why did everyone like Gilmore Girls so much

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Gilmore Girls animation
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Twilight Eclipse doesn't make any sense...
YOU is the creepiest show I've ever seen...
Home Alone literally makes no sense...
Twilight doesn't make any sense...
High School Musical doesn't make any sense
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Ada Graham
Ada Graham преди 17 часа
you should do BRATS ALSOOO dont disrespect gilmore girls
Cherrell Tarver
Cherrell Tarver преди ден
October 20,2020 I'm watching gilmore girls.
Cherrell Tarver
Cherrell Tarver преди ден
I love the Gilmore Girls I'm watching it right now on Netflix it is my going to bed show .
Destiny Serna
Destiny Serna преди 2 дни
You should do friends!
ashley heil
ashley heil преди 3 дни
The first season was so perfect but then Rorys story just got worse threw the episodes :/
Austin Tokua
Austin Tokua преди 3 дни
ABC D Minus
ABC D Minus преди 3 дни
Ok so I’ve seen a few minutes of the first episode and have never touched it again. Just really don’t like it.
Meow Chim
Meow Chim преди 4 дни
I really want Alex to finish Gilmore Girls, I just want to see his reaction to Jess- ALEX CAN YOU PLEASE FINISH IT. thank you~
Trévon Pernell
Trévon Pernell преди 4 дни
Aleah Knight
Aleah Knight преди 5 дни
Stopppp Gilmore girls the best
Eliana Diazgranados
Eliana Diazgranados преди 6 дни
K Annie
K Annie преди 6 дни
I couldn’t care less what men think about Gilmore Girls. Not every tv show is for you. Jog on.
S. B.
S. B. преди 7 дни
Lorelai is the cautionary tale of what happens if a teen age girl gets pregnant and becomes a single mom, forever immature & acting like a teenager for the rest of her life.
Diana Liz
Diana Liz преди 7 дни
I love the tv show but this was perfect 3:35
ßel _
ßel _ преди 7 дни
"I've been watching you- Yeah, ..uh, everyday." "NOT IN A CREPPY WAY!"
Zoe Davis
Zoe Davis преди 7 дни
Excuse me
Leslie Del Aguila
Leslie Del Aguila преди 11 дни
Great video!! Looooved it... Cause I love the gilmore girls!! Became a member by the way!!
Awesome ANEE
Awesome ANEE преди 11 дни
Rory had a massive glow down...
tatsukagemarou преди 12 дни
😮😲😯😧 Sam was in this show!?
Sheridan Schnakenberg
Sheridan Schnakenberg преди 14 дни
Do boy meets world
Sheridan Schnakenberg
Sheridan Schnakenberg преди 14 дни
Do boy meets world
Sheridan Schnakenberg
Sheridan Schnakenberg преди 14 дни
Do boy meets world
Sheridan Schnakenberg
Sheridan Schnakenberg преди 14 дни
Do boy meets world
For Afefe Ayilola
For Afefe Ayilola преди 15 дни
Are u kidding, I LOVE,ADORE,AM ENTHRALLED..( there are way more adjectives) Gilmore Girls🤩🤩 sooo good
Sol Scarlet
Sol Scarlet преди 16 дни
im watching it for the first time and I fucking hate Rory
Herb Superb
Herb Superb преди 16 дни
What a dumb show....nothing makes sense and nothing is realistic!! I'm gonna go watch Batwoman!
Francis Edlemon
Francis Edlemon преди 17 дни
gilmore girls and glee you are just cipin at my haet
Sophie Manuge
Sophie Manuge преди 17 дни
My bus drive is like, 1 hour each way
C B преди 17 дни
Um Alex... I ve seen your haircut and it s cringe. that 90 s haircut is actually still looking good.
eihwaz359 преди 18 дни
Gilmore Girls gave me nostalgia from the fieat time i watched it even though i wasnt alive in the late 90s early early 2000s...love at first sight is real
pack the pack
pack the pack преди 20 дни
Then do. Smell like a breakfast meal. Who stopping you from buying stuff women wear other than your own bias against things only being able to be used by men/women once it has label that says so... Just saying. You could be smelling like artificial strawberry scent for like... Ever.
Maura Blackshaw
Maura Blackshaw преди 20 дни
Kind of ironic that Dean (Jared Padilacki) was in Supernatural as Sam, who had a brother named Dean
dinolover преди 22 дни
My guy, tone down the jokes and review the damn show. it just gets painful after a while.
Kanika Ghare
Kanika Ghare преди 22 дни
Stay smart and sensitive..... like wow! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣☺️🤣🤣🤣
Le Galore
Le Galore преди 23 дни
I'd love to see how you react to 2 broke girls!
Lee Lee
Lee Lee преди 24 дни
dude throwing shade at the show but everyone in the comments throwing shade at him😂😂😂
Kayden Burgess
Kayden Burgess преди 24 дни
I love Gilmore girls
Pérola преди 27 дни
I actually like Dean's super 90's haircut hahaha
Elizabeth Humphries
Elizabeth Humphries преди 28 дни
Hated Lorelai then, still hate her now. She was an incompetent, egotistical, selfish jerkass who had no problem causing major issues for her kid so she could bang her kid's high school teacher. Gross.
