the Jonas Brothers TV show was hilariously dumb

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Alex Meyers

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Hannah Montana was pretty dumb
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was kinda weird...
Wizards of Waverly Place is kinda dumb...
Teen Beach Movie is kinda dumb
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james Whitley
james Whitley преди 5 часа
its so awkward because there no laugh track
DarkPrincess преди 2 дни
Oh, I thought you were gonna talk about Joe and Stella...... okayy
Jozie Quervo Yo
Jozie Quervo Yo преди 2 дни
*Que generic, children's dance music* "Yeeaah" 🤣
Samanta Vidal
Samanta Vidal преди 2 дни
never regret the show, it gave us kevin singing 🤧🤧 oh i still hold it very dear
frosty giant
frosty giant преди 3 дни
No one told me Bridget Mendler was on Jonas.
Akshita Rajeevnath
Akshita Rajeevnath преди 3 дни
guys alex meyers did not even mention about stella or macy and penny only came for one episode in the jonas show No hate though just a thought and i am glad he made a video on the jonas show
fennex преди 4 дни
i was born in the late late 90s so i grew up with late 90s and early 200s shows and i loved every minute of it 💋
matt carnes
matt carnes преди 6 дни
0:45 not getting broken wtf are you doing using the picture of darts?
BrynnLovesHamilton преди 6 дни
BrynnLovesHamilton преди 6 дни
BrynnLovesHamilton преди 6 дни
why is that girl in good luck charlie, lemonade mouth, and countless others when she is only an OK actress
Unwana Udosen
Unwana Udosen преди 6 дни
🤣🤣I liked how he showed Shane dancing
Kumudini Walanju
Kumudini Walanju преди 7 дни
Please do the maze runner series alex
Dshonell Hughes
Dshonell Hughes преди 7 дни
You should do shadow hunters
Sonia Sony
Sonia Sony преди 8 дни
Do Shake it Up XD PLS
ori bargil
ori bargil преди 9 дни
Wow I would've gotten the metal poster thingy if I saw the video yesterday because I just a regular poster so fun stuff hahaha
Aarush Karan
Aarush Karan преди 10 дни
Hey Alex can you please make a video on GEEK CHARMING........... please please please...
•Peggý• преди 11 дни
Can you react to girl meets world? It would be really amazing if you could!
Sean Fries
Sean Fries преди 11 дни
Please react to Disney’s GOOD LUCK CHARLIE
K преди 11 дни
If you haven't already, review Girl Meets World. It's a horrible spin off of Boy Meets World.
victoria lynn
victoria lynn преди 12 дни
okay i just wanna know.... how did some of y'all not know there was a jonas brothers tv show....
victoria lynn
victoria lynn преди 12 дни
you guys should check out the Jonas Brothers documentary "Chasing Happiness" on amazon prime if youre a fan and you haven't seen it yet! you'll get their whole story and its pretty amazing
victoria lynn
victoria lynn преди 12 дни
someone in the comments just said "i only know it's nick and his brothers..." this offends me on a personal level because joe jonas is my baby. anyways forever jonas brothers fan here
TayTay Rae
TayTay Rae преди 13 дни
I kinda liked camp rock after he roasted it
TayTay Rae
TayTay Rae преди 13 дни
I kinda liked camp rock after he roasted it
victoria lynn
victoria lynn преди 12 дни
camp rock will always be one of the best!
Arianna Howard
Arianna Howard преди 13 дни
Also I'm new to the channel ☺️ did he do suite life of zack and cody or suite life on deck? If not, I recommend
Arianna Howard
Arianna Howard преди 13 дни
Is that BRIDGET MENDLER?! I heard of the show but never watched it... I would have if I knew she was on it
Drip преди 13 дни
Jonas LA was better am I right?
Elora Dannan
Elora Dannan преди 14 дни
My generation was all about the Lawrence brothers. I'm waiting for their show "Brotherly Love" to pop up on Disney+ someday. (And hopefully their movie "Tiger Beat", which I vaguely remember being really good. But, you film from the mid-90's with a lot of Native American characters...I could definitely have missed some problematic stuff at 10 years old.)
