don’t use any of that crap. Gave up on Facebook after repeated racist attacks. The rest for various reasons. And even Netflix because of the whole promoting child pornography thing no one wants to talk about
Milkzeys преди 14 дни
Honestly I disabled my notifications for these apps because they can be distracting, but I will not delete it because growing up in generation Z I’ve met majority of my friends online especially on discord that’s why I will never remove these apps they’ve brought me joy especially memes and documentaries that are very insightful and inspired me to pursue new things, but they’ve also made me addicted at one point, the underlying message for me is: These technologies are not perfect they have problems that need to be addressed, but they also need to be praised in a way because they have done good.
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