Doin' The Devil's Tango Podcast Ep. 2 (ft. Ksara) - Throw your girlfriend in the garbage

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Alex Meyers

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J - J
J - J преди 6 дни
Alex: is it even possible to anyone I real life anymore? Me: immediately gets a messager and Instagram ad
Roca преди 6 дни
I've had so many problems with guys hitting on me in such a pushy way that it made me uncomfortable and jumpy the rest of the day. I've also met guys who seem nice and polite and then suddenly start sexually harassing me. I've been stalked and followed by a few men as well. Some guys come up to my car to hit on me. Honestly, I've become terrified of talking to men I don't know. Especially in person. At least online I can have friends of either gender without needing to worry about meeting them in person.
K K преди 13 дни
Damn, I feel attacked by that title😭 jk, love you and your channel Alex, and I’m sure I will love the podcast too!
Claire de Luna
Claire de Luna преди 15 дни
Why would you wanna go into the vegetable section more than twice? Me: nervously laughing in the background
Tony преди 16 дни
Wow. I didnt realize how common relationships with autistic people are. My gf is autistic and I love her dearly. She's so sweet and caring.
Kat F
Kat F преди 20 дни
I gave this content the benefit of the doubt, but I just kept thinking about how immature these two people sound.
Geeky Queen
Geeky Queen преди 21 ден
Please do Austin and Ally
מעין ללי
מעין ללי преди 24 дни
Just drop the "throw her into a blender" part and this video's perfect.
Rachel Vigliotta
Rachel Vigliotta преди 27 дни
i listen to this podcast while i do my work, it helps calm me and i can focus on the work much better :)
anitabiba6 преди 27 дни
I was modeling in korea for 5 i feel safe to say in korea is the same thing, maybe even weirder =/ kkkk
Joya Lewis
Joya Lewis преди 29 дни
This is so entertaining. Thank you Alex and Ksara ❤️❤️
Madeline Medica
Madeline Medica преди 29 дни
I have never been one for podcasts I tend to enjoy music more but this is so good and I will definitely be looking forward to listening to the next ones!
eunice Kurniawan
eunice Kurniawan преди месец
I love this but like, I cant stop seeing white animated cartoon people floating in my head
Andrew Han
Andrew Han преди месец
The wedding shower advice was horrible.... If she does show up drunk AF and ruin the whole thing. The girls will spread everything on the work and it will be way worse, because now they are telling the truth.... Im loving the content and please keep this up.
Tuane Ronchi
Tuane Ronchi преди месец
women feel like they're' foreigners everywhere
Angela Julio
Angela Julio преди месец
I've had the same issue with the women at my work - I just ignore them. Sometimes is hard but I realized that people like that are unhappy with their lives. I call them "fans" lol
Emily Eggert
Emily Eggert преди месец
First of all I just wanted to say I loved the guest speaker especially when she talked about being a girl and having / being on the autism spectrum in high school. This is something I experienced in HS too and she gave a very very accurate description of what I went through then. It’s really difficult especially when you already don’t understand certain social cues and the kids your age don’t seem to understand that but what she said about the “popular” girls treating you like their pet I felt that. I KNEW exactly what she was talking about, girls at my HS and MS did that to me too and I just didn’t know how to respond to it. I knew what they were doing I just didn’t know how to confront them about it and it made things difficult. I’m really happy she discussed that it really made me so happy to hear I wasn’t alone
EllieC преди месец
To add to the places to approach someone in public, weirdly evening activities can sometimes be a good way to meet people. I'm a theatre person and the amount of couples that have gotten together in my community theatre is fucking wild. The only downside is break ups can make things awkward.
Susan Esquerra
Susan Esquerra преди месец
"Damn! Imagine being in a relationship that wasn't toxic!?" I felt that!! Ooof!!
Mahwish Amir
Mahwish Amir преди месец
I actually enjoy these podcasts a lot more than I expected (and I already had high expectations) it's interesting to see your thoughts about all of these "issues". It's quite thought provoking and you look at things differently or discover a new perspective through this. (Even though I'll never have a practical use for any of this) but it is still 5 star entertainment. Thank you for this!