Eric Viereck, Jr.
Eric Viereck, Jr. преди 14 дни
The Jonas Brothers stated in their documentary, Chasing Happiness that their biggest regret was doing the show and the second season really limited them as a band. Ouch, so this show caused the breakup of the Jonas brothers.
victoria lynn
victoria lynn преди 12 дни
this show definitely was a reason for their break up but the main reason for their break up in 2013 was because they were basically just having creative differences. SO happy they're back together now :')
Angry Man
Angry Man преди 14 дни
NGL Call me Kevin is a better singer
KillerQueen msp
KillerQueen msp преди 15 дни
lol 😂😂
Joaquina Lee
Joaquina Lee преди 16 дни
You should do the Percy Jackson movies
Steezy boi008
Steezy boi008 преди 17 дни
Displayed: hey we have magnetic wallpapers! Me: oh ok that sounds so cool Also me: SO MUCH NARUTO WALLPAPERS HAHFKFKRMCI
Daniella Muñoz
Daniella Muñoz преди 20 дни
I feel so bad about this bc I didnt watch this series like I did watch the movie but not this
Aubrey Manibusan
Aubrey Manibusan преди 20 дни
I don’t think he has done Harry Potter soo like this comment if u want him to do Harry Potter I would love on what he would say to this movie
charsheather преди 21 ден
okay you can stop hating on shows now 😺
Will G. Forrest
Will G. Forrest преди 21 ден
They even admitted they regret this show because it “stunted their growth”. Seriously, it’s that bad.
SincerelyAngie преди 21 ден
You should do Pair of Kings
peterjhamill преди 23 дни
"He has a history of falling in and out of love" shows a picture of elmo IM DYING
-Silly Spaghetti-
-Silly Spaghetti- преди 24 дни
nobody talking about TEDDY from GOOD LUCK CHARLIE-
Marchitecture преди 25 дни
I vividly remember the drama of the Jonas Brothers show and how it was supposed to be about them being secret spies undercover as rockstars, but the person who wrote the Hannah Montana plot threatened to sue for copying. Never knew if any of that was true but I remember being on forum pages about it 😂
ParthXXNiti преди 27 дни
talk about HARRY POTTER pls.
sophia преди 27 дни
"im kidding!" no ur not 😼😹😾
Legend преди 28 дни
4:25 pause, there is the first disney pog
yusela perez
yusela perez преди 28 дни
You should really do Julie and the phantoms
Treeeshy преди 29 дни
React to Liv and Maddie
Ruby Starr
Ruby Starr преди 29 дни
Jonas L.A. though
Victoria Ramirez
Victoria Ramirez преди 29 дни
please do harry potter
Victoria Ramirez
Victoria Ramirez преди 29 дни
You should do Big Time Rush
Jeza Danielle
Jeza Danielle преди 29 дни
the guitar part tho hahahhahahahhaha
Evan Sweeney
Evan Sweeney преди месец
I didn’t even know this was a show...
Chantelle Tyche
Chantelle Tyche преди месец
Alex, did you just call Ms. Bridget Mendler "some blonde girl"
Triple Giant
Triple Giant преди месец
watch avolon high
Alaina преди месец
Nick is honestly a simp. Thats the best way to put it, lol-
Gwynneth Kennedy
Gwynneth Kennedy преди месец
I don't like kamp wok
Waffie The Dweeb
Waffie The Dweeb преди месец
I needed this
Bebe Enderson
Bebe Enderson преди месец
Do y’all faintly remember something called “the naked brothers band”? That feels like a lucid dream
Ashley Miranda
Ashley Miranda преди 13 дни
Yeah?!!! What was that??? It sounds so inappropriate I'm sure Dan had something to do with it LOLOL
Dan Skywalker
Dan Skywalker преди месец
0:05 a true masterpiece
Tess Cobeland
Tess Cobeland преди месец
i can count mine without hands or feet 😭
Miquelito преди месец
Do stranger things
Naveera Rizwan
Naveera Rizwan преди месец
futuremrsjonas преди месец
Someone tell me a single Disney Channel show that’s an Emmy winning show that’s sexual & over the top full of cursing. Oh....Can’t find it huh? All Disney shows are cheesy and corny af. They’re meant for kids. The show was cheesy, but hilarious.
