Love Is Blind is the dumbest show I've ever seen...

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Alex Meyers

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Love Is Blind Animated Reaction
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To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...
ZOMBIES 2 doesn't make any sense...
Victorious was kinda dumb...
YOU is a weird show...
Anne with an E is pretty great
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Ashtin Gaming
Ashtin Gaming преди 14 часа
do a series of unfortunate events
Stevi Bakos
Stevi Bakos преди 15 часа
can you do the circle US version please? on netflix
Leemabari Beage
Leemabari Beage преди 16 часа
I love his sarcasm 😂
Janelle West
Janelle West преди 2 дни
I lost it at the comment about ppl who peak in high school 😂😂😂😂
Cringe_gacha преди 3 дни
1.5K Rumbo Mercy Rumbo Mercy 6 months ago "do people who peaked in highschool ever develop a personality?" dECEASED 2.1K Sara Grace Carmical Sara Grace Carmical 5 months ago (edited) I'm sorry but I hated Amber. She has internalized so much misogyny that she has made "I'm not like other girls" her personality. 2.8K harry styles luv harry styles luv 5 months ago Anyone else think that Lauren was the best person on the show? 1.1K Casey C Casey C 6 months ago Jessica... sounds like a person imitating a person whose name is Jessica. 14K Absolutely Ridiculous Absolutely Ridiculous 6 months ago ...they're all gorgeous. But then they open their mouths. Next spin-off: Love is Deaf and Mute. 2.5K Kaycee Gray Kaycee Gray 6 months ago I feel like Jessica will just end up alone until she realizes that she is the issue. You’re 34 years old with a mentality of a 16 year old. Not necessarily a huge turn on for a lot of people. And to top that off, she has drinking issues.... 😬. Mark dodged a bullet in my opinion. 4.2K Ingrid Ytterland Ingrid Ytterland 6 months ago Everyone's hating on Jessica, but honestly Amber is so rude and clearly thinks she's superior to any other woman 2.1K i just idk i just idk 3 months ago Cameron and Lauren is everything though 399 seham aga seham aga 6 months ago (edited) ok so literally no offence but jessica’s voice sounds like people overexaggerating when mocking mean girls 14K Ziggy Blu Waters Ziggy Blu Waters 5 months ago Amber is a walking, talking, breathing version of the subreddits r/I'mnotlikeothergirls , and r/Nicegirls 574 Bethany Bee Bethany Bee 6 months ago when girls say they’re crazy they mean that they just like taking tequila shots when they go clubbing. it’s never like “ahaha i’m SOOO crazy! i sold my firstborn child for meth 🤪” 570 Areli Patino Areli Patino 6 months ago (edited) The show summed up in a mix.... 1. Jessica, who's 34 and acts like a quirky 13 yr old, (especially while drunk👀) 2. Amber... ( full of her self, also acts like quirky 13 yr old) just overall.... she's annoying and spends $200+ on makeup when she can barely afford to live (probably was looking for a sugar daddy) 3. Lauren & Cameron literally the cutest couple goals ever💕💕 4. Mark is totally blind that Jessica has 0% - (-50%), interest in him and is just leading him on (he's a simp🤷‍♀️) 5. Giannina lowkey kinda toxic 6. Barnett is a f boy 7. Everyone else is lowkey chill 🤷‍♀️😌 388 Lillie Martirano Lillie Martirano 5 months ago Alex: Love is Blind is the dumbest show ever! Too Hot to Handle: hold my beer 424 Celia Cáceres Celia Cáceres 6 months ago The show should have been called “Mark is blind” 11K Thurston Thurston 6 months ago (edited) Why isn’t this video longer?! We need an episode by episode break down, Alex! 505 Jonathan Arcos Jonathan Arcos 6 months ago Jessica was trying so hard to hear someone tell her that their age difference was an issue and no one made a big deal out of it the way she was. When she met up with her best friends she was waiting for them to make a big deal about the age difference and the best friends didn't even see it as an issue😂 left Jessica like 😳 639 rosie joyce rosie joyce 6 months ago (edited) "psychologists believe that emotional connections are the key to long term relationships", well who would have guessed it. Seriously could this show be any stupider. 