Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...

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Lemonade Mouth Disney Channel Movie Reaction
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Elvis Diaz
Elvis Diaz преди 12 часа
Hi, I just found this channel, and I love it! ❤️ But I'm starting to see a pattern between high school and Alex... LMAO 😂
Pusheenbelle 27
Pusheenbelle 27 преди ден
Aye at least she *would* be a face in the yearbook
Willie B Productions
Willie B Productions преди 2 дни
And the award for Worst Boyfriend goes to moes Boyfriend
Olivia Carmen
Olivia Carmen преди 2 дни
uh... IM NOT HER
Olivia Carmen
Olivia Carmen преди 2 дни
ok, she's kinda like me...i TOTALY didnt get in trouble for reading
Sneaky Turtle
Sneaky Turtle преди 4 дни
You deserve more subs
Gh0st Mann
Gh0st Mann преди 4 дни
It’s so funny when he does his dum dum vioce
Anastasia V
Anastasia V преди 4 дни
"it's actually quite watchable"
Noah Allen
Noah Allen преди 4 дни
JUst why
SeanTheMan1 преди 5 дни
I don’t like how they came up with the plot that Charlie likes Mob& she just rejects him for the guy who cheated on her.
Pragya Bhushan
Pragya Bhushan преди 5 дни
I wanted to ask something. Does Naomi Scott Play Mo in This movie? Because they both look really similar.
Heyo! When Cobra Kai Season 3 comes out? Can you do a video on it?
Elite_piggyzilla XX
Elite_piggyzilla XX преди 6 дни
12:50 I KNOW, if they would lay off the magic powers, supernatural things, and robots and crap they could actually make a good movie. Like Lemonade mouth, where the humor wasn’t that stupid, and you didn’t turn your head away cringing every five seconds because the supposed “teens” who are fifteen, sixteen, yadayada are acting like ten year olds. I’m thirteen and I don’t act that way for Pete’s sake. No hate on Disney but they need to fire the people who write the scripts and find someone else.
natasha lord
natasha lord преди 7 дни
im pickle rick
lazylion games
lazylion games преди 7 дни
"norunningnotalkingnophonesnofun" "Ok" "NOW LISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE S**T"
Katelyn McNeely
Katelyn McNeely преди 7 дни
Random Teacher : No Talking no texting no tapping no eating no cellphones nosmiling NO HAPPINES Me: These are the rules of life.
Sa!ah преди 7 дни
Anybody else notice mo is also jasmine in the new live action Aladdin
Pragya Bhushan
Pragya Bhushan преди 5 дни
@Sa!ah welcome:)
Sa!ah преди 5 дни
@Pragya Bhushan ahh I didn't know her name till now! Thanks:)
Pragya Bhushan
Pragya Bhushan преди 5 дни
Yes. The character of Mo is played By Naomi Scott who also played Jasmine in Live action
BlackCat d
BlackCat d преди 8 дни
Respect God ,Alex. Follow Jesus all with all your heart
RobProb X
RobProb X преди 9 дни
Skool Gym Zombies Lunch Ladies Portal to underworld detention
Tira Coley
Tira Coley преди 10 дни
You can find on hulu
Tira Coley
Tira Coley преди 10 дни
Alex meyers please watch uncle grampa=) it is funny
Holden Loonsfoot
Holden Loonsfoot преди 11 дни
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds like smash mouth
Yl преди 11 дни
Review greenhouse academy
Kailen Griffin
Kailen Griffin преди 12 дни
Anyone know the background music? I know it's from mario but I can't remember which one from and what it's called
IM DA GOOSE преди 6 дни
Super mario world map 2 theme
Phoenix Fall
Phoenix Fall преди 13 дни
Kaylee Arroyo
Kaylee Arroyo преди 13 дни
I grew up with this movie😢
Target_edge преди 14 дни
How many copyright claims have you got??
Messy Mudkip
Messy Mudkip преди 15 дни
Alex: Olivia loses her voice and it’s just a whole to do. *5 seconds later* Alex: So they sing a song- Me: Hang on hang on hang on, didn’t you JUST say that Olivia lost her voice?
Daniel Panackal
Daniel Panackal преди 17 дни
Now you wish 2020 was'nt here!!!!!
