Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a pretty dumb movie...

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Alex Meyers

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Sierra Burgess is a Loser animation
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Studio Hinode
Studio Hinode преди ден
Lets...rewrite the whole story of this show. How about... Sierra would be insecure and would hate her body? And how about she, Jamie and Veronica would need to make a study group together because Veronica is failing a class and Jamie needs a tutor? about Veronica learns how to not be a bitch, Jamie gains the courage to become more confident and Sierra learns how to love her body as it is after becoming buddies with Veronica and Veronica shows her photos of confident plus size models? And how about Jamie falls in love with Sierra instead of Veronica? That'd be wholesome. Or how about we'd...just make Sierra tell him that he got the wrong number and says that Veronica kinda does it alot..? Like it would be way better
Diego Uy
Diego Uy преди ден
This is a Cyrano De Bergerac rip-off. I wonder if there could be a modern interpretation of that play.
WeirdosAre MyBros
WeirdosAre MyBros преди ден
"Hmm, how to get yourself a boyfriend?" Google: Try to be more sociable and confident. Bing:
corvus преди ден
The movie should have ended with Sierra alone. just alone by herself all sad because she's a bad person.
Antonella Prado Dávalos
Antonella Prado Dávalos преди ден
Barb, is that you?
Unreasonably Random
Unreasonably Random преди 4 дни
"You never have to face consequences for anything you do no matter how creepy and/or illegal it might be." -Logan Paul
Schwarzer Ritter
Schwarzer Ritter преди 6 дни
Why every popular girl has exactly 2 friends: -Being popular is like a war. -The god of war is Mars. -Mars has 2 moons.
Little Jilliery
Little Jilliery преди 7 дни
When I was in 2nd grade the mean girl had over 16 friends so-
Allie K
Allie K преди 8 дни
I just realized Veronica is Kelly from the Society!
Lise Magic
Lise Magic преди ден
Also she is Alaska from Looking for Alaska
Alexis D
Alexis D преди 8 дни
Wait a minute....did Sierra inform Veronica that she heard her bf saying that he called her dumb so she'd have sex with him? Or did she just....not? Because if she didn't that SUPER scummy.
TeenWolfFan 101
TeenWolfFan 101 преди 8 дни
I'm just watching this video so I don't actually have to watch the movie😂
Titli Roy
Titli Roy преди 9 дни
I like Veronica a lotttt more than Sierra.
Mystic Manta
Mystic Manta преди 9 дни
I cringed so hard when Sierra kisses him... God, I hate this movie.
Bayleigh X
Bayleigh X преди 10 дни
Jamie knows veronicas voice the face time thing is dumb
sudhakar prassana
sudhakar prassana преди 11 дни
Do just add magic
Louise Rosado
Louise Rosado преди 11 дни
I promised to myself that I would never watch another Netflix's teen romcom
VintageRyn *
VintageRyn * преди 11 дни
This whole movie made me feel really...disturbed? How can you do that to someone? Not to mention someone you like? I just don’t understand...😅
Ashley Nnanna
Ashley Nnanna преди 12 дни
Netflix is something else like not every movie needs to have a happy ending. sierra turns out to be the bad guy if someone ever did that to me it's going to take a little while longer to forgive
rose rose
rose rose преди 12 дни
For my personal experience I didn't want catfish anyone but guys never gonna ask a fat ugly girl out because of her looks and it hurts sometimes we can't control how we look and I feel Sierra tbh and it's disgusting how people judge this movie cuz it's a part of real fact in society , anyways sorry for my bad experience and people who didn't like this movie and just want a pretty skinny girl movies should start making their own f movies
rose rose
rose rose преди 12 дни
Bad English
AllieMoon преди 12 дни
U know the drill but it’s makes as much sense as this movie: 1: 1 2: 2 3: 8 4: 4 5: devils tango 6 French 7: 7 8 eight 9: UwU 0: nun
Jennifer Jackson
Jennifer Jackson преди 14 дни
Me who hasn’t watched the movie and only this video: oKaY So WHaTs uP WiTH... wait, never mind.
Eliana Mears
Eliana Mears преди 14 дни
What I think popular girls really have is two best friends, and a handful of others including the annoying boy who thinks he's popular
Angie Jumanji
Angie Jumanji преди 14 дни
Veronica and her friends were like the mean girls AND the heathers Btw one of Veronica’s friends in the movie was literally heather duke in the musical
Victoria the green cheek conure
Victoria the green cheek conure преди 17 дни
You’re actually right Sierras actoe played barb
Chloe Spatino
Chloe Spatino преди 17 дни
Where’s grandma when we need her
Ella McConnell
Ella McConnell преди 17 дни
the movie should have been about Veronica. She was just helping out Sierra but then of course nice girl becomes mean girl as soon as mean girl becomes nice girl. And she doesn't have any other friends and her entire family hates her. If your team Veronica like this comment! GO TEAM VERONICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stephanie Cipriano
Stephanie Cipriano преди 18 дни
"you're not everybodys tipe" dudeeeeeee
fuck преди 18 дни
it should’ve been a story where she learns what she did was wrong. by that i mean jamie finds out and rejects her, then she falls in love with veronica
Georgia Lawry
Georgia Lawry преди 19 дни
Do a series of unfortunate events the series
Callum Lambkin
Callum Lambkin преди 20 дни
Feels like this movie did more for awareness around sexual assault on men than anything else ever has, so thanks?
that's me
that's me преди 22 дни
this is hands down the most toxic movie of the whole century i mean first of all it's all about catfishing and sexually assaulting a guy who's not aware of the situation at all (but it's okay cause it's a guy) and then being dumped over dm is perceived as OUR fault we should be ashamed of like fck people who dump people over dm shouldn't we all agree on how people who do that are just terrible people and it can just happen to anyone??? also i hate when people think outsiders can't be bad people and whatever they do is okay by the same logic when in reality everyone in the world can be bad people
Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima преди 22 дни
God I ended up loving and feeling bad for the pretty and popular girl because she is not a manipulative sociopath. Veronica is a really nice character.
Alexis D
Alexis D преди 8 дни
No she's not. She tricked Jamie into kissing someone and was an accessory to sexual assault. She's much better than Sierra for sure but to think she's nice is short sighted.
Emma Elizabeth Smicklas
Emma Elizabeth Smicklas преди 22 дни
Do "Radio Rebel" Its not exactly one of the movies you usually do, but It is a teen romcom. ITS AWESOME.
Emily May
Emily May преди 23 дни
Please tell me Netflix wasn’t trying to make Sierra relatable- I want to strangle the narcissism out of her
Mr.Bunny _Bear
Mr.Bunny _Bear преди 23 дни
21 year old highschool student
Hollen Fuchs
Hollen Fuchs преди 24 дни
Can u pls do Mr Peabody and Sherman
Simply Marshy
Simply Marshy преди 24 дни
You just make me laugh XD
GlitterSparkles4Life 11
GlitterSparkles4Life 11 преди 26 дни
Cool video xxxx
Olivia Da Costa
Olivia Da Costa преди 27 дни
“you never have to face consequences for anything you do no matter how creepy and/or illegal it may be” - logan paul. the SHADEE
Gabrelle E.
Gabrelle E. преди 27 дни
You should do #RealityHigh or Never have I ever
The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
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