384 Matthew Mazzetti Matthew Mazzetti 5 months ago The self-deprecating jokes about your looks fall really flat when we've seen your face. 240 Joline Taylor Joline Taylor 6 months ago Alex - “And then we learn some shocking information about Barnett- Ad - “I have moderate to severe Plaque Psoriasis” 381 China Ellis China Ellis 2 months ago To be honest, the only reason I kept watching was because of Cameron and Lauren. They touched my heart. Everyone else was just silly and sometimes, I'd skip parts of the show so I could get back to Cameron and Lauren's story. Sorry not sorry 🤷‍♀️ 26 Bianca Hercules Bianca Hercules 5 months ago Mark: “I love you, babe.” Jess the Mess: “Loves ya.” 185 #Mermaid Fun #Mermaid Fun 5 months ago Did anyone notice that there were like two people who were in it at the beginning but were never shown again 83 G T G T 6 months ago Jessica with her girlfriends: Omg! I love the age difference between Nick Jonas and Priyanka. I love it, I just love it. Also Jessica: Mark is too young for me. 124 milly LILY milly LILY 6 months ago (edited) "Anybody interested?...." "..." "I brought twislers!" Im down 165 adolph gracius adolph gracius 6 months ago The real question is... "Is Mark Really Blind??" 153 Asma Tariq Asma Tariq 6 months ago "Yin to my yang"? This literally means you're the "bad to my good" How is that even attractive? 143 Seth Colby Seth Colby 6 months ago This show seems like what tinder would look like in an alternate universe 3K Mick Mick 5 months ago Yikes, Amber... "I ain't ugly..." 🤪 You ain't all that, girl. 🙄 80 Sanaya Mathew Sanaya Mathew 1 month ago “I’m 34 yrs old and no one has ever said that to me” Uhh, I sure hoped no one would ever say that to anyone 7 Moonstar79 Moonstar79 5 months ago "Sexy voice and laugh" Leave it to someone named Jessica to turn a relationship meant to be built on personalities superficial. 56 Emma Ahearn Emma Ahearn 6 months ago No One: Literally no one: Jessica: I'm scared he's 24 and I'm 34. How is that gonna work 76 THE DR34M THE DR34M 6 months ago (edited) Jessica sounds like if a Beverly hills accent did a Beverly hills accent.period. 2.9K Andiswa Zothe Andiswa Zothe 5 months ago Jessica’s voice when talking to a male: as high a kite Jessica’s voice in general: 7483929203 octaves lower 58 _Gamer Girlz_ _Gamer Girlz_ 3 months ago Lets pray for Mark, he deserves better than Jessica ;-; 12 Mari Jones Mari Jones 5 months ago You should react to “To Hot To Handle” on Netflix 26 Rachel K Rachel K 4 months ago "They Jimmy-Fallon-fake laughed back and forth for a while." Does that mean that they smacked a desk or table in front of them and then, throughout the entire time they're cracking up laughing, they mumbled, partially a handful of words the other person just said and partially random gibberish? 39 Sara Katherine Sara Katherine 6 months ago The premise is how looks don’t matter and it’s personality that does, yet they casted all gorgeous people with little to no personality 4K Benjamin Hillware Benjamin Hillware 4 months ago (edited) I like how the experiment is to get to know the other person but all they do is talk about how attractive they are 25 Jesus Christ Jesus Christ 5 months ago (edited) "I hate people breathing..." You hate something that keeps us alive, are you by any chance a necrophiliac. 34 Lily Aziz Lily Aziz 5 months ago WE NEED A REACTION TO TOO HOT TO HANDLE 22 Sehun Min Sehun Min 2 months ago "im so crazy" "im so ugly omg" "omg im like so fat" "i only hang with the guys" "i have no friends" "my phone is my life!!" if a girl says any of these things i cringe. 8 d ans d ans 6 months ago Jessica brings up that she's 34 years old just enough times for me to find it annoying 2.1K Taehyung's Lost bag Taehyung's Lost bag 1 month ago (edited) Barnett: Jessica has a nice voice. Me: Dude, you have hearing problems. Btw, no hate tho. Don't come after me in the comment section. 6 August Miller August Miller 6 months ago "our little band of Hallmark channel rejects..." -the most true thing anyone could ever say about Love Is Blind 49 Legendary Rabbit Legendary Rabbit 2 months ago i don’t think these guys know blind people exist 5 ThePhoenixAvalon
Rayan Ali
Rayan Ali преди 4 дни
I lowkey feel bad because I LOVED this show and had so much fun watching it. I loved Cam and Lauren!
