My Babysitter's a Vampire The Series makes no sense... (ft. Cameron Kennedy aka Rory)

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Alex Meyers

преди година

My Babysitter's a Vampire The Series Animation
Big thank you to Cameron Kennedy for helping me out with this. Follow him on Twitter: CamcamKennedy
Check out my video on the My Babysitter's a Vampire movie:
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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers преди година
hey everyone hope you enjoyed the video! Its not every day I get to work with someone who was in the show I'm talking about haha. If you're a fan of MBV, watch until the end for a little (tiny) interview with Cameron. Oh yeah and subscribe and follow us on twitter and all that
Raff Taylor
Raff Taylor преди 20 дни
Raff Taylor
Raff Taylor преди 20 дни
I don't no what this is
Francisco Perez
Francisco Perez преди 20 дни
Hey I don’t want you guys going on the weekend because you guys have to school and then you have a couple minutes you want me just want you know I love bye love bye hey bye love you guys have
jack o mangle jack o mangle meme
jack o mangle jack o mangle meme преди 25 дни
I did not enjoy the vid my babysitters a vampire is a legend
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer преди 2 месеца
Thats super cool you actually got an actor to cameo on your channel extra like from me. Personally I never met any celebs but I did speak to a few voice actors... Online. :/
David Amador
David Amador преди 22 часа
did you really have the real guy from the show
Connor Popchoke
Connor Popchoke преди ден
Wait so it’s basically bootleg Pet cemetery
Moonstar79 преди ден
This is why you cremate your pets folks
Cezlock преди ден
honestly, the cheesy teen humor is pretty charming and sort of realistic for the characters' ages
The TV Lover
The TV Lover преди 2 дни
Dang you got RORY!!????!?!
Teodora Maria
Teodora Maria преди 4 дни
Looking back idk why I loved this so much when I was little
Devdog Devdog
Devdog Devdog преди 4 дни
Please do Jessie
DACIA WILLIAMS преди 5 дни
I have this distinct memory of watching the episode where they ressurect Della's dog from the dead and I remember it scaring me so bad.
Dina Moore
Dina Moore преди 5 дни
I recommend you watch the movie Boy Who Cried Werewolf
kitty meets wild
kitty meets wild преди 5 дни
Do sound of music
saturn123408 9
saturn123408 9 преди 6 дни
now i cant subscribe lol
saturn123408 9
saturn123408 9 преди 6 дни
i know this doesn't seem truthful button my subscribe button for you is changing between subscribed and not its weird and i cant stop it
Eggy Stax
Eggy Stax преди 6 дни
That show was one of my faves but i saw the movie after lmao
Jeffrey Wernecke
Jeffrey Wernecke преди 6 дни
Omg he said yea that your dog
Talia Godfrey
Talia Godfrey преди 7 дни
I love how the writers literally just killed everyone. Including the non-vampires which still makes no sense to me.
I Am Kani
I Am Kani преди 7 дни
Bro, that show was *LIT.* Looking back on it now tho... it was weird. Better than the stuff they have today
JellyDonuts преди 10 дни
**unless if u want to know how grandma is doing well after grandpa died**
Xime Sandoval
Xime Sandoval преди 10 дни
But like Benny is thinking full on necromancy rituals to impress a girl, and as far as I am concerned I would run for the hills cause that is a pretty dark way to woo someone. What ever happened to a note in the girl's locker?
Mackenzie Curtis
Mackenzie Curtis преди 10 дни
This show was 10/10 hands down the most spectacular and intriguing, the best show out there. Also every character was hot.
Magen Evers
Magen Evers преди 12 дни
Mari Gutierrez
Mari Gutierrez преди 12 дни
Okay I’m super late but did anyone have a huge crush on Benny cause 👀 i still do lmaooooo
Lindela _
Lindela _ преди 14 дни
Hell if I had powers I would also give myself some self esteem.
