Twilight doesn't make any sense...

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Alex Meyers

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Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a pretty dumb movie...
Insatiable is the weirdest show I've ever seen...
To All the Boys I've Loved Before is kinda dumb...
The Kissing Booth is kinda dumb...
High School Musical doesn't make any sense
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Malia Widman
Malia Widman преди 4 часа
Francis Edlemon
Francis Edlemon преди 23 часа
you are marrid
Bella: I know what you are Edward: say it Bella: GAY scenerio 2:
Waasae Ayyaz
Waasae Ayyaz преди ден
Since the craze of the series has long since died down, time to accept how unhealthy and creepy they both were. 😂💀 Bella: Mentally unstable, obsessive, and dependent on Edward. Edward: Creepy, possessive, and dependent on Bella. Jacob: A pedophile.
Aseony преди ден
Is anyone gonna mention the weird green kinda glow the movie has? Like I guess they wanted it for a “dark” mood, but it looks really weird and tacky to me
JEB - Brawl Stars
JEB - Brawl Stars преди 2 дни
Eric is so annoying lol
Gabby Da Yabby
Gabby Da Yabby преди 2 дни
Why do the cullens wear no colour?
Izaiya Soria
Izaiya Soria преди 3 дни
how DARE you say that about Twilight?????????????!!!!!!!!
Izaiya Soria
Izaiya Soria преди 2 дни
@Habibullah Habibullah u too! :)
Habibullah Habibullah
Habibullah Habibullah преди 2 дни
Well, jokes on you. He didn't dare this himself his subscribers dared him to make this video for a long time as he mentioned in the beginning lol😂. And can you please chill out?? There are a lot of better things to do in life than wasting time ranting for a wierd, dumb and cringy movie, duh! Edit: ABSOLUTELY NO HATE. So please don't get on me I have other things to do as well. Have a nice day.😊😇
The TV Lover
The TV Lover преди 3 дни
EdWaRd CuLleN gEt'S sLaYeD hE's BaCk
Nogy преди 3 дни
Thank you so much for all videos you made. You are one of my absolutely best youtubers ever. :) Jsi borec. Mám moc rád tvoji tvorbu.
Big Sad Hoe
Big Sad Hoe преди 3 дни
Bella’s dad is the only likeable character throughout the series, you can’t change my mind
Amara Harvell
Amara Harvell преди 3 дни
I would have loved it if when she said “vampire” in the woods he would have been like “hahah uhhhhh what dude no I’m just a bit odd...pfft vampire..”
Elisse Lowell
Elisse Lowell преди 4 дни
"But you? Nothing" Yeah Edward maybe thats cause there's nothing up there?
RONIN GOBLIN reactions
RONIN GOBLIN reactions преди 4 дни
🎶Poopoo peepee check OOOOOoooooo🎶
Samanta Vidal
Samanta Vidal преди 4 дни
omg i can’t believe that so much talent wasted in this f script 🤧
Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson преди 5 дни
I kind of liked the books but the movie was just a bit much... There's some things which are okay on paper but are waaaay creepier when you see it on screen 😳 (I also couldn't stand the Kristen Stewart/Bella stutter)
CRAZYCHRIS291 преди 6 дни
“I’m sorry that I didn’t get the chance to introduce myself,but I was busy thinking about how much you smelled like a tasty cake!”
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia преди 6 дни
Tbh Edward looks like a alive doll lol
Ozair Kazi
Ozair Kazi преди 6 дни
Oddly Crystal
Oddly Crystal преди 8 дни
I am still kind of amazed at how many people love this movie, I mean yeah I liked the books as a teen but than again I had very questionable taste at that age and was super angsty but even I hated that movie and it is even by a director I like so that just made it a million times worse. Needless to say the books are pretty awful but the movies are a new level of bad and cringe that I was not prepared for. What I try to take into account about people who like twilight just stems from the fact that teenagers like weird creepy shit like this until they get older and are like wait wtf how did I ever like this. I have no answer as to why any adults may like it since I thankfully grew out of that part of my life when I hit my 20's. The fact is twilight is basically bad fanfiction, Meyer even stated that the book was based off of a dream she had one night which I have so many questions about why a grown woman is dreaming about teen vamp boys who sparkle but whatever the point is it is trash but the kinda trash that appeals to teen girls.
