Hannah Montana was pretty dumb...

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Red reaper
Red reaper преди 4 минути
also I always felt bad for jackson, it feel like their father play favorites, and it always hurt me to see a child being laughed at by his family, friends is one thing, but family is just painful
Red reaper
Red reaper преди 7 минути
hannah montana is pretty dumb, not was, is
/\TheOne80sFreak /\
/\TheOne80sFreak /\ преди 16 часа
No one: Abs: The Musical
ゼフィロぅP // Zefiro_uP
ゼフィロぅP // Zefiro_uP преди 17 часа
Hannah's friend's voice is very loud; good glory.
Rachel Herman
Rachel Herman преди 20 часа
can you do cats??? Please!!!!!!!
Zoe x
Zoe x преди ден
You have to watch the movie!
Nyamikha MM
Nyamikha MM преди ден
Alex: this video is sponserd by audible My youtube personalized ads: 😏 *plays audible ad for the 10th time today* Me: wgdheiwvstsjdufges 👁👄👁
Damian Legion
Damian Legion преди ден
How this isn't child's explotation?
Damian Legion
Damian Legion преди ден
She have superman's powers? How no one could recognize her face? O.o humans are that dumb? Or just the kids that think that this might me possible? I'd seen the show, I got stuck with DBZ's tetosterone.
ChloeGamez преди ден
Why does Hannah/Miley’s friend talk so loud lol
Hannah Williams
Hannah Williams преди ден
Having being born in 2006 I can totally relate...😏
Ryan преди ден
Maybe you should express your opinion more respectful
Four Knox
Four Knox преди ден
I’m surprised that Miley didn’t shiver in disgust at 5:02. Like, did the kid hear himself when he said that and think how CREEPY that sounds???
C.J. Midgley
C.J. Midgley преди ден
Honestly, Emily Osment and Jason Earles killed their roles. Without them the show wouldn't have been nearly as good.
Robin преди ден
I can’t stand their horrible high pitched voices, they sound horrible
Qazlin Kin
Qazlin Kin преди 2 дни
Qazlin Kin
Qazlin Kin преди 2 дни
I really liked a Hannah Montana based Disney game back then. I think it really kick started my love for puzzle games and mystery everything. Along with and *majorly* due to my big love for Cartoon Network's Courage the Cowardly Dog and its game CREEP TV. I wish I could play that game and watch the show but 1) The game's gone. And 2) I just can't watch CTCD for several reasons
Potato Luna
Potato Luna преди 2 дни
Lilly is like..... early 2000's Jojo Siwa Edit: Tbh if young Corbin Bleu came up and talked to me I'd probably do the same thing
Shreyas Surve
Shreyas Surve преди 2 дни
you forgot to mention the actor who played the brother was in his 30s irl
Alexander Franco
Alexander Franco преди 2 дни
U graduated high school when I was born....
Addison Elizabeth
Addison Elizabeth преди 2 дни
Rose Dust
Rose Dust преди 2 дни
I was one year old when you graduated high school ;-; That is hard to think about xD
Isabella Teddy Bear TV
Isabella Teddy Bear TV преди 2 дни
Lily talks just like JoJo Siwa. It’s scary.
aacsmiles преди 2 дни
Looking back on this, Emily Osmet is legitimately funny.
ItsBrookie преди 3 дни
Why does it feel like they yell when they talk all the time
Unnati Parth
Unnati Parth преди 3 дни
Could you do Miraculous ladybug and Chat noir
Jessica Marshall
Jessica Marshall преди 3 дни
Why does it sound like Lily is just continually shouting? Every single time she speaks her voice seems raised and I don’t know why.
A F-t
A F-t преди 3 дни
Can we talk about how Lilly is literally ALWAYS YELLING
The Taquito Pickles
The Taquito Pickles преди 3 дни
4:46 me trying to stay up at 4 30 am to finish that one 3 hour long video i just started
pooja what is this behavior
pooja what is this behavior преди 3 дни
“breaking my silence” omg 💀
Kassem Jaber
Kassem Jaber преди 4 дни
Amber Rizzi
Amber Rizzi преди 4 дни
I read "Quiet: The Power of Introverts" in high school. Loved it!
