Teen Beach Movie is kinda dumb...

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Alex Meyers

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Teen Beach Movie Animated Reaction
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Gwyneth Patterson
Gwyneth Patterson преди 17 часа
I just watched this movie and in surf surf crazy song there is a line that says this:Burgers hit water warm. Me:WHO PEE’D?
peterjhamill преди 18 часа
do harry potter
ebere Uche - eme
ebere Uche - eme преди 20 часа
Like seriously all that lovey Dovey stuff makes me sick🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Casey преди ден
8:49 when you’re a kpop stan..
Bruh the Dude Girl
Bruh the Dude Girl преди ден
If you think this is Disney Channel, then you should watch Teen Beach 2
fairy sparkle
fairy sparkle преди ден
Watch Disney movie jump
garrett alvis
garrett alvis преди ден
watch 2
garrett alvis
garrett alvis преди ден
i remeber d movies wore my thing watching this makes me love them more
Kirsty Mowat
Kirsty Mowat преди 2 дни
Pls do greenhouse academy
alex gaming
alex gaming преди 2 дни
Patricia Sigmond
Patricia Sigmond преди 2 дни
I just realize Mac had hair down then up at the end
Patricia Sigmond
Patricia Sigmond преди 2 дни
South side serpents lol
gdaymate hehe
gdaymate hehe преди 3 дни
10:53 this made me scream of laughter, just saying
gdaymate hehe
gdaymate hehe преди 3 дни
Jungkook- well yeah, ofc they're talking about him. He got 'em abs lmao
yeah yeah. We get it. Now where is part 2???
BCG WINNER преди 3 дни
these teen Disney movies are so stupid. I rather watch anime.
Twat Did You Say
Twat Did You Say преди 3 дни
You haven't done teen beach movie 2 yet?
X Willie
X Willie преди 3 дни
Teen beach 2
Flamingos And Sparkles
Flamingos And Sparkles преди 4 дни
James Potter
James Potter преди 4 дни
When your writing a fan fiction with the main character being named Layla while watching this: ...
Yahoo Gmail
Yahoo Gmail преди 5 дни
Wait he said JUNGKOOK???????????.
Fluffy Boiii
Fluffy Boiii преди 5 дни
Kay... i know this movie but what the hell was the show with a girl named allie and a boy named austin?
Katherine Kinnan
Katherine Kinnan преди 6 дни
you have to do the second one now.
Dilly Bar
Dilly Bar преди 6 дни
Is someone gonna tell him about teen beach 2??
Devyn McKinley
Devyn McKinley преди 6 дни
teen beach 2 was even dumber ending got me mad
Spring_Time_Fun gaming
Spring_Time_Fun gaming преди 6 дни
Weres moviec2
Berliandiva Aulia
Berliandiva Aulia преди 6 дни
Brady: Aren't you happy here? Mack:....ThIs Is My MoM's JoUrNaL
Jaxon Fletcher
Jaxon Fletcher преди 6 дни
Frick you this movie was amazing
꧁ツ Da Noodles ツ꧂
꧁ツ Da Noodles ツ꧂ преди 6 дни
Mary Futch
Mary Futch преди 7 дни
Dude... I'm in first stage of puberty and watching this man idk why I'm watching a guy who points out mistakes on my fav movies and some how enjoying it. 😄😄😄
Kanna Rio
Kanna Rio преди 7 дни
haha still love it
Shiju Kaniyankunnel Kutty
Shiju Kaniyankunnel Kutty преди 7 дни
Teen Beach 2
N G преди 7 дни
Teen Beach Movie is one of the only “new” Disney Channel movies I really enjoy.
Grace McEuen
Grace McEuen преди 7 дни
Imagine how different the movie would be if her grandpa went out to help her instead of Brady
Evan Corbin
Evan Corbin преди 8 дни
Tanner is so much like Ed from good burger
Rilmar Amarthkhil
Rilmar Amarthkhil преди 8 дни
Okay, but back in the day I really loved the movie - I'm a sucker for that 50's/early 60's music and aesthetic (especially the sugar coated version served here or in "Greese")
Unreasonably Random
Unreasonably Random преди 8 дни
But Holden u of all people would know about dog expressions, you stole Liv's puppy pen!
ana sofia lol
ana sofia lol преди 8 дни
hey! love your videos! you should do the movie carrie! its one of my favorites! keep doing what your doing!
The brick Creator
The brick Creator преди 9 дни
itzgacha rose5
itzgacha rose5 преди 9 дни
Where do u find the show
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