Twilight Breaking Dawn doesn't make any sense...

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Alex Meyers

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Twilight Breaking Dawn reaction animated
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Twilight doesn't make any sense...
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Paloma Reynoso
Paloma Reynoso преди 33 минути
I don't know if he said the whole "cold feet" bit sarcastically, or if he genuenly doesnt know what the phrase means, I'm concerned
K Roberson
K Roberson преди 4 дни
If the edward can hear the babies thought and she can can hear them then she should have told them shes a girl
Jasmine Chavez
Jasmine Chavez преди 4 дни
*bed breaks* Edward:are you ok? Bella:IM PREGNANT WHAT?!
Oddly Crystal
Oddly Crystal преди 6 дни
Yeah the whole movie is just bad cheesy vamp fanfiction on crack, although I don't even think bad fanfiction has done the whole ex love interest falling in love with your baby thing (unless we are talking about twilight fanfiction which is not a hole you want to go down.) Twilight likes to break the mold in ways we never asked for nor wanted.
camilla ziliotto
camilla ziliotto преди 10 дни
my ex boyfriend fall in love with my daughter:today on dr phill. i would tottally watch that
Kate преди 10 дни
This movie taught me how to get two guys and a baby after being dead, just by acting dumb and being pretty :D I think Vampire Diaries should learn something from Twilight bruh, stop making sense to Caroline being pregnant! Just make it a miracle out of nowhere! :D Preached. 👏👏
Brainflayer преди 12 дни
Edjay and Renesmay, two names to give your children if you absolutely want to guarantee they will be bullied in school.
[LFD13] Littlfluffydino13
[LFD13] Littlfluffydino13 преди 12 дни
Times where I laughed harder than I intended: 4:18 - 4:45 and 10:24 - 11:01
Jenni Perkins
Jenni Perkins преди 13 дни
This is so funny 😂
Rhute Tayane
Rhute Tayane преди 13 дни
"i forgot to change the toilet paper roll again" it cracks me up everytime
Abu Qital
Abu Qital преди 13 дни
(Every ex girlfriend he ever had ) draws two girls a body pillow and a blow up sex doll 🤦‍♂️
Vidhi Srivastava
Vidhi Srivastava преди 14 дни
"🤣Aaa🤣hahah🤣ahhaha🤣hahh🤣ahahhah🤣aaaaaa🤣aaaha🤣hahha🤣hahaha🤣hah🤣" That's all I did watching your videos 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ricardo da Silva
Ricardo da Silva преди 14 дни
*Edward starts to do CPR* *Alex cues the end credits* Alex: If only, huh? I’M 100% WITH YOU, ALEX!
Ricardo da Silva
Ricardo da Silva преди 14 дни
“Edward has a hard time controlling himself during the DEVIL’S TANGO, and laves Bella looks like this.” *immediately gets a Subway ad* No joke, this actually happened.
Alexis Adams
Alexis Adams преди 15 дни
Um cold feet means having second thoughts about the wedding... not a foot fetish thing
Nnenna преди 16 дни
Why'd he describe me at 8:46
Andrea chavez
Andrea chavez преди 17 дни
9:21 to 9:29 Is the FUNNIEST part of the video!!!!!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂
Sadie Stranks
Sadie Stranks преди 18 дни
Bella was really about to name her baby after some dude she friend zoned huh
tami stitt
tami stitt преди 18 дни
Well if you can't have the mother then go for the daughter. Not creepy or werid at all
Little Big Truths
Little Big Truths преди 19 дни
Bella: Why can’t you see how happy I am? Me: idk, maybe ‘cause you have ZERO emotions on your face?!
Ches Beta
Ches Beta преди 19 дни
About Jacob imprinting on a baby... Something similar happened in the movie franchise. One of the werewolves imprinted on a 2 year old. Yeah...
Elmo !
Elmo ! преди 20 дни
Omg his cartoons 🤣 this guy is damn talented
Molly Humphrey
Molly Humphrey преди 20 дни
Hey, Bella HEY
LaToya TV
LaToya TV преди 20 дни
So im eating Takis and an Cookies and Creme watching this
CR McKeen
CR McKeen преди 20 дни
Me drinking water him saying jackobs so harumpf harumpf *snorts out water *
Mariah Hiwatari
Mariah Hiwatari преди 21 ден
Imagine Alex's ex girlfriends seeing his videos [where he actually makes fun of them]
BabyCakes123 преди 21 ден
I’m surprised the film director didn’t remove Jacob’s imprinting on Renessme. It tarnished Jacob’s character and Twilight as a whole.