Sara Torrice
Sara Torrice преди месец
In my opinion, it's always easier to talk behind a screen but it can hit dead ends fast, or still be hard to start. In person although it can be just as hard I believe there is a sense of genuineness (is this a word idk) and passion that goes into talking irl. In person you can bounce off of behaviors and the oh so telling vibe of the situation. Your expression and excitement can be easily read and grow. obviously, the opposite can happen but I feel like talking in person first will always give you the first impression of a person with their guards up, and you can work to bring them down comfortably. Just saying I AM young, like new adult here so this is just my perspective without much to any experience. Ksara sounds like an extremely sweet person, but I would've liked to hear about the less physical attributes (the best way I can put that) and more of just how society has changed. I cringed at the emoji talk lol but it was great to hear a perspective that I've never really thought about so that was cool. Obviously if you're going to date and be with someone it won't be online forever, but personally I'd love to meet someone in person and take that chance before I go on any dating service....I already know those things arent for me haha.
Khariah Payne
Khariah Payne преди месец
Ksara’s commentary is definitely biased, but there’s no problem with that since it’s still a valid point of view. Her response is from a married woman who is a foreigner in what sounds like a sexually aggressive environment. Just the other day a guy was trying to hit on me in the market and it wasn’t odd. He approached me and made a comment about something I was looking at. It was friendly enough, and I probably would’ve made more conversation if I wasn’t on a phone call about what I was trying to find. The guy only lingered about 30secs after I replied to him, and then walked away once he realized my phone call wasn’t ending. I feel it’s fine to approach people wherever, it’s just about how you do it.
Lisette Kerschbaumer
Lisette Kerschbaumer преди месец
To clarify, if you have ADHD you have to do two things at a time TO be able to fully listen, at least in my case
S R преди месец
That girl... She is clearly so full of herself. "I am a strong 7..." ew, the way she talks about how attractive she is is so repulsive. I hope this was the last podcast with her, she is not likeable at all.
Honey Angel
Honey Angel преди 19 дни
S R I don’t think it’s a problem if somebody thinks highly of themselves having confidence is not a bad thing
Julio Gomez
Julio Gomez преди месец
Having a guest to bounce stuff over felt fresh. I love the podcast keep it going. PD: Please add the deep voice saying "Doin' The Devil's Tango" as an intro tone xD
KixMayne91 преди месец
Alex you're great, but your co-host... is a bit annoying, and her mic amplifies it.
Lua Serpa
Lua Serpa преди месец
Ok, I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m so curious to know Kelsey
Annabelle Radford
Annabelle Radford преди месец
"I only wear mini skirt on Thursday" 😂😂😂
Devam Jangra
Devam Jangra преди месец
We need more of Kelsey Podcasts
elenabob преди месец
I'm rather shy, if someone approach me on the street, I would usually "fly" but maybe if I would give it a try if someone really sincere will come and say that they don't usually do that but he would really want to talk with me so he would give me his number. Like that is up to me to decide. Note that if he is really confident, I will assume by default that he's a player.
Abbymationz преди месец
Alex your videos are amazing and your sense of humor is undeniably hilarious. Thank you for just... EXISTING, and thank you for making such amazing content, I will forever be a big fan 😌😚
Peter Vass
Peter Vass преди месец
Speaking from experience, one can easily multitask talking to someone and playing WoW (e.g. just doing quests). I talk to my girlfriend while playing all the time (we live together) and she never mentioned it being a problem.
Clara Zuxinha
Clara Zuxinha преди месец
Alex PLEASE I BEG YOU to watch the new Netflix show "Julie and the Phantoms" it's based on a Brazilian show "Julie e os Fantasmas" and I'm Brazilian so it would meant the world to all your Brazilian fans, maybe listen to one of the original Brazilian songs since you can't react to the original show for the lack of subtitles and it wasn't dubbed in english only in italian and spanish, this remake is at Kenny Ortega's hands so it's really well done, please consider watching it
LIITEMIES преди месец
they call it that they all can jump a rope on My book.
Aleah Dodson
Aleah Dodson преди месец
The guy who’s girlfriend pressures him into going to the gym needs to tell her that she needs to love him no matter what, accept the way he looks and forgive him for (heaven forbid) not going to the gym every day or leave him to date one of the guys on her phone who does look perfect and go to the gym every day.
Talus St.Germain
Talus St.Germain преди месец
You should help each other and make each other better and more healthy people. Like my mom makes my dad eat really healthy because he has diabetes.