Amelia Kratzke
Amelia Kratzke преди 15 дни
I really liked the featuring
KoldKeegan преди 18 дни
Benny looks like The Onceilor sorry it is misspelled
foxy grim
foxy grim преди 18 дни
Thrx Wolf
Thrx Wolf преди 19 дни
This is my favorite childhood show 😅
Rosie McCallister
Rosie McCallister преди 20 дни
He be rory doe
wisdomwalrus преди 22 дни
lol, he actually got the guy!
Koala From Tomorrow
Koala From Tomorrow преди 23 дни
How many people are annoyed this got ended on the cliff hanger now I want to see all the stuff that cut out
Owen Bullock
Owen Bullock преди 24 дни
shrek for president 2020 make america have layers again @
Declan Doneski
Declan Doneski преди 25 дни
I watch all of this
J9skating преди 27 дни
Love it
Marilyn Luce Robertson
Marilyn Luce Robertson преди 27 дни
Rory is actually my favorite character
Rainy Day
Rainy Day преди месец
Wait... what did you cut out?
Seth Pidgeon
Seth Pidgeon преди месец
How the fuck did he get the real acter
Julia H
Julia H преди месец
Please do Chicago pd
Josh Jenson
Josh Jenson преди месец
I hated how it ended on such a cliffhanger
Allie D
Allie D преди месец
Everyone watch the first episode I’m so confused like it’s like the mandala effect I watched it after like 5 years and I remember the first episode and his parents made him get a babysitter and he didn’t know Sarah was a vampire and stuff and then then vampires came and ruined everything and I remember Rory Turing but he was already a vampire
samantha maney
samantha maney преди месец
Rory was a sweetheart and i would, to this day, die for him.
samantha maney
samantha maney преди месец
This show was my childhood so watch it buddy
samantha maney
samantha maney преди месец
Just found out cam is in this and i have to watch it now oh my god
Sprite преди месец
how dare you i love that show i watched all threw my childhood
u w u
u w u преди месец
The serie doesn't really needs to make sense- just have fun boi
u w u
u w u преди месец
MBIAV is the best teenage serie and movie of the 2000's, change my mind
Sibel Hernandez
Sibel Hernandez преди месец
El ingles no es mi primer idioma asi que me siento realizada por haber entendido casi todo el video, dicho eso I loved this show, actually a few days ago I watched it again The feelings wey, se siente como tener 12 otra vez
Broadway Becca
Broadway Becca преди месец
Yo puberty was very kind to cameron Kennedy
Weird Nugget
Weird Nugget преди месец
I love it, it was iconic and that's how vanessa morgan was discovered
Mea Lee
Mea Lee преди месец
woob преди месец
i have a question what movie do you atually like?
jennifer. valdes
jennifer. valdes преди месец
they left us on a cliffhanger 😭
Wolfie Studio's!
Wolfie Studio's! преди месец
For worse for me...
Bacon Man
Bacon Man преди месец
Benny's a simp
Bacon Man
Bacon Man преди месец
Benny's a simp
Kameren Carter
Kameren Carter преди месец
Or he should not have his own solo
Paulito Pichipoothingi
Paulito Pichipoothingi преди месец
dislike number: 666 uh oh
BlueFirePup123 преди месец
Do The Dragon Prince. Please
Yearn Sane
Yearn Sane преди месец
When I was 9 I even thought this was cringe
priscila hurtado
priscila hurtado преди месец
My favorite theme song in the whole entire world
Pikachu Kaminari
Pikachu Kaminari преди месец
I know this is random, but I only just found this BGcd channel (which I already love btw) and the first video I get is about "My babysitter is a Vampire", which I only just finished watching on Netflix...coincidence??🤔
Cue Cue
Cue Cue преди месец
I’m waiting for the season *3* or *4* somethin like dat.
D.D Animations
D.D Animations преди месец
I watched the series when I was seven ;-;
Chy Chy
Chy Chy преди месец
That dog scared the fuck out of me when I was a kid
road to 100k
road to 100k преди месец
Blah blah blah you complain about everything because you are not famous
Karmic Atom
Karmic Atom преди 13 дни
Uhh he has 2 million subscribers dumbass
Tangle Lane
Tangle Lane преди месец
This kid literally thinks every show is weird like I would love for him to do one show that isn’t weird
Michelle Jasso
Michelle Jasso преди месец
WAIT!! WHAT?! You're telling that no one cared about RORY he was awesome cute and FUNNY!! BUT FANS DON'T Recognize him!? WHAT?!