Toxic Kitty
Toxic Kitty преди 5 дни
O M G Hannah Montana is my LIFEEEEEEEEEE it isn’t dummmmmmmb😂😭
Deita Dieci
Deita Dieci преди 5 дни
The memories T-T
Philip Moore
Philip Moore преди 5 дни
You gotta do that’s so Raven next
Amber преди 6 дни
I always thought it was interesting Hannah Montana is literally Miley with a blonde wig on, andd nobody ever figured it out
Nina преди 6 дни
ahaha the reference to youtube drama killed me
Donutina Sprinkles
Donutina Sprinkles преди 6 дни
Lilly: Hannah Montana’s Hotdogs! Hannah Montana’s scarf! AHHHHH HANNAH MONTANA! Me: Thinks of Miraculous… (I have issues…) Marinette: Adrien’s bed! Adrien’s desk! Adrien’s stuff! ADRIEN’S GIFT!
Sofia Bravo
Sofia Bravo преди 6 дни
Why does Lily remind me of JoJo Siwa .....
JORDYN FAITH преди 6 дни
Omg when he started talking about the tea exposing scenario I literally DIED🤣
Dayna Renae
Dayna Renae преди 6 дни
you should watch the cheetah girls
Fer Cisneros
Fer Cisneros преди 6 дни
ever since i learned that emily and miley were never friends i get a weird feeling every time i watch the show
Artrea Smith
Artrea Smith преди 6 дни
wait huh i thoug ht i was the only one who hated hannah montana like what
Daedheleth Lisanna
Daedheleth Lisanna преди 6 дни
so my name irl is Hannah. Imagine for a second exactly how many times I was called 'Hannah Montana' from 2006 to 2011 (and beyond!!) Thank goodness that period of my life is over. If Hannah Montana ever resurfaces, y'all can just call me Slagatha instead.
ASOT Forever
ASOT Forever преди 6 дни
dont let our childhood die..share these series movies and videos from before no matter if they bad or not for u
ASOT Forever
ASOT Forever преди 6 дни
ok u didnt even say its dumb its just the title..u didnt even think is that bad cuz its our chi,dhood
Elliott Lavoie
Elliott Lavoie преди 6 дни
Oliver is literaly a simp
opzz xsin
opzz xsin преди 6 дни
Is no-one gonna talk about the fact that Lilly is the annoying girl from spy kids 2 btw the way his shocked face animation is too funny
No-views Mart
No-views Mart преди 7 дни
Thanks for addressing the Cyrus family's tyrannical grasp on school dances. As someone who was only in grade 4 when you graduated, Party in the USA was an even bigger nuisance than Achey Breaky Heart
opzz xsin
opzz xsin преди 6 дни
They were so cute as kids
Story Tale
Story Tale преди 7 дни
Hannah Montana is like Marinette from lady Bug. It’s so fucking obvious that Miley and Hannah are the same person. Like it doesn’t take fucking genius to figure it out. lemme not get started on ladybug and cat noir
Random osity
Random osity преди 7 дни
is no one gonna talk about how he shaded tati with the “breaking my silence” video lol
VISUALS BY F8TE преди 8 дни
When u relise your favourite youtuber graduted when u where just learning to speak
Kyla Bramwell
Kyla Bramwell преди 8 дни
Aries Stout
Aries Stout преди 8 дни
Why does lily sound like jojo siwa?
opzz xsin
opzz xsin преди 8 дни
I remember watching this when I was younger and I was wondering: Why is Chad from highschool musical here
Joanna преди 7 дни
The "Jacob Sartorius" of there time bahaha
zoroark MASTER
zoroark MASTER преди 8 дни
Back before Miley's rebels "phase"
Joanna преди 7 дни
It's funny how his name is always OLIVER haha in real life too
Alpaca Young
Alpaca Young преди 8 дни
I feel like everything is dumb and weird to you
Flawless_boo_123 Genius
Flawless_boo_123 Genius преди 8 дни
I suggest avatar the last air bender the movie version! That would be great
Ashen Clover
Ashen Clover преди 8 дни
Please review Kickin It
opzz xsin
opzz xsin преди 8 дни
me anymore” They live happily ever after
Alice преди 9 дни
You should watch liv and maddie
Leon Samuels
Leon Samuels преди 9 дни
Plz do make it pop Nickelodeon
iCarly was a weird show...
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