sad lonely and need a haircut

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Alex Meyers

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just hanging out because I'm bored

Raunaq Narwal
Raunaq Narwal преди 13 часа
you're gorgeous! 🥺✨
Xena Venn
Xena Venn преди 2 дни
This dude is Funny asf , hot and great personality ! You're a catch Alex literally !
Xena Venn
Xena Venn преди 2 дни
Wtf he's hot !!!!!! 😳😮😧
HUNTWARRIOR 07 преди 2 дни
Hi alex
Dr.Bluebox11 преди 4 дни
Hey Alex, just found your channel and love the content. I'm sorry for some of the stuff you've been through. Hope you know your fans think you're a great guy. Keep up the great work and stay positive.
Jade Maria
Jade Maria преди 5 дни
Honestly I'm not big on youtube 'people' I don't follow them, i don't idolise them or think of them as celebs etc... However I do enjoy this channel and seeing Alex so sad is actually heartbreaking. Alex I hope you see this and know you're a good guy and things will get better. Wish I could give him a hug 😔
SillyPanda46 преди 5 дни
I'm hugging you with my mind
Oofy Noob69
Oofy Noob69 преди 5 дни
This perfectly describes quarantine
Anamika Pathak
Anamika Pathak преди 8 дни
I can't associate that voice with this face.
Hayford Sarfo
Hayford Sarfo преди 8 дни
1:25 i was scrolling through my feed & i saw a video titled “i like your cut g” at the exact same time he said that
aurora mokey
aurora mokey преди 8 дни
Y is this exactly what I imagined him to look like😄. Love him voice and he makes me laugh soo much with his funny videos love u alex
Some random commenter
Some random commenter преди 8 дни
This is you?
TIFFANY COFFIA преди 8 дни
alex you are....BEAUTIFULLLL
TIFFANY COFFIA преди 8 дни
i have never seen a more beautiful MAN AHHHHHH
*Ducky Puppy*
*Ducky Puppy* преди 9 дни
New dog? Not for us to enjoy but I feel like it would help you with not being lonely 😔
William H. Seward
William H. Seward преди 9 дни
He looks like a math professor
Lyric преди 10 дни
Xavier преди 11 дни
*Hes literally gorgueous,,*
Rayan Ali
Rayan Ali преди 12 дни
first time seeing real life Alex, pleasantly surprised
UniSpaceLlama 13
UniSpaceLlama 13 преди 12 дни
Beautiful hair btw
Ainsley Angier
Ainsley Angier преди 12 дни
Edit he says "its fine its fine" no it's not fine
Ainsley Angier
Ainsley Angier преди 12 дни
He always says that no girls like him and then he gets a divorce like please ladies. And he always makes everyone else so happy but himself, and I know everyone else is saying that but it's serious he's the one who made some of you laugh in you're the darkest time give this man some love.
JSN_ Official
JSN_ Official преди 12 дни
Why does he sound western???
Isaiah Mc Intosh
Isaiah Mc Intosh преди 12 дни
Cause he's american......
ChosenToKill x3
ChosenToKill x3 преди 13 дни
I hope you'll be able to feel better and find some happiness again, take care of yourself
ADF MO2 преди 13 дни
Just want to say I recently found your channel and have been binging your content. 1)I’m literally laughing out loud at your videos. Very funny and smart commentary. 2) *and this is huge* I can actually have your videos playing in the background while my little ones are around because you’re not cussing every 3 seconds. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your clean content.... also, your eyes are captivating. VERY handsome guy. 😍
Pog 303
Pog 303 преди 13 дни
He's hot
J L преди 14 дни
Bruhh, this whole time i thought he'd be ugly bc he only animated himself. He's really cute 😱
llivvy преди 14 дни
Jhsjshs forgot how attractive he looks his voice is also more attractive in person too JUST HAD TO SAY chin up Alex
Figgy5119 преди 14 дни
This screams deeply depressed, and of course he jokes about it to put in a less serious light, but I'm very very worried for his well-being watching this. If Alex ever gets a chance to read this, I'm sending you the biggest virtual hug I can. If you're ever in the Nagoya area and need a buddy, hit me up.
vanessa ramsey
vanessa ramsey преди 14 дни
This guy is so funny and talented he deserves so much more❤️💙💛
Scully z
Scully z преди 14 дни
Hey Alex, you should watch turkish Superman and turkish Rambo :)
GPLink 1223
GPLink 1223 преди 14 дни
Holy shit alex is hot?!