Philip Jones
Philip Jones преди месец
You so funny
Nuriya Rose
Nuriya Rose преди месец
5:14 I thought this was the show! XDDD I DIDNT REALIZE IT WAS ALEX
SHOOKEN преди месец
Looking back... Joe's hair was always unflattering to his face
Emily Munoz
Emily Munoz преди месец
“Every show is very simple, and really dumb, and just goofy, and just like, doesn’t make any sense but you like it anyway” Ah, good times
Niara Hancock
Niara Hancock преди месец
Natalie Christine
Natalie Christine преди месец
Lol this show is sooo cringy wtf
amanda cunha
amanda cunha преди месец
I love jonas omg hahaha
Cammy Walcott
Cammy Walcott преди месец
Cause I'm Nick Jonas mmmmmmmm
musical-chick-13 преди месец
God, the dialogue on this was truly something else. I adored this show. I look back on it fondly. Precisely because it's so campy and stupid. Thank you for reminding me of its existence.
Zack RBLX преди месец
That guys a SIMP
Jessey Lawson
Jessey Lawson преди месец
wow art that requires a tetnis shot.
Sara Silva
Sara Silva преди месец
For a second I thought that the song nick was singing was the real one and I was genuinely worried for penny, who found it beautiful
• Lemonade •
• Lemonade • преди месец
You should react to Ever After High or The Flash Copy and paste this comment so that we can make it happen!
Laugh And Blueb
Laugh And Blueb преди месец
Ever after high was amazzzzinggggg
sir lundy the toon bint
sir lundy the toon bint преди месец
Since the Jonas brothers are making music again now we need this to return...wait which came first again?
Bella Rodriguez
Bella Rodriguez преди месец
yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah master peice :D
Marianna AKA artistic_muggle on IG
Marianna AKA artistic_muggle on IG преди месец
1:58 honestly my class used to sit on the steps at school in our first couple years of high school too 😅
Chrxstelle Purple
Chrxstelle Purple преди месец
Seeing this after watching the all the seasons 😐
paz puiggros
paz puiggros преди месец
2:18 *T E D D Y D U N C A N*
Fiona O'Connor
Fiona O'Connor преди месец
Do bend it like Beckham
Philip Moore
Philip Moore преди месец
This show was so forced & unnecessary
BlueFirePup123 преди месец
Please Do The Dragon Prince
BlueFirePup123 преди месец
Craig Sewell
Craig Sewell преди месец
it teddy from good luck charlie
krishnapriya ks
krishnapriya ks преди месец
I just saw itachi's wallpaper when he talked about that app or something.
Anna Grace Ferguson
Anna Grace Ferguson преди месец
“And this is a doormat named Nick Jonas” HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA
Kdiebeu Cijdwhwu
Kdiebeu Cijdwhwu преди месец
the only thing that annoyed me was that she obviously didnt play guitar
Julianne Price
Julianne Price преди месец
Can you do Julie and the Phantoms
Aim Fire
Aim Fire преди месец
OH PLEASE REVIEW THE MOVIE UNDERDOG! That movie was one of the BIGGEST parts of my childhood!
Mr.Spooky преди месец
Dsiplates cyberpunk stuff is really good
Brandi VanHook
Brandi VanHook преди месец
That's not the song the song as Give Love A Try I've watched all of them
sky преди месец
I love this show XD I’ve been watching since I was little
Suyash Pokharel
Suyash Pokharel преди месец
please do a video on pirates of the caribbean.
Lee Crow
Lee Crow преди месец
Wow, I never realized how cute Nick was.
Savannah Whalen
Savannah Whalen преди месец
Alex I love your videos, but you’ve gotta calm down with the girls that didn’t date you in high school lol.
Kaily преди месец
you should do good luck charlie
Maria-Pia Grasso
Maria-Pia Grasso преди месец
Ahh, when times were better
Ollyoxenfree преди месец
I loved the Jonas show when it was on lol. Season 1 was much better though
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