Zoey 101 was such a weird show...

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Alex Meyers

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Breakwood Hopper
Breakwood Hopper преди 2 часа
Its crazy how I remember this show having a laugh track so its kind of unsettling
Alexandra Volodina
Alexandra Volodina преди 2 дни
«because of the...BÉBÉ» I died 😂
Devin Booker
Devin Booker преди 3 дни
Devin Booker
Sasha Ri
Sasha Ri преди 4 дни
I went to an all girls school and there was sooo much drama
Retro82 преди 5 дни
Lilothestitch преди 5 дни
I love Zoey 101 but now I feel weird watching the first 2 Seasons because of what happened to Alexa Nikolas.
Zarathustra преди 5 дни
What's really sad about this, is what happened to the actress of Nicole. Apparently, she endured hell throughout the production of the first two seasons.
Astrid :3
Astrid :3 преди 6 дни
I dont think the show is weird, but i loved the vid still 😂
Empathic Warrior
Empathic Warrior преди 7 дни
Also in regards to this video, yeah it’s a girl who goes to school, but the interactions were something to learn from. Especially as an adolescent. This show was about Chase overcoming his fear to tell Zoey how much she meant to him. It was about Quinn becoming more confident in herself aside from her intellect. It was about Logan embracing his intellect and to stop being insecure about it; his attraction doesn’t have to be solely physical. These are just some examples. Some kids are blessed with a loving family who helps them with confidence, while others need to learn about it on their own. This is what this show did for me.
Empathic Warrior
Empathic Warrior преди 7 дни
Alright so this is a Zoey 101 appreciation post, and how it changed my life weirdly enough. I realize now how even as an adolescent, I took even the simplest things and put meaning behind them. Zoey 101 literally helped me break through social anxiety as a kid. I lost my mom when I was almost 12, and it was a hard time for me to have friends because she was really the only one who would drive me to after school activities/friend’s houses. My dad was always working, kind of abusive, and my older teenage brother would abuse me. It’s like he needed to be in control of me. As far as my father who really never knew me, I knew there was something off about my dad’s morals as to what I could wear. He sexualized makeup and clothing. I used to be bullied a lot for my clothes (plain and I was always covered up), and for being quiet. I wasn’t really allowed to have friends unless I could ride my bike to them, but I lived in the middle of no where and I had about 2 friends I could bike to. Middle school was really rough for me. I was so inspired by Zoey’s outfits and how outgoing she was, and watching the show helped me change my aesthetic, find my own style of clothing/hair, and become more bubbly and make more friends. I became confident entering high school after watching the show. Although I couldn’t really hang out with many friends, people wanted to get to know me. That was the first step in me breaking free. Now I dance in front of crowds and wear my art without a care in the world. Sounds drawn out but it all started with this show.
Faith Fernandez
Faith Fernandez преди 7 дни
Me: *clicks because it’s blue haired tori Vega why not*
Zarina M
Zarina M преди 9 дни
Omg I used to LOVE Zoey101. The boarding school setting actually inspired me when I wrote my novel "Anne" (although my book is much grittier and set in the UK).
Shreese Uzumaki
Shreese Uzumaki преди 9 дни
Alex needs to do That's so Raven next. That show used to be super popular too
Steven Stuart
Steven Stuart преди 9 дни
Hey man I enjoy your videos but you say "like" a lot. Like "a lot" a lot. I'm talking, wayyyyyy "a lot" a lot.... I mean.... wayyyy WAAYYYY way way "a lot" a lot a lot a lot.
Panda hekayəsi
Panda hekayəsi преди 10 дни
So, that's why I didn't watch Nikoledion. See, I can't even write the word right.
Inspired by
Inspired by преди 10 дни
It's a little simplistic to say that shows back then where "about nothing". Like the point of Zoey 101 was that they are at a boarding school with no parents around and teachers basically letting them run wild (iirc) so it's the allure of a show about college but aimed at young teens. And One Tree Hill was about people never getting out of their boring little town and everyone having history with each other (e.g. Dan knocking up two different women around the same time) and the drama that gets caused by this.
Mikala Thompson
Mikala Thompson преди 11 дни
Jamie did fairly well for herself I would say. The dude who played Logan apparently got arrested so I think getting pregnant is a step up, especially since she left the show already and had made enough money to raise her kid.
Mild Misanthrope
Mild Misanthrope преди 12 дни
Are you ever going to discuss the Dan Schneider in the room?
Kokichi Kinnie
Kokichi Kinnie преди 12 дни
I realize that the acting and facial expressions were horrible
Flame преди 12 дни
"I once made a basketball explode" Me: How? "How" Me: am I psychic!?
guitarboyjeff преди 14 дни
Danny and young girls feet!! That’s all that needs to be said!!!
MrProvincial преди 14 дни
A show about nothing becomes very popular and goes on for many seasons. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
CroX_X Less
CroX_X Less преди 15 дни
5 years later and his commentary will never get old
Matthew Enos
Matthew Enos преди 15 дни
7:18 made me die out laughing for a solid 5 minutes.
Sadiya Hussain
Sadiya Hussain преди 16 дни
Please do degassi the next generation
Alexis Grant
Alexis Grant преди 16 дни
You should do Bad Hair Day!! PLEASE
JonDee Stoner
JonDee Stoner преди 16 дни
cooties !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some of Something
Some of Something преди 17 дни
The Mayans were wrong, 2012 was the end of the TV world... Also, how loud Chase’s voice is.
Suicidal Wolf
Suicidal Wolf преди 17 дни
it sucks how Dana left 🥺Dana was my favourite! also shes so hot💀buh also amazing!
Dear Ezra
Dear Ezra преди 17 дни
do sunset overdrive
Valentine Valentino
Valentine Valentino преди 18 дни
The university I came from has female basketball team who always win 9 out of 10 times at inter-school sports competitions.
Agoos Martinez
Agoos Martinez преди 18 дни
*key to copyrighted music* *beatboxing* "nailed it"
Laura Vargas
Laura Vargas преди 19 дни
You should do Anne with an e!!!
Kane Kakunde
Kane Kakunde преди 20 дни
Airbender is like the best zoey 101 is like i suck
scrubby boi089
scrubby boi089 преди 20 дни
When I was little, they all looked like adults to me, now they look so tiny
scrubby boi089
scrubby boi089 преди 20 дни
Big Time Rush!!! PLEASE!
Itsvicky преди 21 ден
Back in a magical time were teenagers actually look liked teens instead for looking like a 27 year old
Fantasticfloor преди 21 ден
I can never tell which show was more sexualised, victorious or Zoey 101. I'm leaning more towards victorious since there was a scene which was basically a gang bang metaphor.
Rune stone
Rune stone преди 22 дни
Brynn Waters
Brynn Waters преди 22 дни
Let’s turn the music up and get this party started yo~!-insert cringe move- okay that’s enough
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