Suryanata Vincent
Suryanata Vincent преди 14 дни
You right
Kimberley Gray
Kimberley Gray преди 15 дни
Bless you
Amanda Simms
Amanda Simms преди 15 дни
Alex: I'm in this place where everything is good but everything sux Me: me during my teen years 🤣🤣🤣
Shaylee Maryssah
Shaylee Maryssah преди 15 дни
You are so handsome wtf. You do not have the face I was picturing
Bailey and Baillie
Bailey and Baillie преди 16 дни
I would literally be the happiest lady in the world if I could just have Alex live streamed into my brain narrating how rediculous my life is! Or in real life. But I'm too far away. 😡
Jungle Twiggy
Jungle Twiggy преди 17 дни
I dunno man, I dig the hair, not that my opinion matters. Sorry you're sad and lonely-- I hope you have some solid friends around you in addition to your loyal fans. Thank you for your content despite any turmoil in your personal life, you spread such joy to others with your humour. You actually remind me of a good friend of mine. I wish I could buy you a pop and cheer you up! Much love dude, brighter days are ahead.
Hamza 2
Hamza 2 преди 18 дни
I did not expect him to look like that. I'm not saying he looks ugly just it is not expected for him to look like that.
rishita setia
rishita setia преди 23 дни
"Sad lonely and need a haircut" good job alex, you summarized 2020 perfectly ☹️😔
elisha преди 23 дни
Alex dude, don't be so hard on yourself. Don't look down on yourself so much. You're amazing, and you should know that cause it's true. Hugs🤗❤️
Asami Noblesse
Asami Noblesse преди 24 дни
Get our John Wick a new dog!
TurquoiseInk преди 24 дни
I am sorry you had a rough breakup. I love your channel, it's brought me a lot of joy during this dismal quarantine. (50 Shades takedowns are my faves.)
Ruthie and esther best sisters
Ruthie and esther best sisters преди 24 дни
Wow............. I've never seen his face before 😳😳😳😳😳 that's so cool
Quintina Staley
Quintina Staley преди 25 дни
Omg who hurt you babe your sexy don’t let someone get you in a bad place
Jacob Frye
Jacob Frye преди 25 дни
Run to Jesus WUT
Quintina Staley
Quintina Staley преди 25 дни
It’s nice to put a face with the voice and your handsome too
The Great Potato
The Great Potato преди 26 дни
Okay but this dude looks fresh af tho
Princess Bhola
Princess Bhola преди 26 дни
Yyyyyooooooouuuuuuu aaaaaaaarrrrrrreeeeee nnnnnnnooooottttttttt aaaaaaaaa Jjjjjjjjjjjooooooookkkkkkeeeeeeeee Don't you dare talk about my favourite youtuber like that 🧐
Among us Sherlock
Among us Sherlock преди 26 дни
Man this video really just broke my heart I hope you’re doing ok
Daiana Eaton
Daiana Eaton преди 26 дни
Omg you look exactly how i imagined you to look like
Shelby Hamilton
Shelby Hamilton преди 26 дни
"Sad lonely and need a haircut" *relatable*
Black mellow
Black mellow преди 27 дни
Alex you are cute🥺
Cheri Knepper
Cheri Knepper преди 28 дни
I think Alex Meyers is a very handsome man. He deserves the very best in life. Just be patient :) Your friend, Cheri K
A G преди 29 дни
I know I'm too late but take care!!💫
Al Griffin
Al Griffin преди 29 дни
Love from Australia keep going with good work mates 😘
Baobai Lee
Baobai Lee преди месец
His smile 😔>>>>>>>>>>>everything else
Orion Dev
Orion Dev преди месец
There go the clone of penguinz0 and MrBeast combined
TheFlameLord преди месец
Why does the voice not match the face 🤔
UnnaturalAny1 преди месец
I know this sound kinda idiotic with the video's topic... bit... jesus, hes eyes are so blue and pretty
Dollflix107 преди месец
Omg this is the saddest thing- 😭😭 I wish you the best Alex and I really hope things get better for you! You deserve everything coming your way
Riana Jordan
Riana Jordan преди месец
Alex : I am EXTREMELY unattractive Me : okay *sees Alex 's face* Also me: SIR! DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT UNATTRACTIVE IS! OR ARE YOU NOT SEEING WHAT I'M SEEING All jokes aside, I'm sorry , Alex. You deserve the world. 👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤
Confused Girl
Confused Girl преди месец
Please feel better alex ❤💔😞
Emma Rukaria
Emma Rukaria преди месец
this comment section definately passes the vibe check❤ alex, sending HUGS AND LOADS OF LOVE AND PRAYERS UR WAY❤
pichankun преди месец
Wow, you're hot hi
Abbymationz преди месец
Alex you are a one of a kind person and have a cool personality and I’d totally want to be your friend lol
Ethan_2005 x
Ethan_2005 x преди месец
See you idiots his bright eyes in other vids are fake
Monologo de Jess
Monologo de Jess преди месец
I hope you feel better baby, we appreaciate you
Opeyemi Julius
Opeyemi Julius преди месец
elham преди месец
I didn't think he would have a BEARD😳
Rehaxx Streams
Rehaxx Streams преди месец
I was expecting you to be Asian for some reason.
