Teen Wolf was kinda dumb...

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Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l
Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l преди час
*☼ TEEN WOLF WAS KINDA AWESOME, YOU CRIMINAL!* it is always only a matter of time until we hot one of our own shows i guess. ok ill watch the vid now.
Ashitha Nair
Ashitha Nair преди 4 часа
"Where are you getting your juice?" "My mom does all the grocery shopping". Still cracks me up😂
Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown преди 14 часа
Hey, I seen Jeph Loeb's name. He worked for DC comics and gave us All-Star Superman and Batman: The Long Halloween. Is that the same guy?
HUNTWARRIOR 07 преди 16 часа
Has anyone notice that the actor for Jackson plays roy in arrow Hold on and Derek is the actor for super man in super girl
emma преди 19 часа
Eleanor Jensen
Eleanor Jensen преди ден
I have to imagine that who ever made Teen Wolf played lacrosse and got torched all the time about it and now takes their revenge by making football lame
Savita Faatuono
Savita Faatuono преди ден
I'm in Australia so I saw it
Sammy преди ден
The only I even came close to finishing this show is Stydia ‼️
Ollyoxenfree преди ден
Why was Alison not more concerned that Scott was listening in to her conversation with Jackson?
Bria Fowler
Bria Fowler преди ден
You talking about the “total uggo” made me think about #realityhigh , if you haven’t done a video please take this into consideration
Britt C
Britt C преди ден
the same writer wrote criminal minds!
lifame преди ден
I think your old animatoin was great you uave only change stiles to a toldlers draw
llonelyllife преди 2 дни
4:27 a very, very accurate description
aliasmakayasmommy преди 2 дни
Hey I love your videos but could you pls react to Harry Potter next pls??? I love the series and want to see what you think. Well me, my cousin, And aunt Hope you do. Keep up the good work. I subscribed.
nitee Johar
nitee Johar преди 2 дни
i love teen wolf
thereal. darkchocolate
thereal. darkchocolate преди 2 дни
Why does alex put himself down so much lol
chicken strips aren't llama's
chicken strips aren't llama's преди 2 дни
I wAs aTtAcKeD bY a MoNsTeR yOuR mY iS a MoNsTeR Me:BUUUUURrRRRnnNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! Also me: iMmA gO gEt A sNaCk Me having Mo BOYFRIEND I say to myself: I LoOk lIkE a SnAcK Cruz I THICCCC
Dat Luxohr
Dat Luxohr преди 3 дни
You can literally talk about EVERY series... but one bad word about Teen Wolf is to much. This show was sooo good, maybe one of the best ever made.
vicente nuzzolo
vicente nuzzolo преди 3 дни
you say that everything is dumb even your mama
Tanzia Sharma
Tanzia Sharma преди 3 дни
Check out dirk gently's holistic detective agency. Like seriously the level of weird in there is way more than umbrella academy
Gamey Firebro
Gamey Firebro преди 3 дни
🐺 why
Tryhard22 преди 3 дни
Itz Keadie_OwO
Itz Keadie_OwO преди 4 дни
Teen wolf is great no one can change my mind
Elijah Jones
Elijah Jones преди 4 дни
Be cool if you watched more than one episode, season 1 is the cringey fantasy teen stereotype so lots of material, only gets really cool when the opening does
Nokwazi Mpontshane
Nokwazi Mpontshane преди 4 дни
How dare you😱😱
Zeke_ShıKari 123
Zeke_ShıKari 123 преди 4 дни
the 1985 teen wolf movie was good, right? 😁 edit: I just noticed the shows basically a remake of the movie
paweldebik преди 4 дни
I definitely didn't shed a tear when this dumb show ended :' (
Aditi Kherdekar
Aditi Kherdekar преди 5 дни
Hey can you do after we collide review?? I really value your opinion... 🙂
Machtyn преди 5 дни
When I saw the title, I was thinking it was a review of the old Michael J. Fox movie. It was kinda dumb, too. And what's with all these 25-35 year olds playing high school kids? ... for 7 years!
