The Society doesn't make any sense...

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Alex Meyers

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The Society Netflix Animation
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The Last Summer is hilariously dumb...
The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...
Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
Umbrella Academy is kinda weird...

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anime drawing lover 321
anime drawing lover 321 преди час
This gives me pied piper vibes
Kouii Chii
Kouii Chii преди 6 часа
imagine if the society happened in the elementary instead of highschool.
Lara Palomeque Haidar
Lara Palomeque Haidar преди 17 часа
you are actually not going to watch season 2 because it was canceled :(
mehak gupta
mehak gupta преди ден
"Daybreak" is just a better version of this show
Virtual Daydream
Virtual Daydream преди ден
this sounds really interesting but.... wow the guy with antisocial personality disorder is the bad guy, never seen that 1000000 times before
jordan wellings
jordan wellings преди ден
Blue Bird
Blue Bird преди 3 дни
I just realized ur explanation of a summer camp where phones and stuff is all cut off is very similar to A List on Netflix. It has a bit of a different plot but instead of it being some alternate dimension it was more of like a mystery of them losing their memory the year before and trying to figure out what had happened
Justizzygrace преди 3 дни
and then netflix cancelled it..
Im-Not-Creative-3nough преди 4 дни
sam and grizz are the only valid characters and you cant change my mind everyone else is annoying
Walker Heck
Walker Heck преди 5 дни
I hope you fined someone . Lonely ass
Basf Custer
Basf Custer преди 8 дни
Seriously?! Another show about high school "teens" all looking like a university graduates... Hell, I'm 23 and with my beard shaved I look younger than these school "students"... what's the deal movie industry?!
Klip_Springer преди 9 дни
Honestly, the smell thing is kinda like when a deer epidemic rolled through my place. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to wake up to in the mornin?
Kaitlin преди 9 дни
How did they now figure out that the person in the pic was the bus driver and the person that got yelled at at the beginning??literally showed it in the second episode and you could put it together. But I cant believe they cancelled the second season. Really upsetting. But I feel like yeah maybe they are in another parallel universe or whatever and how they got there was by the bus and it was storming and stuff but it doesnt make sense. There was multiple bus drivers.and the poster thing on the wall where it says we remember says their names. It's kinda like they died OR this was in the past or something and this was how the whole town got started. And the dog omfg. It was weird how the dog shown up.
Lara Meier
Lara Meier преди 10 дни
The whole show is based on the story from the rat catcher of Hamelin
the best
the best преди 10 дни
I freaking love grizz so much he has my heart he Is so precious and unproblematic and cute and I'm so happy he got with sam because I really like sam too. I also like Luke 😅
goood boy777
goood boy777 преди 11 дни
8:18 Is this ally mom? I thought she is ally in the future... Omg im I'm so stupid 😂
Trending Bitch
Trending Bitch преди 11 дни
Is it only me that wanna know why the buss and the bussdriver just dissaperd (sorry for my spelling, live in Sweden)
Hannah Whoever
Hannah Whoever преди 12 дни
Guess we never find out what happened couse the show is cancelled because of covid
Jxstin преди 12 дни
This show would’ve been way better if they had more good actors and better scripts. Most of the actors were boring and were not entertaining at all. It had a few good actors but the lines were basic and corny.
Yanesa преди 14 дни
okay but like bring it back!!!!!
Allison Laxdal
Allison Laxdal преди 14 дни
Can you please watch Flight 29 down??
Marcus Abiog
Marcus Abiog преди 14 дни
im just gonna say that this show is so confusing because everyone who is left is all teens and no parentes right?... but i cant believe that that their are no kids i mean kids who's younger than them like their all just teens
Petra Leopold
Petra Leopold преди 15 дни
I really love this show.
Lil_Bred преди 15 дни
Am i the only one who heavily dislikes WIll's character? I feel like he just bosses Allie around and makes her make decisions and rules that he's exempt to.
You Cef
You Cef преди 15 дни
Long story short this tv show is trying to portray men / guys as the absolute devils of society 😂😂
Paige W
Paige W преди 16 дни
I ALWAYS hear people saying “Renew The Society” every time I watch something Netflix related on Instagram or BGcd all of the comments were talking about the society. So I wanted to see what the hype was about, this is the first video I see.
frottori преди 19 дни
Naila Bounefissa
Naila Bounefissa преди 10 дни
Harita Sattiraju
Harita Sattiraju преди 22 дни
it’s bullshit, nothing makes sense. this is the one show where i aftually felt like punching every single person in the cast. like what the heck huh. Like rather watch DARK bruh, it’s a great show, it’s worth your time, and you 90 percent won’t feel like punching anyone.
Isabella Brisco Schofield
Isabella Brisco Schofield преди 22 дни
I mean at least they had a deaf actor playing a deaf character?