Lily Gold
Lily Gold преди 8 дни
Why does Bella say “You’re hand is so cold” in the most monotonous tone ever
daniels rose
daniels rose преди 8 дни
I love it when people Trash Talk Twilight because it really was garbage but I just can't finish watching this video or any of the other ones. It's not just you. I couldn't watch honest trailers or Screen Rant either. I just discovered your channel and I promise I'll watch all your other videos just nothing with Twilight 🤮
Hayden4da Win
Hayden4da Win преди 8 дни
The reason I like you so much is because you are like a mixture of the odd1s out, and Danny Gonzalez
Juli Khan
Juli Khan преди 9 дни
I want to ask this channel owner does any movie make sense what he think if these movies are trash why should he make one that make "SENSE" you broke people's heart by giving your unexpectful opinion ! I am saying
A Warner
A Warner преди 9 дни
you destroyed my childhood crush
Scoot B
Scoot B преди 9 дни
No one hates twilight more than Robert Pattinson himself
Chanslor Ballard
Chanslor Ballard преди 9 дни
Bella: I know what you are Edward: say it Bella: a mosquito Edward: close enuf
Boop :3 Now ur ded
Boop :3 Now ur ded преди 9 дни
ioana Delia Blas
ioana Delia Blas преди 10 дни
I didn't even watch the movies but I agree with Alex. I hate Twilight.
pizza lover
pizza lover преди 10 дни
That is why I support Harry Potter :))
YoungBhuss преди 13 дни
Bella: I know what you are Edward: Say it Bella: Vengeance
Garima Limaye
Garima Limaye преди 13 дни
Why you all are making fun of this movie I didn't get it😢😢
Sandaya Zoysa
Sandaya Zoysa преди 9 дни
Watch the video before comment..U look dumb
Big Mo Logan
Big Mo Logan преди 9 дни
seriously? lmao did you not watch this video
importaciones ambar
importaciones ambar преди 13 дни
And every guy is in love with Bella right away. As if there's no other girls in the town at all
Willowy13 преди 14 дни
When they were looking at each other in that classroom I was sure one or both were holding a fart.
[LFD13] Littlfluffydino13
[LFD13] Littlfluffydino13 преди 14 дни
Alternate title: try not to laugh! (No offense but come on 😂)
Jenni Perkins
Jenni Perkins преди 15 дни
Stole his sisters body glitter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
elle преди 15 дни
i remember loving this film when i was like 13 but now rewatching it in here, this movie makes me cringe 😅
Hannah Weisinger
Hannah Weisinger преди 15 дни
Why do they all look like they died last century
Olson Vlogs
Olson Vlogs преди 15 дни
You should do PEN-15
vellichxrry преди 15 дни
1:30 Her: Who's he? Me: OMG CEDRIC YOU'RE BACK FROM THE DEAD!!! WE HAVE SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT!!!! Other girl: He's Edward Cullen. Me: Stop lying girl.
Julia Benowicz
Julia Benowicz преди 16 дни
Lmao hating on Robert Pattinson's looks but mans doesn't even put his face in his videos smh you wish you looked like Edward
YERIN Lee преди 14 дни
Go back to his old videos. This dude is good-looking.
Antonia loyola
Antonia loyola преди 16 дни
4:14 iOS literally me jdjdjd
Matthew Meyer
Matthew Meyer преди 16 дни
Uhmm supeth wierd
Vidhi Srivastava
Vidhi Srivastava преди 16 дни
"🤣Aaa🤣hahah🤣ahhaha🤣hahh🤣ahahhah🤣aaaaaa🤣aaaha🤣hahha🤣hahaha🤣hah🤣" That's all I did watching your videos 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gummyqueen Doesstuff
Gummyqueen Doesstuff преди 16 дни
Devyn McKinley
Devyn McKinley преди 17 дни
Bella: First Edward was a vampire Me: We no duh
Yethu Gamedze
Yethu Gamedze преди 18 дни
The animation is everything 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣... this guy is great at his thing even if you dont agree with his opinion.