phantazein. преди 5 дни
Any shows: *exist* Alex: *_tHiS sHOw iS wEIrDd_*
Ashley Miranda
Ashley Miranda преди 6 дни
Why is no one talking about Alex's absolutely ✨ _cursed_ ✨ highschool picture omw
Andrue Juan
Andrue Juan преди 6 дни
Scott just stitched up the dog he didn't use any powers lol. Also you did miss half the conversation, or at least didn't show it on the video. I cant tell if its all in good fun or what but still good laughs
Dr Stoner
Dr Stoner преди 6 дни
As a teen this was the ultimate shit bruh
Just your average nerd
Just your average nerd преди 7 дни
The coach was literally the funniest character of the entire show, each of his lines were hilarious and he was the one thing that stayed constant throughout 6 seasons
Muhammad Huzaima
Muhammad Huzaima преди 7 дни
if you think teen wolf is dumb i will kick your ass but love your videos tho
William Brandwood
William Brandwood преди 7 дни
I it just me or does he look like Neville longbottom
Ahnaf Drubo
Ahnaf Drubo преди 7 дни
Teen Wolf is actually much better and uncringy than most teen shows. Sure it has it's moments but pales in comparison to let's say (insert any other teen show)
Pxola преди 8 дни
All this is probably the reason why I always re-watch the Teen Wolf series beginning from season 3 the masterpiece and juts skip season 1 and 2 lmao
JORDEN MARTIN преди 8 дни
Wat was dat ending tho
Chancellor Ally
Chancellor Ally преди 8 дни
There was always one kid at my highschools who were the *lacrosse guy* so this is accurate
the running man
the running man преди 8 дни
I watched teen wolf and I enjoy it
Mohammed Sherif
Mohammed Sherif преди 9 дни
Continue watching the flash pls
your death
your death преди 9 дни
When did Scott became a were wolf??
Love Elephant
Love Elephant преди 9 дни
Leave Derek and Stiles alone... 😂😂
Ka Ya
Ka Ya преди 9 дни
2:11 I CANT
Lance преди 9 дни
Im a big fan of the show and I still rewatch and... hes not wrong 😂😂😂
Cool Gator
Cool Gator преди 9 дни
You should make a video about the 1985 teen wolf movie starring Michael j fox from back to the future
Mariah Sophia Buena San Juan
Mariah Sophia Buena San Juan преди 9 дни
i beg ur pardon
Christie Gerges
Christie Gerges преди 10 дни
U say teen wolf is dumb and u havnt even watched the whole series. That disappoints me. The series is abt enemies becoming allies. U root for everyone in it. Even the bad guys. Cuz theyre temporary. Everybody's death was sad. The caracter development is on point (talking bt everybody but specially lydia, stiles, jackson and scott). U can't judge a book by its cover. The acting is on point. The story plot is on point. Pls don't talk bt it like that. One of the few series that marked me.
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔhoney LEMONʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔhoney LEMONʕ•ᴥ•ʔ преди 10 дни
Flash backs
Chad 101
Chad 101 преди 10 дни
Rewatched the series, and I don’t regret it...
Joseph Lawson
Joseph Lawson преди 10 дни
Michael j fox did not see the tv show on teen wolf movie 1985
Genevieve Graziano
Genevieve Graziano преди 10 дни
Plz try to get to the end If u made it to the end I hope u become successful and have a good rest of the year ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💙
Aesthetic_Bear преди 11 дни
7:57 is funni
Angel Stories
Angel Stories преди 11 дни
stiles owns the show prove me wrong
Logan Ainsworth
Logan Ainsworth преди 11 дни
omg alex you finally hit puberty
It’s Deadpool bitches
It’s Deadpool bitches преди 11 дни
Dude you’re so popular but here’s the thing you’re speaking about how Celotta shows are so so dumb and mainly they’re all Disney which I don’t blame you talks to the side very quietly and Disney is dumb very very dumb I mean some of it’s OK but like Bruh anyways you’re so popular ones the first video I ever watched of you I was watching the odd ones out And pretty much I would see so much sponsors from him so pretty much all you have to do to get sponsors is either say things that are dumb about life or say things that are dumb about movies or say things about you acting dumb as hell in past life with a cartoon
Milou Nadine
Milou Nadine преди 12 дни
you should definitily do another season one of the season is super scary I think it's season 3
not a millionaire
not a millionaire преди 12 дни
best show EVVERRRRRR
Emily G
Emily G преди 12 дни
It would be so funny if you could just watch the last episode of shows that you didn’t watch. Like pretty little liars was a mess, even if you did watch the whole show. So I can only imagine how weird it would be if you didn’t really know it at all.
Papaya the Rainwing Wof
Papaya the Rainwing Wof преди 12 дни
Could you please review buffy the vampire slayer if you haven’t already?
Eleftheria K.
Eleftheria K. преди 12 дни
The fact that Alex's joke in the "where do you get your jouce" line is Scott's reaction to it
Eleftheria K.
Eleftheria K. преди 12 дни
Teen wolf is one of the best teen shows , if not THE best show I've ever seen
Eleftheria K.