Sarah something
Sarah something преди 22 дни
"Don't get me wrong. I'm definitely gonna watch season 2 whenever it comes out..." Well...ouch 😭 Shame on the people who decided to cancel this show *looking at you Netflix*
Lana BR
Lana BR преди 24 дни
alex meyers you should do the a list too
RATNADIP PAUL преди 24 дни
you said so much bad things that season 2i s cancelled...thank you....😂😂😜
Tariro Manungo
Tariro Manungo преди 24 дни
What makes no sense is how the bus drivers just left
Gobsmaked Teen
Gobsmaked Teen преди 26 дни
The society irl also doesn't make sense
clown преди 26 дни
I think the society is meant to have a lot of seasons and have the whole solving the mystery thing as a slow burn season was just them not dying I think but anyway it's cancelled so it doesn't matter
Keshav Raj
Keshav Raj преди 27 дни
I think your are points are exaggerated . If you will watch carefully you will get all of your points. It mainly focuses on how it's difficult to make a functionable society.
Hot and Cold Fry Games
Hot and Cold Fry Games преди 27 дни
isent one of the girls from sierra burgess
lalalal bikk
lalalal bikk преди 27 дни
Cassandra sister is annoying asf. Like I skipped her ass every time.
Toh Phimmasenh
Toh Phimmasenh преди 27 дни
and there was one time when one of the girls says sam might be the muderer of cassandra so i'm watching sam every step throughout the show, turns out sam is completely innocent
I play Games
I play Games преди 27 дни
Please do Enola Holmes
Amelia Ansay
Amelia Ansay преди 28 дни
“I’m definitely going to watch season 2” haha, about that...
Amara Harvell
Amara Harvell преди 28 дни
Brian Toal
Brian Toal преди 29 дни
announced that Season 2 is cancelled
imagen a creative name
imagen a creative name преди 29 дни
"Now, don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna watch season 2" I wish
aeshrimp преди 29 дни
Alex: maze runner me: *spits out water* DID HE JUST SAY HE LIKES THE MAZE RUNNER-?!
Purple 45
Purple 45 преди 29 дни
Why is no one talking about Bean? God she's so underrated
Ely преди месец
Hamilton Dos Santos
Hamilton Dos Santos преди месец
This is bullsht, it got cancelled for the dumbest reason. They could've postponed it-
Elorah B
Elorah B преди месец
With the whole "guy didn't get paid by the leader and now the kids go missing" reminds me of the pied piper
Nicole Martinez
Nicole Martinez преди месец
A summary of the show : Cassandra is the student council leader/the one who steps up Allie is the sibling who's always the shadow of her sister Will is Allie's bestfriend who kinda likes Kelly Harry is the rich pretty boy Kelly is a an actual queen and got a pretty good character arc in s1 Campbell is an asshole Elle is lonely so he results to being with Campbell Sam is the softest Becca is a pretty strong mama Grizz is the BEST Luke is the guard Helena is a strong willed and influential speaker
Knight Light Media
Knight Light Media преди месец
Well there will be NO season 2 soooo.... Looks like it stays at just dumb and pointless...
Xak 969
Xak 969 преди месец
And there won't be any season w
Raman Aind
Raman Aind преди месец
How many of you are here after Netflix cancelled its second season?
George Andriopoulos
George Andriopoulos преди месец
Well i really liked it really interesting story and i also enjoed the soundtrack
Jeika Colon
Jeika Colon преди месец
Actually the dog that’s in the show goes through both dimensions
TheGrandRevo преди месец
Deaf and gay? Theirs a niche
MaRu WaPo
MaRu WaPo преди месец
I don't think that setting up a b-plot about parallel universes makes the show bad.
epiphany преди месец
Netflix canceled it lmao. Tbh it was stupid, it's called "The society" cause it was supposed to represent how would people react in these situations, but they made it completely unrealistic. No one is having a breakdown, no one is crying missing their parents, they literally couldn't care less lmao
Freya Bowen
Freya Bowen преди месец
It’s like a shitter version of the sparticle mystery lmao
Aroxaa преди месец
I just don’t understand why elle kinda betrayed ally. I mean She was the who asked to be arrested, ally let elle stay at her house and everything and she still chose her psychopathic boyfriend who almost drowned her lmao
Smiley Lmao
Smiley Lmao преди месец
Okay okay o k a y- you can drag everything else BUT YOU CaNnOt- C a N n O t- come for the society-
Mya Grace
Mya Grace преди месец
Alex: the point is DON'T HAVE A BOYFRIEND Me: *laughs in pansexual* ok
Ella Blun
Ella Blun преди месец
why in a world would anyone subscribe to this piece of s?
tatabatuta преди месец
literally no one thought of farming like in the martian-no one even had a small vegetable garden in this rural town
lia преди месец
Grizz, Sam, gordie, Becca, & helena are the best characters
BigTXWrastlingFan преди месец
I think the parents sold the kids for the smell
Katie Anne
Katie Anne преди месец
The reason no one has a life outside of this is because they all had to take on the ability of seriousness as they're in a town with no adults. They're forced to take on the roles of maturity. They dont have time to pursue their old hobbies.
squarek преди месец
Our society makes no sense... And yet we live in one😩😩 Share and liek if you are GAMER😎😎
André Sanchez
André Sanchez преди месец
I couldn't handle the "white men bad, literal psychopaths, women and minorities must unite and rule, submit to the matriarchy" thing.