Esther Pace
Esther Pace преди 18 дни
i’m actually offended
Esther Pace
Esther Pace преди 19 часа
@Habibullah Habibullah i was being sarcastic... you’re the one who needs to chill😂
Habibullah Habibullah
Habibullah Habibullah преди 10 дни
Dude chill it's just a movie. It's not that your life depends on it lol. 😂😅 He's not offending you or anybody he's just criticizing the show. Anyone is allowed to criticize any show as long it is fair and makes sense. Also you don't have to watch this video if you feel offended. So just chill out and quit sulking for these silly things made for entertainment won't help you out to get a life lol.
Alana Mostafa
Alana Mostafa преди 19 дни
6:27 I do this too dont worry 😗😗
Sagor Ahamed
Sagor Ahamed преди 19 дни
Dude you r LEGEND 😂😂😂
B S преди 19 дни
Girl: "That's Edward Collin. Gorgeous, obviously." Alex: "Mmmm I feel like me and you have different definitions of that word." Me: Mmmm he's too pale for my liking. Get some sun. *Oh wait.*
dinah d
dinah d преди 19 дни
For 11 years I have avoided to watching this today some evil spirit made me watch and I must say i couldn't stop laughing. Edward: I can stop myself from ur blood Bella:I trust u 😂😂Like who in there right mind says that. Edward: am a monster Bella:am not afraid of u 😂😂😂 But I couldn't stop myself from stoping
mirai преди 19 дни
bella: i dOnT lIKe aNy cOlD wEt tHInG
dinisha bhalia
dinisha bhalia преди 19 дни
That was pretty impressive I must say 😂
Tetsurō Kuroo
Tetsurō Kuroo преди 19 дни
The movie is just one long Volvo commercial... I'm sorry the whole franchise is one long Volvo commercial
I’m not a guy
I’m not a guy преди 20 дни
My MOM likes this movies...
Feecho преди 20 дни
Why is everyone so pale in this movie😂
Samir Rao
Samir Rao преди 20 дни
I watched the Twilight movies when I was in high school because of all my girl friends. It was a terrible time. I don't want to go back to high school either 😂
Gae Motes
Gae Motes преди 20 дни
do star wars the clone wars or avatar last airbender
The Rac Man
The Rac Man преди 20 дни
There are 2 reasons why Twilight was popular: 1) Sex sells. 2) Robert Pattison sells.
Sarah Nave
Sarah Nave преди 20 дни
this is so cool!
Yl преди 21 ден
Review greenhouse academy
s u n f l o w e r
s u n f l o w e r преди 21 ден
I wish they could remake the movie with an actual good director and script. And hopefully no awkward constipated actors. 👁👄👁
emma_equestrian _98
emma_equestrian _98 преди 21 ден
honestly, I feel so bad for the cast. Especially Robert. Like come on now
Fye Smile
Fye Smile преди 21 ден
This is hilarious 😂😂😂😂
KawaiiandDark преди 21 ден
I think one of the worst mistakes outside of some casting Is how they ended up portraying the diamond skin Everyone makes fun of the sparkles because it is ridiculous how it was done The whole point was that they're pretty much rocks when they become vampires, they literally crystallize when they change and that includes the skin So rather than it being like facets with light reflecting off it in a "sparkle" like a cut gem stone, it's a lot more subtle in some ways since it would be a smoother surface I just think that if the movies were redone with a better and more accurate script and casting and these little things were fixed, it would have been a whoooooole lot better Honestly it'd make a killer TV show if they wanted to do it right and have all the details and backstories
Alice Cowden
Alice Cowden преди 21 ден
LMFAO I make the SAME face when ppl tell me to smile 🤣🤣🤣 like "MAN I wish I could punch you in the throat right now" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 LOVE the commentary lol
Vincent Scherrey
Vincent Scherrey преди 22 дни
am i the only one that loves this movie. i mean stop hating. i love this guy.
Linn Nordborg
Linn Nordborg преди 22 дни
Lol its fun to watch youmake fun of my favorite movie and book XD
tami stitt
tami stitt преди 22 дни
I want to write a book with monsters and humans and a little romance between the human main and the monster. It's not like Twilight except with the whole romance between a human and monster thing and that isn't the main focus. Got any tips for it to not suck?
tami stitt
tami stitt преди 22 дни
If Edward wasn't a vampire Bella would probaly go back to Phenoix after having literally the worst expirience of her seriously a lot of bad things would happen like getting hit for example and add being stalked wow.
