what the heck is gen:LOCK??

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Check out gen:LOCK here:
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Batrina Mack
Batrina Mack преди 4 дни
Alex: Well that sucks for miranda you know what I'm saying Me: 13 and knowing that he means😳
Rose Puppy
Rose Puppy преди 16 дни
If you like the idea of AI stuff you should watch Red vs Blue. I just finished season 17.
CaYlYa преди 24 дни
Hope rooster teeth fans don’t bash this guy.
Wendy macken
Wendy macken преди 27 дни
Aureliano Caballero
Aureliano Caballero преди месец
03:53 did he say "hello boys, I´m back"?
FatimaELzahra Zhoume
FatimaELzahra Zhoume преди месец
All these ideas have been consumed from the anime. Nothing new about this movie
Akansha's Little World
Akansha's Little World преди месец
The cartoons animation ain't good.
Elissa Gregory
Elissa Gregory преди месец
They got David Tennant AND Michael B. Jordan
Lily Hart
Lily Hart преди месец
I- I kinda liked this
katya nagi
katya nagi преди месец
do avatar the last Airbender next!
Eastwind4869 преди месец
While I dont agree with a lot of stuff RT has done irl, gen lock was a fantastic show.
Zavier Cool kid
Zavier Cool kid преди 2 месеца
sounds like hyper scape
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller преди 2 месеца
Do iron man iron adventures on Disney plus
It's Fia
It's Fia преди 2 месеца
This anime sucks (I’m sry if you like it it’s just the graphics)
Greenflower aka Potato
Greenflower aka Potato преди 2 месеца
*Scrooge McDuck has entered the chat*
Shann преди 2 месеца
Don’t like the animation either. It looks like a game (and not in a good way) Your 2d animation still conveys more emotions
GiaMomOf4 hoham
GiaMomOf4 hoham преди 2 месеца
You mean 49 years later
Nicripolas преди 2 месеца
Any animation hat uses this style automatically goes on my shit list.
meister band
meister band преди 2 месеца
Ha the first episode was pretty bad not gonna lie but the rest is average
הלהביור преди 2 месеца
Now do jojo
Sören Vale
Sören Vale преди 2 месеца
i like the philosophy and ethics of AI and consciousness stuff too and I found Transcendence, ExMachina, Advantageous, Altered Carbon, and Humans interesting so you might too.
SheliakDragon преди 2 месеца
This is the first I've ever heard of Rooster Teeth so I guess it was a good choice to sponsor you
Noah Alves
Noah Alves преди 3 месеца
I don' t know if i copied this comment but is anyone ells here thinking about how the union might be the soviet union so that means the soviet union comes back in like what 4019. xD
יעל ששון
יעל ששון преди 3 месеца
That's a cartoon. If U can do that...
Romeo albino
Romeo albino преди 3 месеца
That's why Alex doesn't make videos about cartoon not good😓😓
im not chicken im human
im not chicken im human преди 3 месеца
This show was pretty generic to me, plot was tiring, made me wanna go to sleep, uninteresting characters, and what not. I still can't get the fact that toonami wanted this, either way, I'm not looking forward for a season 2 if it's not discontinued
Arturo Blanco
Arturo Blanco преди 3 месеца
Can you start doing scary movies and/or explain why you can’t. Like Halloween, scream, Friday the 13th, etc
Loud Boys Live
Loud Boys Live преди 3 месеца
When he was like “we can see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch” It sounded like A Cinnamon Toast Crunch ad lol
maruk преди 3 месеца
react to doctor who!!!!
Angelwolf 78
Angelwolf 78 преди 3 месеца
I wanna know what happens to the girl who had pink eyes!!!!
Ksenia Harris
Ksenia Harris преди 3 месеца
Cooookie crisp.
Chelsea преди 3 месеца
David Tennant actually said take me to your leader I've always wanted to say that in an episode of Doctor Who
Bridget T
Bridget T преди 3 месеца
Alex: I won't do any anime or cartoon videos on my channel Also Alex: *proceeds to make a video about an anime/cartoon*
Lewin Venter
Lewin Venter преди 3 месеца
this show actually good
Kevin Le
Kevin Le преди 3 месеца
I honestly like this show some how
Melanie Sheldon
Melanie Sheldon преди 3 месеца
I want to watch this movie now. 😆❤💖🔥
Sravya Kuchipudi
Sravya Kuchipudi преди 3 месеца
I kept getting distracted by how the dialogue synching is weird and kinda off
Kinza преди 3 месеца
so like...the European Union?