H W преди 28 дни
Gilmore Girls❤❤❤❤❤
Milena Vitória
Milena Vitória преди 28 дни
Dean is a Vampire wow
Fr M
Fr M преди 29 дни
I remember watching this show and finding it annoying
Marta de M.
Marta de M. преди месец
No one: Like number: 69969
Laura Burrows
Laura Burrows преди месец
Don't hate on Gilmore girls because you cant smell like a marshmallow
Maha Medhat
Maha Medhat преди месец
Trash fairy
Trash fairy преди месец
i feel like the daughter was version of the kid in home alone but a girl
Diana Salman
Diana Salman преди месец
I know I hate the video
ちかげれん преди месец
lane deserved so much more
Maria Balcan
Maria Balcan преди месец
Julia H
Julia H преди месец
Do Chicago PD
Manon Duwelz
Manon Duwelz преди месец
GG is my favorite show. Seriously Alex, fucking keep watching.
P K преди месец
Never liked Lorelai, just too needy and self absorbed all the time. And how convenient to always have a side character bail/help her out. Enter sookie for any food needs, like ready to drop the cafe and shut down and throw the customers out at moment's notice to help Lorelai, the neighbor ready to step in and help, it's endless. And all Lorelai does is joke around and blame everything on everyone else. Rory was worse. Liked the show for it's low drama light viewing, but soooooo predictable ...
gamergenius 123
gamergenius 123 преди месец
who else hated dean like really really hated dean even when he wasn’t bad? i just couldn’t stand his jealousy
Multiverse преди месец
I’ve watched the Gilmore girls but I don’t watching it after season 6 there was too much episodes but I watched all of supernatural and am rewatching it
dxllia 2
dxllia 2 преди месец
So I’m thinking about what Rory has done during the show and all together I can’t tell you She was... A BAD PERSON
Elianna Eccleston
Elianna Eccleston преди месец
do not insult gilmore girls it is precious we must protect it
John Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald преди месец
Do ninja turtles old version.
Ewan MacFarlane
Ewan MacFarlane преди месец
I think it boiled down to Lorelai scraped and faught for her position in life by herself so earned the right to make some mistakes. Where as Rory had the best of all things and in the end let us down a bit by her behaviour. But she was only very young .
Ari6lle1nWonderl2nd преди месец
I remember watching the first episode when it premiered on tv with my mom when I was a little kid. We were OBSESSED with it. It was our thing and we never missed an episode. Until the 3rd or 4th season, then idk why but we just stopped. It was a long time ago so I don’t remember exactly where I left off, but I tried watching the first episode again recently and barely made it to the end of the episode. Everything just seemed so ridiculous, I couldn’t handle it. Reading these comments about Rory in the later seasons kinda makes me wanna give it another try, and kinda not.
Lena 0153
Lena 0153 преди месец
I like it lol
K преди месец
Who wouldn’t love Gilmore girls ? yeah the characters might be annoying sometimes but who cares. This is a masterpiece for me
Fiorella Palacios Casas
Fiorella Palacios Casas преди месец
I see this to learn English, but I find this video very good
Samara SAKHRANI преди месец
RORYS SO CUTE but she was weird at the end
dbergerac преди месец
But you haven't even met Kirk!
gregory garner
gregory garner преди месец
It's unapologetically WHITE. Quaint little town....unabashedly romantic...wealthy relatives hovering on the periphery....gorgeous, picturesque autumns....very academic and bookish....quirky supporting characters...beautiful, charming primary characters....verbose, but often brilliantly so...White self-loathing is kept to an absolute minimum. That's quite rare these days.
Wanda Band
Wanda Band преди месец
ugh don't complain about being a man ever again please. it's really a bad look.
Evan Simmons
Evan Simmons преди месец
Because you only reviewed the first episode like always
Rosalee Smith
Rosalee Smith преди месец
I tried. It was boring as hell. Not bad. But boring.
macch преди месец
His hair looks good :(
pearl_lisha преди месец
I’ll never understand why Rory broke up with Logan at the end
delta 4684
delta 4684 преди месец
just drama romance bullshit for girls....or gilmore or gilless girls...especialy for girls who are from a stereotypical wanna-be king/queen of england rich people
Random Opinion
Random Opinion преди месец
I hate Rory
Alexa Madison
Alexa Madison преди месец
this was one of the only shows I watched where no matter how much i watched, i still hated every character. it's literally just two women talking passive aggressively, whilst drinking coffee in different locations
porkbun преди месец
after the third season that show got so boring. The first and second one gave me a nice mom and daughter winter everyday life but the rest of the show just got horrible.