David White
David White преди 5 дни
U mean reality shows arent real fuck heart broken. I had chemistry with Jessica. Ill fight u bro. Lol
David White
David White преди 5 дни
These people are like barbie and ken. Lol they are all soooooooooo fake. Lol but it is a show.
Ashley Day
Ashley Day преди 5 дни
(Amber) I'm not like other girls i was in the army witch may surpeize you because you proballty think i am to preety to be cralwing in the dirt
ThisIsUmi преди 6 дни
Alex pretending he's not downright gorgeous for a joke part 83718372
Alexandra I
Alexandra I преди 7 дни
06:11 my fav part :)))))))
Thadenvy преди 7 дни
I like your commentary but wtf is the animations. Your animation doesn't match the speech or expressions at all wtf.
Ima Jean
Ima Jean преди 9 дни
Great another straight romcom. what i want to know is there can't be a gay version of this because there are already so many straight shows like this. If there was a gay version of this I might watch it.
Timon Vasseur
Timon Vasseur преди 10 дни
Wait wait wait. Why does nonody talk about the fact that Amber is a fucking ex-tank mechanist ?!??
Zach Plaz
Zach Plaz преди 15 дни
Francis Edlemon
Francis Edlemon преди 15 дни
do a face revile
Chloe L
Chloe L преди 15 дни
This video made me laugh out loud more than I was expecting 😅I had to comment because a lot of Joy was sparked while I was doing my makeup lol. Thanks!
Zero преди 19 дни
modern family ??
Subhan Tariq
Subhan Tariq преди 19 дни
Hey! Yes you! Just pause. Pause from scrolling. And take time to read this message. You’re strong. Mentally and physically. I’m so proud of you for sticking around for so long. Wherever life takes you, you always seem to get lost. Instead of thinking inside of the box, you’re thinking outside the box. But maybe, you’re not looking hard enough. Maybe inside that box, there is something hidden. Maybe your confidence. Your passion to do the things you love. The kindness and sweet smiles you give every day when you feel happy. The one time you feel free. The wind passing through your face. Your hair. Your arms. And for that one moment. Everything felt okay. Instead of thinking psychologically about everything. Think emotionally. Just relax. You’ve done so well. Enjoy your life. Go do the things you love. Don’t take shortcuts. Take it slow. You’ll make it there. Why? Because I made it. And I know you’ll make it as well. Keep going.
dinanath upadhyay
dinanath upadhyay преди 20 дни
1:41 the guy in black suit looks like if ralph machhio and william zabka had a kid .
yusela perez
yusela perez преди 20 дни
You should do Julie and the phantoms
Angela Wintering
Angela Wintering преди 20 дни
Oh if you think this show is bad, you should check out Too Hot to Handle 😂
Maob08 преди 22 дни
Yeah. Regarding the pretty girl thing. Once I had a boyfriend that told me that in a group of girls he would usually go for the least pretty one.
Rowan Porter
Rowan Porter преди 22 дни
This is the best video you've ever made. Welcome to 2020
Logan Browning
Logan Browning преди 22 дни
We need hah merch
Happibunni Art
Happibunni Art преди 22 дни
U should review beauty and the geek and those single girls and guys on these ”I'm gorgeous and I dunno why I'm single ” are usually narcissistic
The Wonderlandian
The Wonderlandian преди 24 дни
Wait, this is an actual show? I thought the SNL sketch was just a weird response to COVID, whoops
Justin de Monkey
Justin de Monkey преди 24 дни
'want to be loved for who they are?' why does this sound so abstract, vague, empty, colourless, tasteless, scentless, blank?
Justin de Monkey
Justin de Monkey преди 24 дни
love is not blind, those people are blind
Rat attack gaming
Rat attack gaming преди 25 дни
Poor alex no one wanted him cause of his slimy twizzlers
Saloni Kullar
Saloni Kullar преди 25 дни
2:08 so what youre saying is half of them should've been 6.5 and the other half should look like you ...aka a 10 with those gorgeous blue eyes?? Kay 😂😂❤
PhantomGamer 1.0
PhantomGamer 1.0 преди 26 дни
this show genre makes me so mad but THIS SHOW IS BULLSH&T
Henry the Animator
Henry the Animator преди 27 дни
do gravity falls
Sierra M.