KimSarang tv
KimSarang tv преди 21 ден
You this movie was crazy watch the Japanese anime series Vampire knight and read the manga (comics)
KimSarang tv
KimSarang tv преди 21 ден
neonkscksc преди 22 дни
Women: Girls grow up faster than men. Also women: Twilight series is amazing! Me:...
Michéle Pupke
Michéle Pupke преди 23 дни
4:12 Yeah, exactly what im thinking when I watch the movies: "Noooo, how can you look at men anymoooore??!!" Edward is such a self-hating character, he should go to a psychological therapy
Cherlyn Bams
Cherlyn Bams преди 23 дни
Seriously, you have the best humor ever! Or my sense of humor is just too low, either way you're talented 🙃🙃
Phyre Ella
Phyre Ella преди 23 дни
Omg i love your videos, so funny :))Oh and I'm a Twilight fan but your just amazing.
Suhani Ahmed
Suhani Ahmed преди 23 дни
So what was your favourite part of the movie? The ending That's mine too
The Black Raven
The Black Raven преди 25 дни
8:47 god Alex, you didn’t have to call me out like that ya know🥺
Sana rehmat A Kodakeri
Sana rehmat A Kodakeri преди 25 дни
"Amazing CGI baby aside , did Jacob just fall in love with a baby??" The most disturbing thing is I didn't think it or anything up to this point was creepy in these movies when I was young. And a lot of other young girls also don't!
Manny Cookies LOL
Manny Cookies LOL преди 25 дни
She looks like she haven’t eaten in days like -_-
May's Gacha's
May's Gacha's преди 25 дни
Bruh, I'm Bella when it comes to shoes.
Lumos Maxima
Lumos Maxima преди 28 дни
Hear me out hear me out so Cedric Diggory when he died *whispers* may you Rest In Peace came back as a vampire and then this show happened and he didn’t remember his time at hogwarts (don’t blame me for being a fan I wanna find different realities when Cedric is alive)
Ana Rebeca Melendez
Ana Rebeca Melendez преди 28 дни
dinanath upadhyay
dinanath upadhyay преди месец
1:04 what 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Maxine Myburgh
Maxine Myburgh преди месец
Is it me or does Jacob look like shark boy without a shirt?
Autumn Ferguson
Autumn Ferguson преди 28 дни
bruh because he is shark boy lol
Judihatemmoharram Judihatemmoharram
Judihatemmoharram Judihatemmoharram преди месец
8:37 But he doesn't like Jacob's
Caelyn Hood
Caelyn Hood преди месец
How does He even get her preggos? 😳
Ria Climis
Ria Climis преди месец
let's all just take a moment to appreciate bella's eyeshadow
Dolly7542 преди месец
So like can a vampire woman get pregnant by a human man if a human woman can get pregnant by a vampire man? Does like only the egg or the sperm need to be alive lmao. My idiot ass just imagined an egg and sperm with little vampire teeth lol
starzzzy преди 14 дни
The way they explain it in the book is: No, a vampire woman's body can't change, so they can't carry a baby. How Bella got pregnant is explained at some point too, but I'll let you google that one so you can laugh.
Riana Jordan
Riana Jordan преди месец
I watched twilight with my dad. Don't ask.
Xx_Your Local Trash Panda_xX
Xx_Your Local Trash Panda_xX преди месец
* guy randomly apppers in my room * Me: nearly Decapitates him with a pan
smriti sharma
smriti sharma преди месец
She looks constipated while walking down the aisle
kimbérly преди месец
Jacob : *fall in love with a freaking baby* *911 what's your emergency?* Me : *"there is a pedophile werewolf"*
kimbérly преди месец
Omg, she does look like Michael Jackson💀
Josette Fret
Josette Fret преди месец
-pop- waaahhh! Me: dies laughing, crying, snorting, and wheezing. 😂😂😂😂😂
Meredith Woody
Meredith Woody преди месец
4:12 to 4:46 was hilarious!! 😂🤣
Brayden Horton
Brayden Horton преди месец
Jacob is the freind with benefits
Zoe Rae
Zoe Rae преди месец
there is going to be a new twilight and when it comes out i want you to react to
Rita Teixeira
Rita Teixeira преди месец
Doesn't matter if I love or hate the movie, I'll always watch Alex's videos ☺️
• m i l k T e a •
• m i l k T e a • преди месец
Stages to know Jacob is going to get into a fight: He gets mad at Edward and blames him.
Alicia Brandt sanchez
Alicia Brandt sanchez преди месец
"And he leaves Bella looking like this " sour patch kid ad comes up thank you BGcd
mariana valencia
mariana valencia преди месец
4:07 I laughed a lot
Vscogirl4t E r
Vscogirl4t E r преди месец
4:14 Alex predicted how Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) will look like in the trailer😱😱😱
Alexandra R.