Rachel Rasmussen
Rachel Rasmussen преди месец
Oh dear. Someone reached their 30s. No, tv shows were not "better when you were younger". You are just forgetting about all the garbage shows that weren't worth remembering. This is like the one guy who is still driving around a 1988 Toyota Corolla saying "they don't build them like they use to" forgetting that they built millions of Toyota Corollas in '88, and most of them are not on the road anymore. The "___ was better before" argument always relies on comparing what endured from the past to what is current, rather than comparing what WAS current then, to what might be enduring now. Trust me. The 2000's had some good stuff. But so does now.
21hairgirl- Amber
21hairgirl- Amber преди месец
I thought the dialogue was weird and awkward. I thought the show was boring.
Devil May Hare
Devil May Hare преди месец
Dean screamed psycho, with his mood swings and anger issues. Lorelei should of seen the signs.
Artie Carden
Artie Carden преди месец
How dare you mock deans haircut 😭😭😭
Michelle mwale
Michelle mwale преди месец
1:36 Actual functioning pockets😒😒😒
Alexandra Bowden
Alexandra Bowden преди месец
I got like 20 mins into epsiode 1 and had to stop. I cant tell if the show is supposed to be funny and none serious... i feel like it's supposed to be comedy and you're supposed to laugh but it just feels off to me. The scene with her and her friend in the Antiques shop was absolutely ridiculous; it was eye rolling, not funny. I already don't like the mum. She's too "I'm a cool mum who openly lets my child know I flirt and fuck" for my liking. She's complaining about a THIRTY minute bus ride each way???? British kids do like 40mins each way normally for school.
Annabel Wilson
Annabel Wilson преди месец
JARED PADELECKI!!! Holy shit his name is Dean wtf? 😂
Maša Krišanović
Maša Krišanović преди месец
Because its a good sitcom
Brittacus Brattacus
Brittacus Brattacus преди месец
I rewatched Gilmore with my mom and I want to kill them they are so selfish
Wiktoria Machniak
Wiktoria Machniak преди месец
Yes hi, hello.In summary: Dean deserved so much better
Pixie MacCarthy
Pixie MacCarthy преди месец
I love this show... so silly, so NOT reality... but the witty banter and sarcasm is soooo epic fun. :D It's a good "guilty pleasure" kinda show.
Evaana M
Evaana M преди месец
I liked Gilmore girls until season 4, when Rory broke up w Jess she became a brat
diabetic shaggy
diabetic shaggy преди месец
I dont understand why I ever unsubscribed from this guy I love this guy
The MadMom
The MadMom преди месец
I have this same kind of money/controlling relationship with my mother; she thinks that because she helps me she's allowed to run my life, tell me where to work, how to wear my hair, how my kids should dress, what school they should go to, what dentist they should see, even what frames of glasses my kids should get. And it's not just helpful suggestions, it's 'my way or the highway' with my mother.
9595julissa преди месец
I love this show but Rory was so annoying like she felt like the world revolved around her 😒😒😒
Justtamara преди месец
I love gilmore girls but rory is just stupid. Paris all the way lol
M A преди месец
I will never get it I find it boring... 🤷‍♀️😐
Rebeca Nuñez
Rebeca Nuñez преди месец
Paul Rudd, Paul Rudd is the missing one in the list of people that never gets older.
KindLittleBunny преди месец
Ok this is sorta a spoiler so just beware... So in the new show of Gilmore girls on Netflix (I forget the name) it was so dumb how Rory didn’t have a house or job. Like, she went to a really good high school and she went to one of the BEST SCHOOLS IN THE WORLD. She also got accepted into freakin’ Hardvard! And she wasn’t successful at all. She was just staying at Logan’s huge apartment most the time. And why wasn’t she a journalist? It just kinda confused me,
Alexis D
Alexis D преди месец
I HATED Rory. She had rich grandparents, a great supportive family, all the hot guys in town, a perfect GPA even though she barely studies, and great friends and she just WHINEEEEESSSSSS! THEN she gets into YALE and quits and then she has an affair with Dean and the worst is her "I like reading I'm not like most girls" personality trope. I wanted Paris to beat her at every turn.
JuiceBloom преди месец
OKOKOKOK... Hear me out, WATCH THIS SHOW! It's incredible! You fall in love with the characters and theirs tons of plot twists and cliff hangers! Also, she runs an INN, NOT a hotel!
Some random Donut
Some random Donut преди месец
Oh my god I couldn’t stand any of the guys Lorelai was dating. Luke was ok but then Max and Chris? No. Especially Chris in season 6 and 7, he was so controlling and annoying
ever-heart gaming
ever-heart gaming преди месец
ok but like... team Logan people- team Logan only people who watched a year in life could truly understand.
bri преди месец
The only reason I watch gilmore girls is because I'm a supernatural fan...and dean is sam in supernatural lol
FaCeLeSs AsMr !
FaCeLeSs AsMr ! преди месец
This actually made me wanna rewatch Gilmore girls
Zeynep urvay
Zeynep urvay преди месец
İ've lost my braın cause talking is soooo fast but ı understand
Gossip Girl is kinda dumb...
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