עידו מחמלי
עידו מחמלי преди 17 дни
2:38 impel down
Sam преди 18 дни
This is my fav disney movie I've watched it probably 30 times
peterjhamill преди 18 дни
big ol red flag cracked me UP
Kindcod преди 20 дни
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Tilixie シ
Tilixie シ преди 20 дни
this is the funniest part 4:18
Lumos Maxima
Lumos Maxima преди 20 дни
I think the biggest thing that happened for people who went to high school in like the 1997 was Harry Potter coming out like if you came to school with a Harry Potter book you would be like so cool like if you agree
Lumos Maxima
Lumos Maxima преди 20 дни
But like when I was little liking Harry Potter would get you a punch to the face and it would be considered geeky but know if you like it your cool?? So what am I a geek or a cool kid
Cailin Campbell
Cailin Campbell преди 21 ден
I got in trouble all the time for reading a book...
worded timmy
worded timmy преди 22 дни
LOL I looked up who you were and what popped up was that red flag thing as a gif that is crazy
KidzCraftGaming преди 22 дни
Bruh the Dude Girl
Bruh the Dude Girl преди 22 дни
The whole American school system joke was hilarious. I loved it. My old school was such a dumpster fire. Almost each day a student would have to move a cockroach or spider into the hallway cause the teachers are to scared.
Deadeye Navigator
Deadeye Navigator преди 22 дни
" I can't believe its almost 2020. I mean, this year has lasted for like 10 years" Oh, how you're probably regretting saying that
Ikajo преди 19 дни
I was thinking that as well
maria g torres
maria g torres преди 22 дни
Hold on is the principle from this movie from Mr Iglesias
Alex White
Alex White преди 23 дни
num num
Fluffys Coca cola
Fluffys Coca cola преди 23 дни
i kinda wanted charlie and mo togther ngl
E'lissa G.
E'lissa G. преди 24 дни
The-The-The big ol’ 🚩! 😹😹😹
Julie COBEE преди 24 дни
HA he was talking about how it is almost 2020 I wish we could go back to November.....
Sno Fox
Sno Fox преди 25 дни
You should make a video on the movie “the clique” it’s hilariously annoying
Kate Sheen
Kate Sheen преди 26 дни
When they are in the pizzeria the pizza just get larger and more slices
MademoiselleRia преди 27 дни
I watched for fetus lesbian Jesus
L I L I T H M A R S преди 27 дни
How DARE YOU this show is an untouchable cinematic masterpiece and nobody and nothing can or will EVER change my mind, it brought us the ICONIC "iiiiiii I wanna crrrrrryyyyyy" and you don't even deserve to LOOK at this movie it is perfection, it is my childhood, and I will bring this statement to court thank you very much. Your opinion is invalid.
Talitha Warren
Talitha Warren преди 27 дни
Pretty cool movie.... not bad but comical
Julia H
Julia H преди 27 дни
Please do Chicago pd! I love your videos!
Natalie Bankole
Natalie Bankole преди 27 дни
Isn't the teacher in detention from My Wife & Kids
Next Step
Next Step преди 28 дни
something ok
something ok преди 29 дни
Stella could save 2020
Audrey Sanders
Audrey Sanders преди месец
Ooooh! Do Frozen! It would be so funny!
Humam Saleem
Humam Saleem преди месец
Those people that are very young and can't spell right and try to write and it says I like you although they write something more similar to I lick you
bfettvanh gaming
bfettvanh gaming преди месец
Idea, let kids be on their phone at school so it mimics what a job is just thinkin
Angela Wintering
Angela Wintering преди месец
4:23 is a mood all by itself 🤣🤣
RespawnPlayz преди месец
Just realised all your thumbnails is the same
Samarsbar YT channel
Samarsbar YT channel преди месец
Are you Australian
Vanilla Cupcake
Vanilla Cupcake преди месец
'-robot boyfriends' I honestly have not thought about how to build a better boy in at least four years, and these two words felt like a slap to the face.
ZenMineBlox преди месец
Weird Blonde hair dude is a SIMP
Laura DeNapoli
Laura DeNapoli преди месец
you're not normal.... *YOUR A BGcdR*
The Kazoo Kid
The Kazoo Kid преди месец
Bro issa guitar face
SWRD Mad dog
SWRD Mad dog преди месец
I know I’m a yr late buuuuuuuut, finally I found someone who knows smart guy!
