does anybody remember Degrassi??

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Alex Meyers

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365 Days is the worst movie I have ever seen
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was kinda weird...
Sharkboy and Lavagirl literally makes no sense
Hannah Montana was pretty dumb
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Wyatt P
Wyatt P преди 2 часа
Who didnt tell alex degrassi is fucking ROUGH?! Theres a joke about degrassi that someone always gets fucking shot or tries to shoot up the school. Also obviously we cant forget about cancer and like, the many disowned or bullied and traumatised gay characters of degrassi. And all the teen pregnancy or just abortions that followed it... I mean this could be a controversial show. Degrassi walked so 13RW could run... then trip and fall on its face and slide along the asphalt.
Lion Head
Lion Head преди ден
He should do the good place
Ollyoxenfree преди ден
Why is it so hard for Emma to open a door?
Aditya Mishra
Aditya Mishra преди 2 дни
What did I just watch.
Desemba преди 4 дни
When Drake got shot tho🤦🏽‍♂️😭
NANI??!! !
NANI??!! ! преди 5 дни
Dose anyone else realize that he has 666K views right now
Rania Assal Del Valle
Rania Assal Del Valle преди 5 дни
Bro....the part when the dude is like, "He's waiting for you in the hotel room" just........bro, that unnerved me so bad. I just skipped from when they entered into the hotel room until when the kids are tracking Emma down. This stuff makes me feel so uncomfortable.
Maria Kilson
Maria Kilson преди 6 дни
I love the red flag animations
Ninjaman1994 преди 6 дни
Not going to lie, I'd love to see him talk about the original series Degrassi Junior High and see the adult characters as kids.
Katherine Marie
Katherine Marie преди 7 дни
Just realized why I was never into simple tween Disney and Nick sitcoms like Hannah Montana or Zoey 101. I started watching Degrassi Next Gen and Forensic Files at age 8 and it absolutely corrupted my tween soul before it ever had a chance 🤣
AgirlcalledMolly преди 7 дни
watch more degrassi please
Marija Perkovic
Marija Perkovic преди 7 дни
Omgg I remeber this show....🧐
Caiden Parisien
Caiden Parisien преди 7 дни
what is this title😂😪 of course people remember
Caiden Parisien
Caiden Parisien преди 7 дни
i mean this is coming from a canadian
blue bird films
blue bird films преди 7 дни
The fact that they showed degrassi on abc me
Squidhat Scribbles
Squidhat Scribbles преди 10 дни
“Does anybody remember Degrassi?” Me a Canadian: Wait was that a question?
Directioner 99
Directioner 99 преди 12 дни
Alex:i thought ThIs iS a FaMiLy ShOw Writers of the show: OR IS IT!?
Hannah C.
Hannah C. преди 13 дни
degrassi did so much! it really went there, crossed every line. I learned so much from it.
ExoticPizza преди 15 дни
0 to 100 awww I see what you did there because Drake was in the show and he made the song that had 0 to 100 I think... idk
Ima Jean
Ima Jean преди 17 дни
Thirteen reasons why does not romanticize anything, my parents can barely watch it because it is so real.
Kingston Clark
Kingston Clark преди 18 дни
I was just thinking is that drake
Breanna Ledbetter
Breanna Ledbetter преди 19 дни
i used to wanna watch this all the time but i wasnt allowed so i just never did...
Kylee Henry
Kylee Henry преди 20 дни
I don't know what I was expecting, but it was definitely not this XD. Alex Meyers, you're really great. I love your videos and would rewatch some of these shows all the way through just for your comments.
Ashley Downey
Ashley Downey преди 24 дни
I never watched Degrassi. Although watching this video for the second time, I decided to watch it. I just started watching it on Amazon Prime yesterday. I can see what Alex meant about the first episode being hard to sit through. I got super uncomfortable during the hotel room scenes.