Eleftheria K. преди 12 дни
I didn't mean that like "it's not dumb it's good"
Olivia Boldrey
Olivia Boldrey преди 12 дни
We all have our own opinion but I’m just saying just give teen wolf a
DEE WOP преди 12 дни
Teen wolf is way better than your channel
aixxee преди 13 дни
Grace Daphne
Grace Daphne преди 13 дни
Allison is like r/notlikeothergirls.
Hazza 1D
Hazza 1D преди 13 дни
I watched teen wonf 5 times and i will watched again greatest show of all time and u roasting it thinking ur cool is dumb
Gamer 872 was not the imposter ඞ
Gamer 872 was not the imposter ඞ преди 13 дни
URChibified! !
URChibified! ! преди 13 дни
wow...the nostalgia is unreal!
Desi tri
Desi tri преди 13 дни
You should really do Jem and the holograms the movie
Plativerde P.
Plativerde P. преди 13 дни
Alex looks a lot like Otis from Sex Education! There you go, you have your teen drama
Robert Syrový
Robert Syrový преди 14 дни
This is the best show ever. Is anything that you like?
Dalia Čmukienė
Dalia Čmukienė преди 14 дни
Maybe u can do coraline?
Dj Kmaster
Dj Kmaster преди 14 дни
Yo is that falcones daughter?
Syl_tsil преди 14 дни
Dont you dare insult stiles... Edit: he insulted stiles...
Sup I'm Panda
Sup I'm Panda преди 14 дни
1:40 Nobody: me, a lacrosse player:"wow I didn't realize I came here to be disrespected"
moodycactus преди 14 дни
this show had a lot of potential with the fans but ignored it coz of behind the scenes drama & suits in charge. Best characters overlooked. Hated the last few seasons.
Neil Stone
Neil Stone преди 14 дни
I love this show how dare you...but I admit it has faults
Taliyah's Diary
Taliyah's Diary преди 14 дни
Has anyone else just recently binge teen wolf and now ur seeing it everywhere lol...
Paige D'Winter
Paige D'Winter преди 14 дни
The only Teen Wolf I acknowledge is Michael J. Fox cause I'm old AF. LOL
Killian Stiles
Killian Stiles преди 15 дни
mackysedits преди 15 дни
meanwhile everyone I know played lacrosse at one point, and my high school's main sport was lacrosse. I love teen wolf but the depiction of the sport was awful lmao
mackysedits преди 13 дни
@Hunter Lawrence not everyone playing was a werewolf, so most of the time even the depiction of the "regular" players was very inaccurate. + they had the actors constantly switching positions, and that's just...not how it works at all. most tv shows/films can't ever depict lacrosse correctly, though.
Hunter Lawrence
Hunter Lawrence преди 14 дни
But the ones playing it were werewolves. Why would it be realistic?
Xsavior Sheppard
Xsavior Sheppard преди 15 дни
Please do the Thundermans it's Nickelodeon and it's on Hulu
Lightfury Gaming
Lightfury Gaming преди 15 дни
Bithiah Ogazi
Bithiah Ogazi преди 15 дни
Yolanda Wu
Yolanda Wu преди 15 дни
Can you react to Enola Holmes
Patrice Wantoe
Patrice Wantoe преди 16 дни
Alex do the superhero show “Titans”
Sebastian Cedillo
Sebastian Cedillo преди 16 дни
does this guy even know that it's a reboot.
Princess Edits
Princess Edits преди 16 дни
Teen wolf fandom here ❤️❤️
Princess Edits
Princess Edits преди 16 дни
Stydia forever ❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖💖💓💓
Princess Edits
Princess Edits преди 16 дни
Studia forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️💓💓
Sebastian Cedillo
Sebastian Cedillo преди 16 дни
Is stiles that Daniel what's his name,from maze runner i love that guy...............in maze runner
Justwhy 11
Justwhy 11 преди 16 дни
Am I the only one that thinks stiles does not carry the show
Natàlia Beltran
Natàlia Beltran преди 16 дни
You need to do one for Julie and the phantoms!!!
Yuki Okami
Yuki Okami преди 16 дни
I choked on my food while watching this
Shahana rahil
Shahana rahil преди 16 дни
make a video about "ever after high" !!!!!
Hahh Hahha
Hahh Hahha преди 6 дни
He already said that he wouldn't make videos on animated shows, but that would've been cool!
I’m to Wavy
I’m to Wavy преди 16 дни
Season 3 is the best season of teen wolf you should review that
T Murphy
T Murphy преди 16 дни
I rewatched the "hehe funny" many times 😂 love it.
josie преди 16 дни
It would be great if you did lost girl
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