Alexandra R. преди месец
This one was probably the weirdest...
Weird Thoughts
Weird Thoughts преди месец
Okay so jacob might seem creepy but imprint is supposed to work like...they will do anything for them and be whatever they want like brother, bestie, friend, lover, father.... anything... So it's not that creepy if you think he is going to be the protective big brother. Trust me ...books are way better
Gabby Da Yabby
Gabby Da Yabby преди месец
Emily Londt
Emily Londt преди месец
I don’t know if you don’t know what cold feet means or if ur just joking...
Mo’s Stuff
Mo’s Stuff преди месец
7:25 wtf was this
Carley Jackson
Carley Jackson преди месец
My favorite parts when bella dies but not because I'm a serial killer or whatever it was just a big part of the movie for me!
Gina Bennett
Gina Bennett преди месец
The part where edward told his secret didn't even happen in the books
Aaron Adelman
Aaron Adelman преди месец
you got a new sub
Adira Rettew
Adira Rettew преди месец
why does Jacob look like Jelly the youtuber O.O
Anupam Verma
Anupam Verma преди месец
🎵🎶I fOrgOt tO ChAngE tHe tOiLetT pApEr rOll AgAinn🎶🎵
Amy преди месец
You ruin all my favorites 😫
Satanael P5R
Satanael P5R преди месец
Jacob: *falls in love with a baby* Chris Hansen: Why don't you have a seat right there.
Bella could use some chap stick just about around the end there.
Charles E. Washington
Charles E. Washington преди месец
please watch 9:21 through 9:30
Ayo Sufianu
Ayo Sufianu преди месец
You are seriously funny!
B MONEY преди месец
“likes foots”
Emma Sanders
Emma Sanders преди месец
Fosuke M
Fosuke M преди месец
I refuse to refer to the baby by that name instead I use Optimus Beyoncé
Maša Leković
Maša Leković преди месец
*HeY eDwArD wAnNa bLrLrLrL* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I play Games
I play Games преди месец
Joyce K
Joyce K преди месец
Jacob: too bad you won't be able to get the dick Bella: nah I'm gonna get the dick Jacob: you can't do that the dick it'll kill you! Bella: whatever if I die bc of the dick that's on me
Grainne O'Cruhuir
Grainne O'Cruhuir преди месец
Edward has really terrible self esteem doesn’t he
Sakaria N
Sakaria N преди 2 месеца
How is this the same person who managed to land the role of Batman
Ece Kansu
Ece Kansu преди 2 месеца
Tiny .Cloud
Tiny .Cloud преди 2 месеца
as a teen I read the books and I actually loved them. but the movies got me like wtfffff 🤔
KawxiiBear преди 2 месеца
I love when he makes fun of those emo kids who write bad poems, it's always so hilarious.
Tifany S
Tifany S преди 2 месеца
Am I the only one who understands that Jacob imprinting on the baby is not the same as him being in love with her?? Like he ‘loves’ her in the sense that he cares for her and will protect her. But as a baby he isn’t in love with her?? Sure he does fall in love with her once she’s older but still
cuppycake lol
cuppycake lol преди 2 месеца
These reviews are a million times better than the movies
GlitterSparkles4Life 11
GlitterSparkles4Life 11 преди 2 месеца
Cool video xxx
Will Wilson
Will Wilson преди 2 месеца
I'm just checking cold feet
Galaxy Crusher
Galaxy Crusher преди 2 месеца
At 3:49 a burger King add popped on. Perfect timing lol
Celeste Kuusisto
Celeste Kuusisto преди 2 месеца
"Bella, I accidentally washed one red sock with your white socks and now they are all pink." I really wished that this would have been an actual line from the movie
lydia pinnell
lydia pinnell преди 2 месеца
I love when my man bruises me so idk what his problem is
Pie Studios
Pie Studios преди 2 месеца
Why are people calling Cedric diggory edward
Akuma преди 2 месеца
bella looked more like michael jackson when she was dying than at the beginning
Sarah Pitzen
Sarah Pitzen преди 2 месеца
Dakota Gandy
Dakota Gandy преди 2 месеца
This man is so funny, I’m literally seeing twilight in a whole new world that is to you. I’m deadddddd
Still Here
Still Here преди 2 месеца
The batman trailer was out today Boy has Robert pattinson evolved
Karen Howard
Karen Howard преди 2 месеца
I don’t think you know what “cold feet” means
Tropix преди 2 месеца
Bella: I love Edward not you *soz* Jacob: :( Jacob: *Sees Bellas daughter* .. Well better than nothing 😍
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