Choco Milk The Cherry Bear
Choco Milk The Cherry Bear преди месец
Ami aloud to draw him fanart with him in a miniskirt
Audrey Wasserbaech
Audrey Wasserbaech преди месец
Sorry if someone already said this. With the girl whose boyfriend plays video games, I think that a lot of the time as human beings there are things that we understand logically, but we still have an emotional reaction to that goes against that logic. I think that's what she was trying to get at and why it was still an issue for her :)
Arelia Esthela Dominguez
Arelia Esthela Dominguez преди месец
I actually understand the dude playing video games. For example, while listening to this podcast I am doing cross-stitch. I was able to follow the entire podcast, but I cannot just listen to the podcast, my mind would explode. Actually, every time someone calls me on the phone, I take my cross-stitch while I listen to them. I feel it calms my mind and lets me concentrate on what the other person is saying. Anyway, awesome episode. Thank you for sharing.
KenKraz преди месец
Wow must be hard knowing that people think ur beautiful and want to get into a relationship with u so that they can take care of u. No cap it’s cuz of girls like her who say stuff like that, that makes guys not want to approach women cuz then they make the guy feel bad for just try to finally find someone cuz they tired of being lonely smh
Edith Kwikiriza
Edith Kwikiriza преди месец
My boss does these BGcd things and I was like you need to check out Alex Meyers. I am like always just looking forward to Alex . I wish you wouldn't undervalue yourself
Hahh Hahha
Hahh Hahha преди месец
This frkn podcast is the only thing keeping me sane
Nickkole преди месец
Are your podcasts available on other sites? That way I can listen to it on the go.
Christopher G Rivera Esquilin
Christopher G Rivera Esquilin преди месец
Alex, this is by far one of my favorite podcasts now. You'll get plenty of viewers to this podcast soon. Keep it up, man.
Ana Gonzalez
Ana Gonzalez преди месец
The thing with World of Warcraft is that there's a bunch of activities to do that don't require too much of your attention, so you can easily talk while doing them the same way you can talk to other people while knitting.
ArielLVT преди месец
Re: The bullied girl being invited to the work wedding shower I honestly think they just invited her to appear inclusive/nice. If you are hosting an event for your coworkers you kind of have to invite everyone even if you don't actually like them. So I think it's more... she's doing it to be inclusive rather than hatching some sort of elaborate scheme to humiliate you at her... own wedding shower? It's still shitty. I just don't think it's as insidious as it's being presented in this podcast.
Esther P.
Esther P. преди месец
I love how honestly you cover every topic you speak about, it's refreshing and easy to empathise with. Plus I was wondering about this topic myself: how to approach people in ordinary life? Haha I love to see that I'm not the only one. Thanks to the both of you, beautiful people!!
I feel bad for the one guy thats getting bodyshamed by his gf
Kennedi преди месец
Every time i heard a red flag i could hear the Red Flag Band playing 🤣🤣
Juan Manuel Paez
Juan Manuel Paez преди месец
Great podcast man, keep up making this gems, cheers from Uruguay, South America
Felis Makeia
Felis Makeia преди месец
I don't mean to be that guy, but who is she and where is there a picture?
phant_om* преди месец
I really likes having ksara on here!! Her voice is pretty ahah and she added another perspective :))
Vouge Waffles
Vouge Waffles преди месец
As someone with ADHD, it's actually easier to focus on things like conversations while doing two things. For example, if I'm listening to a podcast like this one and doing nothing, it leaves my mind to fill in the whole left from being underestimulated, so I can't really pay attention. But when I'm doing something like playing a game or something my mind focuses on the talking a lot better. So I agree with the man. Plus, in some severe circumstances it's not just a matter of comfort, it's a necessity.
Rorrick Herrold
Rorrick Herrold преди месец
Alex: Explains that he can't multitask Me, listening to the podcast, playing minecraft, and and chatting with my cousin at the same time while in my math class: *Pathetic*
Gabrielle Park
Gabrielle Park преди месец
As a person with ADHD, I see where that boyfriend was coming from. I often have parents ask me to repeat things and am doing something else to pay attention. If it’s just us on the phone for awhile, I’ll drift off.
Helena Martins
Helena Martins преди месец
Damn with these examples... I am actually happy I am single
Nato Spike
Nato Spike преди месец
I acutely enjoyed this podcast, it really hit home with me since I am on the autistic spectrum, so the the long topic is something I have struggled with communication in my relationship heaving the exact same scenario were I always have to do something to stem my brain weather its a game or just stranded fidgeting with my fingers/small object to just help me keep focused on what is going on.
Francesca F
Francesca F преди месец
Ksara was my favourite part of this
Meliya преди месец
You should put this podcast on Spotify
The Nation
The Nation преди месец
Sorry man this episode rubbed me the wrong way
Nathan Gutierrez
Nathan Gutierrez преди месец
so.. not to creep, but what"s Ksara"s at?