maisie cobb
maisie cobb преди 3 месеца
I love that every now and then Alex makes a doctor who reference😅
Voided Pandaz
Voided Pandaz преди 3 месеца
According to SCP 5000 the human conciousness after death isnt that good so maybe this isnt much of a good idea
Elena Pavić
Elena Pavić преди 3 месеца
Do the my litle pony
J. Gates
J. Gates преди 4 месеца
I can’t find a good ep.5
Aeisha Rodriguez
Aeisha Rodriguez преди 4 месеца
4:50 I just wanted to him to cry, "Jessicaaaaa" 🤣🤣
Comet Gamer
Comet Gamer преди 4 месеца
Do u vid on rwby or rvb
The one main problem with this show is that everyone moves so slowly
Kathee Metz
Kathee Metz преди 4 месеца
How dare you not like halo
Prudence Story
Prudence Story преди 4 месеца
Rotsku преди 4 месеца
I wonder why are they making so many cartoons with this animation style. For example, Star Wars: Resistance also has pretty similar style (though more simple//cheaper). I like it, it's different, and you get used to it fast. I just wonder why they make ut look like that.
Lilly Sherwood
Lilly Sherwood преди 5 месеца
Anyone in 2020? Um did they know that we would not be able to see ppl in person? this is how I picture 2040. I'm probably the only one
Prince Aziz
Prince Aziz преди 5 месеца
That cereal monologue was gold lol.
BWF3 Fahey
BWF3 Fahey преди 5 месеца
But it’s rooster teeth so is it really sponsored
BWF3 Fahey
BWF3 Fahey преди 5 месеца
Please do red vs blue
andrew rainey
andrew rainey преди 5 месеца
andrew rainey
andrew rainey преди 4 месеца
@•Otaku Mason• its ok no worries 😊👍✌
andrew rainey
andrew rainey преди 4 месеца
@•Otaku Mason• I know I was trying to be sarcastic but I don't think it came across
Destroyer Dan 5
Destroyer Dan 5 преди 5 месеца
Do a death note review Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood review Tokyo Ghoul Review One punch man review Attack on titan review
Destroyer Dan 5
Destroyer Dan 5 преди 4 месеца
@•Otaku Mason• oh ok
Destroyer Dan 5
Destroyer Dan 5 преди 4 месеца
@•Otaku Mason• Alex Meyers did a gen:lock review though
kenneth83DK преди 5 месеца
I hate the cheap cell shade "animation" they use, I could get past cheasy story n characters but not cheap animation in an anime.
Saquib Kabir
Saquib Kabir преди 5 месеца
Being a Gen LOCK fan....i loved this take on the show. too bad u didn't go into the character depth of the squad!
SuperBraden Gaming
SuperBraden Gaming преди 5 месеца
missile be like : weeeee KABOOM
Ewaoluwa Balogun
Ewaoluwa Balogun преди 5 месеца
you should do a video on an animated series
Ewaoluwa Balogun
Ewaoluwa Balogun преди 5 месеца
Your videos are the most amazing things in the worldddd
M.C.Martin Official Channel
M.C.Martin Official Channel преди 6 месеца
This feels like a bad video game
Ian The Unextraordinary
Ian The Unextraordinary преди 6 месеца
I legit opened my fridge saw macaroni a second later Alex Meyer said Guess who’s having two bowls of macaroni tonight and It was in one of those Trey things and half of it was gone and the other half filled up I bowl so Did Alex Myers predict my dinner
WhiteWolfex преди 6 месеца
I’m kinda curious about what happens if Alex covers the marvel Disney+ shows.
The Oobs
The Oobs преди 6 месеца
Weaponized nano machines Me:"she was found in possession of explosive nano droids, the same used in the temple bombing"
Moon Friends
Moon Friends преди 6 месеца
If the script was better, voice acting was better and animation was better then maybe it would be a good show....