Neopoleon преди месец
Wasn't this the show that had a ancient little girl vampire? My young cringy weeb ass was like, "Hey, just like that anime."
Sydney Owens
Sydney Owens преди месец
Oh my frickin gosh. Is that the real Rory with you? btw I love this show and movie and I don't care what you say because of it. :D
deep eat
deep eat преди месец
they need to make a season 3
Lorenzo Sibblies
Lorenzo Sibblies преди месец
My babysitter is a vampire was a really good show and movie and I just love it as a kid I also show three times over and over and over and over again so many times
The Malevolent One
The Malevolent One преди месец
can’t believe this was 10 months ago!
Crista Cortez
Crista Cortez преди месец
the reason why the show ended was because it was hard keeping the ORIGINAL cast together. one of the directors said he would like to make a movie on what happened after the exploration but the cast are already old to be teenagers so igz they’ll use new actor’s.
Strxberry_ Lemonade
Strxberry_ Lemonade преди месец
I love all your videos, even though basically you just roast some movies and shows But I love this show lmao I'm obsessed 🤣
Bleach 16
Bleach 16 преди месец
Y'all can't say ish about this show. Low key this show was my childhood
lovelive trash
lovelive trash преди 2 месеца
I used to have nightmares about the ep with the red door and possessed children
lovelive trash
lovelive trash преди 2 месеца
KoOKY Time! !!!
KoOKY Time! !!! преди 2 месеца
molly howell
molly howell преди 2 месеца
Naw dummy it’s so good
pay pay
pay pay преди 2 месеца
I'm so happy for Vanessa morgan (Sarah) thou, she's five months pregnant 😭
pay pay
pay pay преди месец
@Matthew Elerick yup lol
Matthew Elerick
Matthew Elerick преди месец
pay pay wait what
Nail Or Fail
Nail Or Fail преди 2 месеца
Now I want to see the deleted scenes. That's dude who played ronnny
David Cosloff
David Cosloff преди 2 месеца
I actually miss this show. I wished it wasn't canceled.
Lily lorain
Lily lorain преди 2 месеца
I love Rory hes a bit dopey but hilarious
Rah Rizzle123
Rah Rizzle123 преди 2 месеца
This is like the best show ever
Brigade Anti Putaclic
Brigade Anti Putaclic преди 2 месеца
Why there is no season 3
Micah’s World
Micah’s World преди 2 месеца
TheBombBeast преди 2 месеца
7:37 so that’s why I have weird dreams
BelGarath преди 2 месеца
Obviously these guys have never seen Pet cemetery
Sarah Pang
Sarah Pang преди 2 месеца
This show was literally my everything for 3 years though
Bella Eerie mystery’s
Bella Eerie mystery’s преди 2 месеца
My favorite character was Benny and Rory
stupid person 2.0
stupid person 2.0 преди 2 месеца
Ever time I watch the movie or the show I think of Fred
danielle d
danielle d преди 2 месеца
Shut yo mouth
The Flick Chick
The Flick Chick преди 2 месеца
“You brought back the body but the souls have moved on!” - had the same energy as- “You moved the headstones but not the bodies!”
Lynn Eaton
Lynn Eaton преди 2 месеца
My six year old cousin keep talking about this show
Akiva Schild
Akiva Schild преди 2 месеца
I had the same Nintendo game fantasy
Jada Ranson
Jada Ranson преди 2 месеца
3:50 if they're the only ones there whose hand is that
Chanc3Th3 God_3962
Chanc3Th3 God_3962 преди 2 месеца
I’ve watched it over 7 times
Ray Gamer
Ray Gamer преди 2 месеца
Don't question my favourite show
Karla Thompson
Karla Thompson преди 2 месеца
I’m mad that the show left off on the biggest cliffhanger
Grace Fleser
Grace Fleser преди 2 месеца
Benny looks like the onceler from the lorax
Semaj Playz
Semaj Playz преди 2 месеца
We all know rory is the best character
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