Vanessa Ferreira
Vanessa Ferreira преди 25 дни
Just finished all 15 seasons
Serpent 580
Serpent 580 преди 27 дни
Am I the only one who likes the red flag band.😄😄🤣🤣🤣
EC Advik❶
EC Advik❶ преди 27 дни
It was baD
Angelina Yeznikyan
Angelina Yeznikyan преди 27 дни
Can you please do euphoria
Jeeb преди месец
Wait this isn’t the old degrassi high the new one sucks
Jeeb преди месец
alyssa g.w
alyssa g.w преди месец
they were the first show i watched as a bisexual kid not knowing what i was feeling, actually pinpoint what it was and feeel okay. they even had a trans kid on a season that was a main character named adam. I fucking loved that show and when drake did his music video for whatever song that was recently(i dont remember the song) and he did the degrassi tribute/reunion with almost everybody and had the theme song over the credits, I literally cried. That show helped me and did so much for I cant even begin to describe.
alyssa g.w
alyssa g.w преди месец
Romerryll преди месец
Remember? Doesn’t it still come on in Canada? #degrassiforever
Charis MW
Charis MW преди месец
I watched this show in middle school (and i pick up accents like a weirdo!) so now i STILL pronounce things like “house” and “about” weird 😂😂 in 22 and i started taking weird when i was 13. People always ask me where I’m from when they meet me. I’m like...’Merica
Paul Doucet
Paul Doucet преди месец
U should review Alex Meyers videos
xahal преди месец
3:06 they look old, but they are the actual people who were in the Degrassi High series from 1987 to 1991. They essentially are the age they are supposed to be.
Ricardo Pelayo
Ricardo Pelayo преди месец
4:05 always gets me dying hahahahahha
Chloe Spatino
Chloe Spatino преди месец
Alex: lets take a walk Me: we’re stuck inside soooooo
Dansabot преди месец
You can go to meet an internet friend but in a public place but maybe bring a shotgun.
Just Sky
Just Sky преди месец
I think u should review euphoria 😸
Xeoney преди месец
Me, scrolling through comments about the show even though I've never seen it: Me: *what the frick*
Fiyinfoluwa jesutimi
Fiyinfoluwa jesutimi преди месец
You should watch it
Evelyn Van Dusen
Evelyn Van Dusen преди месец
More degrasyo
Fandom Queen JK
Fandom Queen JK преди месец
More episodes please? :3
Adam H
Adam H преди месец
Please do more degrassi
SilverMagicShip преди месец
6:25 that teacher guys necklace looks like a penis.... 😳
Jaylen Mark
Jaylen Mark преди месец
05:36 On the right is Michelle Jones,not Marry Jane😅.
Laney Lion
Laney Lion преди месец
MY SISTER USED TO WATCH THE SHIT OUT OF THIS !! when I was little I swear I saw one of the actors at my local mall
Akira's left glasses lens
Akira's left glasses lens преди месец
I remember growing up and it was so scandalous to watch degrassi and I never understood why because it was on teen nick... I guess now I know
HufflepuffAngel преди месец
I admit I watched this (Next Gen)
Limitless преди месец
Whatever it takes, I know I can make it through.
Lisbeth Espinal
Lisbeth Espinal преди месец
Please do Euphoria
Sadness преди месец
Why the heck when Manny was reading the message to Emma, Emma was like so into it?
Blueguygaming преди месец
I still miss JT
Mari Castillo
Mari Castillo преди месец is also amazing and even more intense than Degrassi imo Also a Canadian show 🙂
Ai преди месец
Have you watch jesse
Easton Animates soon
Easton Animates soon преди месец
I am watching all 13 seasons
Shariq AYAN
Shariq AYAN преди месец
IS THAT drake thumbnail
Rune stone
Rune stone преди месец
ZAiN UNEDiTED преди месец
Toby without glasses is so weird😂
ZAiN UNEDiTED преди месец
I love this show... the fact that I can watch it all on here is the best thing ever
ZAiN UNEDiTED преди месец
I remember watching it in like 2003 or something and I love how you see every character grow up on the show... I love that almost about the show
Jonas B
Jonas B преди месец
Degrassi is amazing. Also drake is an amazing actor
LizzardsInTheBeach преди месец
The original 80's one talk about abortions and teen pregnancies and drugs.
tails power
tails power преди месец
A family show with 2 suicide story lines :3
tails power
tails power преди месец
Omg I love degrassi
Rossana Cab
Rossana Cab преди месец
It’s an awesome show btw¡
Rossana Cab
Rossana Cab преди месец
Hey with more than 500 episodes you’ll have material for a long time 😂
laurasanya преди месец
I never watched it. Is it worth watching ?
Neftali The Kushite
Neftali The Kushite преди месец
In South Africa we had 'Soul Buddies' and I think later on we had 'Shuga'
Frickle Frackle
Frickle Frackle преди месец
to get the full effect of degrassi, you kinda have to watch the whole thing. which sometimes feels like a chore, but it’s so worth it.