Anisa Covarrubias
Anisa Covarrubias преди месец
Please please please do good luck Charlie
Lastgamer 01
Lastgamer 01 преди месец
I forgot her name but shes princess jasmine from alladin
Huaning gu
Huaning gu преди месец
Zborovsky alan
Zborovsky alan преди месец
Me: Bro mo looks like naomi scott- Me searches up cast: Its naomi scott .-.
DJ Emeralds
DJ Emeralds преди месец
Can you make a video about sakura the cardcaptor
Camo Galaxy
Camo Galaxy преди месец
my grandmother: how do I avoid dumb movies? me: Alex Meyers
Aanya Golchha
Aanya Golchha преди месец
idk why mo and scott got back together, like i hate those two together, like i wish mo and charlie got together, am i the only one?
Shamara Lacouture
Shamara Lacouture преди месец
the music teacher look like the girl from my wife and kids
Rune stone
Rune stone преди месец
mary lincoln
mary lincoln преди месец
Aaaaaand this is where I draw the line lol
AL4X TOYREVIEWS преди месец
The school has a portAl to the UNDERWORLD
TheDarkWolf123 преди месец
7:22 You're welcome
Mel that one Lesbian
Mel that one Lesbian преди месец
This movie is the reason GEN Z is the way it is, no one can change my mind
delta 4684
delta 4684 преди месец
the breakfast club was the only movie about teens in detention im gonna watch. lemonade mouth....what the fuck is this shit?......they wonder why kids bring weapons to school...school is a fucking prison and a concentration camp....they wonder why teachers are assaulted...you dumbass preps will never know the beauty and wonder of METAL and All of it.
Alaylas World
Alaylas World преди месец
14:03 mo plays jasmine in the new live action movie Aladdin
Chloe Spatino
Chloe Spatino преди месец
lol big ol red flag!!
Joel Gonzalez
Joel Gonzalez преди месец
Fuck you, no
Not a little bit Alexis
Not a little bit Alexis преди месец
they really thought they could top the breakfast club...?
Darling NK
Darling NK преди месец
Lemonade mouth is my special needs sister’s favourite movie and every time we ask her what movie she wants to watch always says lemonade mouth
Ella Willow
Ella Willow преди месец
anyone else get trump vibes from the principal?
Vijitha Gopinathan
Vijitha Gopinathan преди месец
this video is better than the entire movie
Lia Mariyam
Lia Mariyam преди месец
do the royal matchmaker
Kami Renae
Kami Renae преди месец
Lemonade mouth is iconic. 👏🏾
Jim Fitzgerald
Jim Fitzgerald преди месец
Thhporthh I'm dying😂😂😂😂
diabetic shaggy
diabetic shaggy преди месец
I love it when people act like 2019 was a bad or long year unknowing that 2020 is a horrible year
diabetic shaggy
diabetic shaggy преди месец
I love how this 32 year old man talks about how he couldn't get girls in high school all the time probably to be relatable but just seems kinda weird
Faith Bank
Faith Bank преди месец
Truth is, I can't remember much about the movie, but the songs were great.
Josey Ledbetter
Josey Ledbetter преди месец
Stela I think that's her name.... SHE IS HOLDING THE GUITAR UPSIDE DOWN!😭
iiSxnnyVxbesii преди месец
Good luck Charlie?
Energy Roseyay
Energy Roseyay преди месец
Exposeing shoulders is a rule in most schools
Why do you care ?
Why do you care ? преди месец
Why no one is talking about Charlie being in dog with a blog... (ignore my english)
David Cosloff
David Cosloff преди месец
I can't believe I just saw this now. The gal from Aladdin, Power Rangers and Charlie's Angels was in Lemonade Mouth. I never knew that.
Makayla Chase
Makayla Chase преди месец
Ansley Potter
Ansley Potter преди месец
I feel like I’ve seen this movie a million times but in reality I’ve just watched Danny Gonzalez’s vid abt it and Alex Meyer’s
Berta Dellasala
Berta Dellasala преди месец
teddy duncan!? :O
meemRBLX преди месец
Stella: DONT let your school take your rights Every teacher in a 100km radius: CODE ORANGE
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