taz weird
taz weird преди месец
Holy Heck! This is the first time I'm seeing his actual face. Alex, ya HOT!!!
hii_im_trash преди месец
love you alex!!! you are the best❤️you really make me laugh and youre the nicest guy ever. keep smiling :)
hii_im_trash преди месец
he looks a little bit like captain america.
SAUCEOHOLIC преди месец
Be good Alex. Take a break if you need it, your fans will understand. Mental health first always. Reach out if you need anything. Much love -S
Ruby G
Ruby G преди месец
Wow. Just wow. How can you possibly think that you are ugly whatsoever? You’ve just had bad experiences with the wrong people. You literally look like you could’ve played Superman.
Quira Austin
Quira Austin преди месец
Quira Austin
Quira Austin преди месец
Wait Wait Wait you're alex
Tally Blue
Tally Blue преди месец
I really, really hope he's feeling better now. Just know we all care about you, Alex.
Juxtaposed Lime
Juxtaposed Lime преди месец
Alex is a SNACK
Geethy Pillai
Geethy Pillai преди месец
Shivani Balakrishna
Shivani Balakrishna преди месец
When did he get divorced??
Jochelle Fortune
Jochelle Fortune преди месец
Awwww I never imagined that he was so cute!
Amber Nichole
Amber Nichole преди месец
Awwwwe Alex... Love your content Let's grab a coffee and compare movie notes😍❤️
Melis Veziroglu
Melis Veziroglu преди месец
Ur actually really handsome
Toncho bg
Toncho bg преди месец
In case of a divorce you will never take my animals. You can take the house, the car, whatever the f you want. Not my pets. I will physically fight you! Just saying. But I'm sorry that life has been hard on you lately. And I'm sorry for Charlie. Hope this coming year will be better for you.
Lua Serpa
Lua Serpa преди месец
Omg I’m scared lmao, I NEVER expected to see his face omg
modupe femi-ogundele
modupe femi-ogundele преди месец
I don't want to say this but his ex wife frustrates me by the fact she left a guy this handsome , she made one of my fav youtubers depressed , she took the dog that he bought and had . If you watch his videos five years ago you would remember when and his vids 4 years ago with his wife you would remember and when he said something about two houses I didn't understand but if she is making him pay for her own house it's messed up and with the pandemic and BGcd sales massively declining and youtubes revenue its gonna be hard to make money so give the guy a F$@#ING BREAK
ToxicMangoYT преди месец
Same alex same type of hair cut and i need ti cut it again
Isadora Alves
Isadora Alves преди месец
You are beautiful, and still funny WOW
Tanvika Nayar
Tanvika Nayar преди месец
He's such an awesome person, he makes so many people's day better and deserves the world. We love you Alex :)
Mr.Bunny _Bear
Mr.Bunny _Bear преди месец
He’s sooo freaking cute and like always be littles himself. Like what he is great I WOULD MARRY HIM
Mr.Bunny _Bear
Mr.Bunny _Bear преди месец
All I have to say is 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😍😍😍😍😍🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😣😣😣😣😣😞😔
Iben Bi
Iben Bi преди месец
Why you laying, you said ur UGLY. THAT'S NOT UGLY NOOO!
Royal High Queen
Royal High Queen преди месец
We are all sad lonely and need a haircut
Priya Suthar
Priya Suthar преди месец
Are YOU Alex 😳😳😳?!!! Seriously !! You're soooo handsome 🥺😍😍😍
Jade Maria
Jade Maria преди месец
I don't normally comment but this video has made me genuinely worried for Alex. Alex please if you need someone to talk to send me a message.
Anita Anita
Anita Anita преди месец
He is cute
Frickle Frackle
Frickle Frackle преди месец
this mans is so much more attractive than i expected wth
Wasabi Lover
Wasabi Lover преди месец
Sorry sir but you have been kicked out from ugly people club,
Ewka GraLEWska
Ewka GraLEWska преди месец
Why does he look like Ross from Friends with glasses on??? Is it just me..?
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