Candice ecidnaC
Candice ecidnaC преди 22 дни
I've seen this before but it came up in my recommendations so I'm re-watching it for the laughs. One thing you mention is when Bella lays on Edward's chest (10:18) and you say he's cold; the books also say he's hard, e.g. when he kisses her she says his lips are "as hard and cold as marble" so he's apparently a fucking ice cold rock, which must be sssuuuper comfy to lay on. That makes it even worse when they get to the sex, because she's still human on their wedding night and he's a damn statue. Mmm, girl gotta get that icy cold marble dong. because
pisceandiva преди 22 дни
"who's he?" I said thats ciedric digary
Fariha Sanober
Fariha Sanober преди 23 дни
The whole of the Twilight saga is a piece of shit it just doesn't makes any sense at all. How they kept on adding some new villains in every part just to drag it.
Benjamin Williams
Benjamin Williams преди 23 дни
Twilight is problematic trash, but it’s MY problematic trash!
Brooklyn Kidd
Brooklyn Kidd преди 23 дни
No vampire should SPARKLE in the sun but the only thing I like about twilight is the bluish filter and the music
Kailey Keller
Kailey Keller преди 24 дни
Filsan Mohamed
Filsan Mohamed преди 24 дни
you have a wife?????
Lillian Burns
Lillian Burns преди 24 дни
They made Edward sound like he was the best looking thing in the world.... He turns out to be ..... that
Dreamposible Ig
Dreamposible Ig преди 24 дни
Seriously idk why people recommend this movie to me
tripleBblev преди 24 дни
bro these movies are so fucking funny i hate them so much they're amazing
Kat Kitty
Kat Kitty преди 24 дни
The most relatable character in the movie is Bella’s dad.
Good songs to dance to Good songs to dance to
Good songs to dance to Good songs to dance to преди 25 дни
As someone who actually likes twilight I’m offended
Wianka преди 25 дни
I liked this movie when i was 12 but now it is inly cringy
Akshita Mohite
Akshita Mohite преди 25 дни
Edward: "It means if you're smart you'd stay away from me,' 'What if I'm not the good guy?' Bella: YoU'rE nOt Edward basically proved how dumb Bella is.
j shah
j shah преди 25 дни
The whole stupid movie summed up: 👀👀👀👀👀👀×👀👀👀👀👀👀=❤
ɪᴍsᴏᴍɴɪᴀᴄ преди 25 дни
The books are amazing but the movies are crap
Aria’s Animation's
Aria’s Animation's преди 25 дни
My mom watched twilight last week and still claims it's a cute love story!!! 🙄
Megan Hefner-Weldon
Megan Hefner-Weldon преди 25 дни
Has he done harry potter?
j shah
j shah преди 26 дни
This is the worst and most boring movie ever!! Specially part 1....if u haven't seen it DONT WATCH IT!!
Peytons Edits
Peytons Edits преди 26 дни
I mean at least it has deadric in it
Peytons Edits
Peytons Edits преди 26 дни
Harry potter fans will get it
Pragya Anurag
Pragya Anurag преди 27 дни
I mean yeah, you'd go to high school again and again if you were popular, good at academics/sports and weren't burdened by responsibilities of adulthood.
Pkyoa преди 27 дни
Ughhhhh I watched this the other day. The CRINGEEE sooo cringeyyy
Andrew Huseby
Andrew Huseby преди 27 дни
Even as a kid I recognized that the Graduation cap thing made no fucking sense. the reason given for the cullens living in forks is that it's so cloudy and rainy all the time and they like to go outside but then why would they have lived in all these other places that are far less cloudy and rainy??
No Stop
No Stop преди 27 дни
Not saying she’s a bad actress. Bella is just such an boring, bland and selfish character. Idk why people love her so much in the movie/books.
lolly rebekah
lolly rebekah преди 28 дни
I like the twilight films but the book is so much better.
Kaileyania Reeves
Kaileyania Reeves преди 28 дни
well i can kinda understand why she is like the way she is....and a movie and a book are never going to be the same, and i didnt think there was anything wrong with her acting .....just me....i guess
Sofia Cruz
Sofia Cruz преди 28 дни
My hand is really cold all the time, does it mean I'm a vampire?
Jade Peridot
Jade Peridot преди 28 дни
Hazel Cespedes
Hazel Cespedes преди 28 дни
Twilight New Moon doesn't make any sense...
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