ramune in store
ramune in store преди 6 месеца
imagine if he did rwby lmao
literarylion преди 6 месеца
Did they bring in David Tennant because he's already done this plot?? lol This really reminds me of one of the episodes. But it still sounds interesting and may get a bit creepy
Luka Djoric
Luka Djoric преди 6 месеца
Do dragon prince
Brooke Lock
Brooke Lock преди 6 месеца
Me: gen lock HMmmmm I heard that before ~think for 5 mins~ OH WAIT THATS MY LAST NAME
Phoenix Wolf
Phoenix Wolf преди 6 месеца
I fucking HATE this animation
Krustyy UwU
Krustyy UwU преди 6 месеца
do rwby its the same company plz
I don't know what to name my account
I don't know what to name my account преди 6 месеца
I love that Alex isn't just trying to suck up to this company just because they sponsor him, and is able to give his honest opinion
Allan преди 6 месеца
It makes sense, Netflix and newer production companies still understand how they grew and how they will keep growing. I watched a move most people seem to hate, Battlefield Earth. I"m not a John Travolta fan, in fact if I know he or Tom Cruse is in it, I'm much more likely NOT to watch it. But, a review I heard that the lady on the TV was bashing it so bad....I had to see what she hated about it, and I went and watched it and I really liked it. Maybe I'm only 1 in 10 people who liked it, but at least due to that airtime I was made aware of it and watched it. I don't own the DVD or anything, but I would if I saw it for a good price. Think $10 or so. Also, keep making your video's I enjoy most of them :) My favorite being your girlfriend stories, Tender, wife and by far the Information Technology one...But I relate :) I work in the same area
Joshey Dubs
Joshey Dubs преди 6 месеца
Perhaps you could look at RWBY?
DarthFennec преди 6 месеца
David Tennant's character just sounds like Scrooge McDuck trying to do a british accent.
Priya Salunke
Priya Salunke преди 6 месеца
this series was the best i have so far seen......
Aishwarya Yamsani
Aishwarya Yamsani преди 6 месеца
This legitimately looks like fortnite made into a TV show.
liper преди 6 месеца
alex can you atleast change your caracter because you really look like an odd1sout clone but your content is so diffarent
Avery White
Avery White преди 7 месеца
David Tennant: *exists* *Whovians have entered the chat*
Dawntavia Frank
Dawntavia Frank преди 7 месеца
1 year later and i still hav nvr seen this show.. just saying
Dawntavia Frank
Dawntavia Frank преди 7 месеца
Remember that one time Alex did a video on animated show.. just 1 time & nvr again lol
Daphne_488 преди 7 месеца
the visuals are stunning. the story ... not so much. I'll still give it a try: I watched 6 seasons of RWBY before giving up. edit: INTERNALLY SCREAMING! EW. JUST EW.
S.O.E Animations
S.O.E Animations преди 7 месеца
tIk ToK kIdS, I don’t like Tik Tok either
SunnysFilms преди 7 месеца
The choppy animation is bad enough, but no one has any actual expression, so when someone is supposed to react or emote there is zero impact. That's bad enough in live action, but inexcusable in animation.
Katie Van Plew
Katie Van Plew преди 7 месеца
Alex how did you feel about doing Gen Lock even though it was animation? Maybe you could do Anime. I know you had talked about it before. But maybe it would be fine? Suggestion: Maid Sama- you could pretty much choose any show and you would have material to work with
Chantal Ermias
Chantal Ermias преди 7 месеца
Can you make a Video absolut Voltron legendary defander
Elisa Read
Elisa Read преди 7 месеца
I checked it out after you made this video I liked it.
yellow flash
yellow flash преди 7 месеца
Hey can you make one on stranger things
Phisizwe Zulu
Phisizwe Zulu преди 7 месеца
Source code typa thing
Doctor Dubstep
Doctor Dubstep преди 7 месеца
this show seems like cod aw ,bo3 and iw and anime all combined in the one thing also gundam and titan fall 1 and 2
Mădălina Ciocan
Mădălina Ciocan преди 7 месеца
*Great now do this but with animes :)))*
simpaville преди 7 месеца
dis is doom and titanfall2
ATEEZandANIME преди 7 месеца
all i can see in my head is the Vanguard Action Squad from My Hero Academia........
JJ souls
JJ souls преди 7 месеца
The shows animation is shit
Zahraa Chowdhury
Zahraa Chowdhury преди 7 месеца
"At least we can rest assured that those tik tok kids are gonna be just as obnoxious in the future as they are now." LMAOOOO Ahahahahahah
Abe 2080
Abe 2080 преди 7 месеца
Y did u monologue actually sound good
MrDjBigZ преди 7 месеца
it looks nice
Nox Lumen
Nox Lumen преди 8 месеца
Nano-tech was mentioned but not explained to control the rating. Those of us scifi nerds who know the general concept of what nano-tech does figured out that what it's done to human bodies was so horrific you'd have to kick the teen rating up to adult if you get into the excruciating details of how all those people died in ep 1. Think super-techie version of mustard gas that leaves no bones behind but eventually gets around to killing you after you've been incapacitated with crippling pain.
Heyo Mayo
Heyo Mayo преди 8 месеца
CamKonG32 преди 8 месеца
This felt like watching a knockoff HALO
fireintheshadows 465
fireintheshadows 465 преди 8 месеца
So wait they digitally integrated a hibernating human into a computer........AND EVERYONE IS OK WITH THAT?!
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