Sierra M. преди 27 дни
Amber is just *not like other girls*
Sierra M.
Sierra M. преди 27 дни
Mark dodged a bulletttttttttt
Sierra M.
Sierra M. преди 27 дни
I binged watched this with my mom lol
Mason Fields
Mason Fields преди 27 дни
im posting this late but i think that netflixes strat was 2 save all th bad stuff 4 when we r all stuck inside and r desprete 4 intertainment
Patton преди 28 дни
wait they say it's all about love being blind but every person there is attractive there isnt a single overweight or stereotypical ugly person.
Aiden Dunlap
Aiden Dunlap преди месец
Alex: They should have done the first half be all gorgeous and whatever and have the other half kinda look like me *Not everyone can be 11/10s, Alex*
twin motion
twin motion преди месец
I ain't ugly Me: uh WATERMELON
Chanel #1
Chanel #1 преди месец
My favorite was Barnett idk why but yeah🤧✊
TheGoldenTaco преди месец
I hate this show with a passion
#Diamond преди месец
Julia H
Julia H преди месец
Do Chicago pd
King River
King River преди месец
dude yo right
midnightgir6 преди месец
This has been done before. It was called "Love in the Dark" where the wall separating them was just darkness.
Avantika Patel
Avantika Patel преди месец
Please watch Get even or Julie and the phantoms
rummagingchaos преди месец
lauren and cameron were the only non toxic couple
Some of Something
Some of Something преди месец
The “p” sound at the end of SUPER DEEP
Jackson Of Doom
Jackson Of Doom преди месец
What's your favorite song? Ninja turtles theme song
Blue SilkWing
Blue SilkWing преди месец
Who else saw Uma and Mal locked up in the chambers?
Erin Dougherty
Erin Dougherty преди месец
This entire show can be summed up in one word: Duuurhuurhuuur
Jenny преди месец
They choose people with the lowest knowledge of basic facts
ッmoon bun
ッmoon bun преди месец
My teacher son is on that show
Cello Strings
Cello Strings преди месец
Can we just talk about how Alex looks good? Like he’s nowhere near ugly. Man rly needs to bring himself up more xD
Bella Marshall
Bella Marshall преди месец
this show is so straight lol
Junaid Mohammad
Junaid Mohammad преди месец
Okay so the concept of the show is every Muslim marriage ever. LMAO.
Rosalie B. Rowan
Rosalie B. Rowan преди месец
“Your value is solely judged by the photo on your dating app” that’s literally so dumb bc yes, looks matter to a certain extent, but nothing annoys me more then just a bunch of photos and zero biography. I’m not gonna swipe right to someone who I know ABSOLUTELY nothung about, not even a few interests or facts, nothing. Only real shallow people judge only by looks and those who just wanna screw and aren’t looking for an actual relaptionship.
Rafael Agustin
Rafael Agustin преди месец
2:04 Alex I don't think that would make much of a difference
Amber Eyes
Amber Eyes преди месец
Dear Lord, Amber and Jessica are too cringy. I'm embarrassed for them. 😫
Manuelita Guido
Manuelita Guido преди месец
I spit my water when you said “dem Quasimodo girls”
John McNamara
John McNamara преди месец
Amber is “not like other girls”
John McNamara
John McNamara преди месец
Why did I watch this show tho? I was so bored.
Jill Rand
Jill Rand преди месец
can you do Barbie
TopCat преди месец
Every time I see this thumbnail I think it's Jenna Marbles
Taehyung's Lost bag
Taehyung's Lost bag преди месец
Barnett: Jessica has a nice voice. Me: Dude, you have hearing problems. Btw, no hate tho. Don't come after me in the comment section.
Toyaa Ikem
Toyaa Ikem преди месец
Does Barnett has a hole in his jogger😂😂
Toyaa Ikem
Toyaa Ikem преди месец
Uhhhhhh yeah 😂😂😂😂
Camielle???? ???
Camielle???? ??? преди месец
Goals: try to be single for a long time.
Noah Whitted
Noah Whitted преди месец
"I aint ugly" Me :I yea ok.