Natalee Daniels
Natalee Daniels преди месец
they’re all dead in the woods after inhaling the smell or whatever
taliah haskins
taliah haskins преди месец
kinda upset that he said absolutely nothing about grizz and sam’a relationship, like yea it was kinda unrealtabe but still 🙄😣
onanefe onoshakpor
onanefe onoshakpor преди месец
I lovedddd this
precious преди месец
well... it got cancelled so 🤷🏾‍♀️
Caitlyn Faulkner
Caitlyn Faulkner преди месец
ikkkk it sucks😂
AbnerBabner преди месец
Too bad this show got cancelled
Khado преди месец
its a good show i’m sad it got cancelled
Shannon Mariya
Shannon Mariya преди месец
Season two got cancelled and now I’m heart broken
Fayde преди месец
Holy shit these are easily the best animations for a BGcdr character that I've seen. You do them yourself?
amaya gonzalez
amaya gonzalez преди месец
Campbell is my favorite I’m in love with him and his toxicity, he just wants someone.😭😭🥰
I feel like this idea was inspired from R.L Stine's book , I don't remember the name.But story goes somewhat like this. In a school a batch of students disappear and people search for them for a long time and this all happened really years ago. Now a boy knows this story and through some elevator or something he and his 2 friends also end up in that dimensions. And their they find the disappeared children were actually living in this dimension and formed a society and stuff.
@Anushree Verma the book is really short it is a part of the goosebumps series , like it also ends in a cliff hanger. Don't keep your hopes high . The world building is not so detailed. I searched and found the book's name is "The Haunted School".
Anushree Verma
Anushree Verma преди месец
Woah wow, if you recall which book that's from, lemme know. I need something similar to watch/read now that the society got cancelled :(
tony stank
tony stank преди месец
i cant believe they cancelled it
Toaster Halina
Toaster Halina преди месец
For some reason, the fact that we are informed that all the satellites are gone, but they can still text?!? makes no sense
Clare Clen
Clare Clen преди месец
Where do I send a show recommendation to Alex?
ladyliddell преди месец
You should try some anime
Chelsea John
Chelsea John преди месец
Them :we must be in a parrell universee: or on high drugs
hannah omeiza
hannah omeiza преди месец
Kelly is so cool though. She learnt how to birth a baby in such little time. And she's pretty
Chanel #1
Chanel #1 преди месец
I only like sam and Campbell and Harry
Sonny преди месец
You like the worse characters
Ondřej Saska
Ondřej Saska преди месец
This show was great though, it activated all the sociological parts of my brain
SATAN MOM преди месец
Like 10 years ago there was a series called The Sparticle Mystery with the same Lord of the flies/Lost thing you wanted which actually has kids trying to discover whats up. Dont remember if it was good, but kid me was HOOKED
Даша К
Даша К преди месец
Quini преди месец
Dansabot преди месец
All the nerds and freshmen: Lets go mother F*cker!
Jennifer C
Jennifer C преди месец
I don't think they're dead. I think they've just been missing a long time and presumed dead
Lachlan Hommel
Lachlan Hommel преди месец
No more season 2, COVID had it cancelled
— S.
— S. преди месец
They for real left us on a cliffhanger and cancelled the show like wth is wrong with Netflix
Daiselle Lazelle
Daiselle Lazelle преди месец
I don't like this video because you didn't use logic to defend your opinions. The show doesn't make sense because what? it was too angsty for you? misleading title to the video.
Daiselle Lazelle
Daiselle Lazelle преди месец
I am glad they didn't explore the alternate dimension aspect of the show in the first season. The show showed promise of scifi and they'll get to that. Just because they didn't in the first season doesn't mean they'll forget about it. They needed to establish the politics in the first season for the character development and relationship arcs. You're saying the society won't follow up on the mystery of the town but you're basing your opinion on only 10 episodes.
Varshitha Reddy
Varshitha Reddy преди месец
Why aren’t you all talking about how Helena was one of the best characters and how Lexie was a bitch half the time
Salome33 преди месец
And now we know there will never be a saison 2 😭
Lynn преди месец
s преди месец
Mfonobong John
Mfonobong John преди месец
"im definitely gunna watch season 2, whenever it comes out" oh well Netflix cancelled it after it renewed it for a season 2 so we'll never find out if they were in an alternate universe or dead, we'll never find out where Grizz and Sams relationship heads and we'll NEVER find out who's Becca's baby daddy!!!!
Mfonobong John
Mfonobong John преди месец
Lynn oh yh totally forgot about that nevermind
Lynn преди месец
they literally killed the person who killed cassandra
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