James Anthony
James Anthony преди месец
15:21 Alex:"how would you say in real life Eggplant emoji, Peach emoji, Splash emoji. I mean, if you're in the grocery store produce aisle you're 2/3rds of the way there...
Mario Angel Medina
Mario Angel Medina преди месец
"Murder, pillaging and podcasting" that's would looks great on a t-shirt
Laura G
Laura G преди месец
I don’t think it’s possible to meet people in real life nobody has any money anymore and nobody has anytime. Even online you see people hanging out and they “forget your invitation” it’s impossible to meet people period
Aesra преди месец
Wish all of you a great day!😎😊 Thanks for the podcast Alex and Ksara!
bassy Michaelis
bassy Michaelis преди месец
Just passing by to say I love these podcasts
help me reach 100 subs
help me reach 100 subs преди месец
Jurelle Kyle Salandanan
Jurelle Kyle Salandanan преди месец
You got me at murdering and pillaging yow :D
dragongirl37582 преди месец
Lol, when he said "let me stop you there" all heard was snapping. I was like what the heck is he is doing, then I realized it was a commercial
Apple Jax
Apple Jax преди месец
My (female) opinion: I think there's a ton of ways to meet girls in RL. University is definitely the best place to approach, if you share the same class, are in the same club, in the library, etc. I was shy and awkward af though so uni didn't lead to anything for me (relationship wise). For girls that want boys to approach them I can GUARANTEE riding a motorcycle will do the trick. They wouldn't leave me alone when I got one. I was the most attention I've ever gotten in my life haha
Sawyer Phillips
Sawyer Phillips преди месец
With ADHD, I can confirm I always have to be doing something. For example, this podcast is one of the few things that will get me to do my resposibilities.
Bee Bee
Bee Bee преди месец
So. If you haven’t went through the comment section, the theme that seems to repeat itself is a dislike toward the co-host. She comes off very egotistical, quite impertinent, & self centered. She seemed to want to overshadow you, and your podcast. You might not feel that way, because she’s your friend. However, I feel sorry to have to say this stuff, but also feel the need to speak up about it. I feel for her being on the autistic spectrum, but doesn’t excuse it. I love your channel, and loved the first podcast, but this one unfortunately fell short, due to her commentary.
Mrs tedder
Mrs tedder преди месец
Omg am I the only one who would love if a guy comes up to me and says hey I thought your really pretty like that’s it bro
Mimsnt Santos
Mimsnt Santos преди месец
Bhawana Shrestha
Bhawana Shrestha преди месец
I like texting more than talking to someone face-to-face for the sole reason that I don't have a filter in my mouth. I tend to speak whatever comes to my mind and sometimes that comes off as rude to some people.
Angel B.
Angel B. преди месец
i think it's not a bad idea to be like "hey can i buy you a drink" or something as part of your approach to hitting on a girl. I know there's talk of it being an equal world and etc but for me that's not the point of it; not that I EXPECT guys to pay for it but that he OFFERED to anyway, it's like a show of effort or a gift or something. likewise if a girl asked a guy the same thing i'd hope he'd get the fact it's just meant as a friendly/flirty gesture.
Ej Dipper
Ej Dipper преди месец
Елисавета Начева
Елисавета Начева преди месец
Japan sounds like a crazy place for foreign people. I haven't heard similar things about any other country. 🤔
Nicoelle Salim
Nicoelle Salim преди месец
20:30 that is. emotional abuse. Run Away
nasim karimi
nasim karimi преди месец
I really don't think so online dating is beter than meeting at places people can always fake their personality in online meetings
Mild Shock
Mild Shock преди месец
Could you put this podcast on spotify?
DMen 3100
DMen 3100 преди месец
i am really liking this series thank you
Aamir Qureshi
Aamir Qureshi преди месец
Is the university you go to an acceptable place to approach women you like? Like the women you dont actually have a class with
dragongirl37582 преди месец
I think its perfectly fine in public places like grocery shops, coffee shops, and lines. It's not like your gonna murder her in public.
Aamir Qureshi
Aamir Qureshi преди месец
I just really love girls who accept the fact that they are beautiful :)
Jazi Fizzle
Jazi Fizzle преди месец
T_T Noooo the first half isn’t good advice for everyone. Tell me a funny joke about apples in the grocery store. Talk to me in line when I pick up food at a restaurant. Just pay attention. If I’m interested, keep talking and if I’m not then stop. (Especially if I say I’m not interested). Real life connections are still perfectly okay.