Books with Aly
Books with Aly преди месец
Poor Mark. Lauren and Cameron are the best
Sean Fries
Sean Fries преди месец
Please react to bad girls club😭😭!! Season 1 wasn’t the best but season 8 was when that show was at its prime soo yeah 😂
It’s TsippyTime
It’s TsippyTime преди месец
You should review feel the beat
Kristýna Staňková
Kristýna Staňková преди месец
"And the other half looking like me"? Now come on Alex, we all know by now that you are actually hot in real life.
We recycle pizzas
We recycle pizzas преди 2 месеца
The circle is better
Ife A.
Ife A. преди 2 месеца
Y’all do realize u kinda have to be hot to be on tv...
ComradeLonk преди 2 месеца
w a t e r b a l o o n
Sanaya Mathew
Sanaya Mathew преди 2 месеца
“I’m 34 yrs old and no one has ever said that to me” Uhh, I sure hoped no one would ever say that to anyone
Sanaya Mathew
Sanaya Mathew преди 2 месеца
*Hates being able to hear ppl breathe* Dat’s definitely serial killer talk
Sanaya Mathew
Sanaya Mathew преди 2 месеца
BIG OL’ RED FLAG: when the person is on a reality dating show
Sanaya Mathew
Sanaya Mathew преди 2 месеца
What kinda of annoys me I guess, is when you have these girls who are like “I’m so weird and quirky” but in no way they are🙄
Sanaya Mathew
Sanaya Mathew преди 2 месеца
Amber is one of those girls who think they’re so ‘weird’ and quirky and stuff, yet nothing about them is weird of quirky at least in an attractive way.
Sanaya Mathew
Sanaya Mathew преди 2 месеца
I would pay to see Alex Meyers go on shows like these
Letícia De Castro
Letícia De Castro преди 2 месеца
Please make a review on the second part as well😆
Adele Aslan
Adele Aslan преди 2 месеца
I really hate amber with her whole, ‘I’m not like other girls’ thing going on. That bullshit thing she said about her weakness being her ‘not being ugly’ I mean seriously, she acts like she’s superior to other women for whatever reason
Xxtention fan
Xxtention fan преди 2 месеца
You basically just get paid by watching movies which is cool
AceMercer AMV
AceMercer AMV преди 2 месеца
3:36 Ex-Tank mechanic? The f***?
Moonstar79 преди 2 месеца
I love how Barnett was like "J e s s i c a" and the guy beside him did that "why are you like this" laugh
Moonstar79 преди 2 месеца
"Sexy voice and laugh-" Leave it to Jessica to make a dating show about not being superficial superficial.
cool beans
cool beans преди 2 месеца
Idrk why but I don’t like amber
Ad Lockhorst
Ad Lockhorst преди 2 месеца
"Hallmark channel rejects" 🤣
Camilla Gärtner Dahlgaard
Camilla Gärtner Dahlgaard преди 2 месеца
"I only date rich athletes 'cus I'm a catch, and I was prom queen in high school 12 years ago, and I've been riding that my whole life. I expect you to give me 110% all the time and then maybe I will give you like 15% a couple of times a week, so come one, what do you say." .... "Uhhhmmm..... Waterballoon" 🤣🤣That was amazing 🤣🤣
Legendary Rabbit
Legendary Rabbit преди 2 месеца
i don’t think these guys know blind people exist
Buddy Blue
Buddy Blue преди 2 месеца
I love your videos so much! They always have me laughing 😂😂 I watched this whole show and it surely was something!
French: The Llama
French: The Llama преди 2 месеца
Alex, if half of them look like you, they'd still be hot. I get your self deprecation but...yeah.
Bloody Bee
Bloody Bee преди 2 месеца
"You know me, always going for those Quasimodo girls" My boyfriend's daily motto
Osazi Al Khaliq
Osazi Al Khaliq преди 2 месеца
Ugh. God this commentary is hilarious. I was just roasting this show.
Jumana Yadikar
Jumana Yadikar преди 2 месеца
"Jimmy fallon fake laugh back and forth" XD
Zack Gaeta
Zack Gaeta преди 2 месеца
agent cody banks
Cameron Vincoli
Cameron Vincoli преди 2 месеца
When they actually get married I guarantee you that the relationship wouldn't last very long
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