Artifex преди месец
Thanks to you my quarantine is being spent binge watching degrassi, I'm on season 14
Madison O
Madison O преди месец
This first episode is definitely one of the scariest.
Jietro Raximoff
Jietro Raximoff преди месец
I haven't see this show but if you did enough research to know this was the fourth iteration, then how did you not see the bit on any page relating to the show which said something like "This newer version of Degrassi has thus far dealt with more topics including *online predators, suicide, censorship, sexism, gangs, self-harm, school shootings, imprisonment, rape, abuse, drugs, drinking, and murder* " as opposed to your preconceived notion that this was 'family show'?!
Halo Queen
Halo Queen преди месец
The reason why this show is the best teen show because they actually cast real TEENS
Hope Johnson
Hope Johnson преди месец
“does anyone remember degra-“ ALEX! DOES A BEAR SHIT IN THE WOODS???
Laura Topliffe
Laura Topliffe преди месец
Oh no no no! I watched the original Degrassi from 88-91 and I was that age and it tackled hardcore subjects -- drug use, child abuse, teen pregnancy, homosexuality, homophobia, racism.
Livvie V.
Livvie V. преди месец
Hannah Chitty-Finch
Hannah Chitty-Finch преди месец
Also Alex this wasn't a kids featured rape, murder, teen pregnancies, drug use, mental illness, suicide, domestic abuse, more murder and brutality...hence why it always aired so late
Hannah Chitty-Finch
Hannah Chitty-Finch преди месец
She's far too gullible
Darcy Evans
Darcy Evans преди месец
You should watch the original degrassi juniour high
Hannah Chitty-Finch
Hannah Chitty-Finch преди месец
It was always on ABC3 here in Australia at like 11pm
Hannah Chitty-Finch
Hannah Chitty-Finch преди месец
ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku
ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku преди месец
That show went dark
Luna Oak
Luna Oak преди 2 месеца
I remember really really wanting to watch this show but never doing it
Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas преди 2 месеца
Please do a another part of this!!! I laughed so hard
Justin преди 2 месеца
It's basically La Rosa De Guadalupe but Canadian.
CelestialThot преди 2 месеца
Do skins
Analise Peña
Analise Peña преди 2 месеца
Degrassi is so amazing I love it so much
Kaitlin Dresen
Kaitlin Dresen преди 2 месеца
Oh wow. I remember my mom not letting me watch this and now I know why....
Terriot преди 2 месеца
Out health class watched this and we were hooked
Georgia преди 2 месеца
I rewatch Degrassi so many times and can’t get enough
Georgia преди 2 месеца
Degrassi is my fave tv show ❤️
Cow Bean
Cow Bean преди 2 месеца
Big ol red flag
Julio Gonzalez
Julio Gonzalez преди 2 месеца
Dude this show started in 1979!! With the first season and series being “ The Kidz of degrassi street”. Following little kids lol like 10 year olds and followed them all the way to the series you’re talking about as the principle and parents some of the original cast all the way from 1979
Julio Gonzalez
Julio Gonzalez преди 2 месеца
Lol Alex it’s too bad you didn’t know when making this just How BAD a DISS it is to say someone is from Scarb /Scarborough. Especially back in the day before they just called it all the 6. Ppl would diss the east end Scarborough a lot as being trashy gross and backwards.
Abby Toney
Abby Toney преди 2 месеца
Degrassi walked so 13 reasons why could run! 😤
Rondrick Williams Jr
Rondrick Williams Jr преди 2 месеца
Sometimes I think Alex is kidding when he said he hates himself. I mean does he really have a problem or is he just joking. I'm kinda worried about him.
The Bookish Muslim
The Bookish Muslim преди 2 месеца
I remember watching this degrassi episode where a muslim girl's project was sabotaged with islamaphobic words- and I sobbed throughout. The episodes you can see yourself in/relate to hit home
oooh19 преди 2 месеца
i definitely think Gen X looks older than millenials when they were the same age. Degrassi adults in their 20s looked older.
TriggerTroy преди 2 месеца
Veronica Bakk
Veronica Bakk преди 2 месеца
Do the 2018 version
J M преди 2 месеца
Yes, please. Just play Animal Crossing until you’re 18.
Hannah Montana was pretty dumb...
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