Matthew преди 22 дни
Lol not for everyone. A lot of women nowadays don't want to be approached randomly at all.
Aamir Qureshi
Aamir Qureshi преди месец
I thought Ksara was kelsey when i clicked on this video
Simran Thakur
Simran Thakur преди месец
Miguel B
Miguel B преди месец
Honestly, to me, its really fucking weird when Alex makes it seem that trying to meet people in real life is CREEPY AF but totally ok online when it should be the other way around. Has he not seen Catfish?! When you talk to someone in person, generally what you see is what you get. Maybe its because hes a BGcdr and these people are super disconnected from the real world why he thinks human interaction with a stranger is automatically creepy. I say this because a really super famous BGcdr berated this poor cashier just because she asked, "do you want paper or plastic". Like, how is this the first time you've heard this that you thought the cashier was being an idiot for asking you this when most of us know this is just part of their job? But anyway, back on subject. I get it. Out in the real world, most people just want to be left alone so they can do whatever they set out to do that day (groceries, gym, etc). But, for example, I made friends with my coworkers. Didn't know these people before hand nor do we even talk online. Better yet, I go jogging at this park everyday. Kept seeing this dude going going as well and now we have this "hey, its that dude from the park" where we greet each other whenever we cross paths. Obviously, if someone wants you to leave them the fuck alone leave them the fuck alone, but its odd that Alex seems to find making human connections outside the web icky and weird. If anything, im the opposite way. Some random stranger sends me a message online, I'm suspect as fuck. They could be anybody behind that keyboard pretending someone they're not. Just, i dunno. It bugs me how he talks about meeting people in the real world as some sort of impossible thing that should never happen and glorifies meeting people online as the only way to go. Absolutely fucking not. So detached from the real world when u value random profiles more than real human beings in front of you.
Rigby Janstar
Rigby Janstar преди 21 ден
I think he was feeding into that bc kasara was saying it. I really had a hard time listening to this podcast with her voice. It was just too squeeky for me :/
Destroyer Dan 5
Destroyer Dan 5 преди месец
I agree meet someone in the real world not online, online theirs catfish and a lot of people who aren’t who they say they are, it’s dangerous in my opinion speaking to people u don’t know online, there’s so many places to meet people college, school, youth clubs, university and work for example
astrid wikstrom
astrid wikstrom преди месец
you chould do the chronicles of Narnia
Destroyer Dan 5
Destroyer Dan 5 преди месец
I will never unsubscribe from u so dont worry
Irana Bez
Irana Bez преди месец
Why is this girl here all she does is interrupt Alex and brags about how hot she is . Solo Alex was good enough. Boo Ksara get off the show and never return please
Brandon L
Brandon L преди месец
can you do a video about the netflix series cobra kai
bay virüs
bay virüs преди месец
shambhavi singh
shambhavi singh преди месец
Hi Alex, So, tomorrow After we collided will be released , so please make a review video for it . Thank you
kit flint
kit flint преди месец
pls stop enforcing this new development that you can't talk to ppl in rl anymore. that is stupid. since i got my puppy in the beginning or march (yeah I know, he's a quarantine baby, turned 8 mnths last week) i got to know so many ppl, trough talking to strangers how where also walking their dogs. some i'd even call friends now! PLS it's ok to talk to strangers, if you are nice and polite and are sensitive enogh to feel when the other one doesn't want to talk: go for it! pls 🙏❤
Oscar 2.0
Oscar 2.0 преди месец
If you scroll down on his channels on the video section it’s basicly a animation if you scroll down realy fast
FOH преди месец
First minute and I'm dying 😭
Eirene Omoniyi
Eirene Omoniyi преди месец
In the process of college apps and on of the questions was like what publications print or media and or podcasts Bout to put the devil's tango in college tango
justin denney-hall
justin denney-hall преди месец
Alex Meyers "For lack of a better description, I have big anime titties" I hope you have her on here again she's hilarious.
Anna Linde
Anna Linde преди месец
Yes ! and all the Jo’s
Vega Yuana
Vega Yuana преди месец
I want to see Ksaraa
Dunya Bazzi
Dunya Bazzi преди месец
alex I want to see what you have to say about Criminal minds. I think its a great show but I want to see what you think. Please consider this suggestion because I know you get like 1000000
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