YOU is the creepiest show I've ever seen...

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Alex Meyers

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YOU is the creepiest show I've ever seen animation
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Myrtle преди 2 дни
Omg same, I really don't like that show, it's too weird and he keeps looking for girlfriends
Hef Tarc
Hef Tarc преди 3 дни
i don't think you are getting it if Delilah is your favorite character of the entire season. Boy that needlessly sassy latina was annoying. Glad Love throated her. and her sister was almost as annoying as she is. Paco was a likable kid to be taken under his wings. the fact that Joe went out on a limp for this wacky wannabe girl shows how compulsively protective he is to protect every kid he sees his inner-child in. And Love is godsend for Joe, yet he can't love her the moment she accepted his dark secrets and showed him hers. Because anyone who accepts Joe Goldberg's darkside is viewed by his moral censor as morally corrupted and the kid in him wants someone pure. That's the endless cycle he traps himself in. Any other man would have been glad he found his own Bonnie, his own Malory or whatever who fight the rest of the world for him. Beck would have never been willing to make that kind of sacrifice because she is an ordinary bourgeois girl who will always choose her own social position over any personal bond.
Sienna Munster
Sienna Munster преди 4 дни
I feel like joe's dialogue tries to 'convince' you of why what he's doing is fine and okay but then the music is there for the show to be like, no it ain't sis.
Brother Gayhoops
Brother Gayhoops преди 4 дни
Love this. SUBBED!
Brooklyn Kidd
Brooklyn Kidd преди 6 дни
we just gonna ignore the fact that beck and benji did the "DEVILS TANGO" in front of some very large winodws with no curtains??? like literally every poor soul taking a walk would got a full show...
Sa!ah преди 8 дни
The girl that played beck played annn from frozen in once apon a time
RobProb X
RobProb X преди 9 дни
nice insult lmaooo
Sabrina Kurosawa
Sabrina Kurosawa преди 11 дни
I really like Alex's critics especially on "50 shades" and "365 days" my only issue with this one on "You" is that he seems to be critiquing it as if it were supposed to be a romance I don't think it is "You" specifically seems to be more in the genre of psychological thriller something more along the lines of "Dexter" than a romance the difference is we follow a stalker instead of a serial killer
Cranky Jay
Cranky Jay преди 11 дни
Sometimes it's a cringe fest
Little SweetDemon
Little SweetDemon преди 11 дни
Ah,yes- a yandere dude! Very cool. 10/10,would watch-
Ted flips
Ted flips преди 12 дни
You're the worst, very good show.
Prince Daren A. Tebelin
Prince Daren A. Tebelin преди 12 дни
iamella преди 13 дни
neonkscksc преди 14 дни
This is a show about a simp falling for a thot, lol.
DreadsNDogs преди 14 дни
I Love You! (😜) The way it portrays how our human minds justify basicly any action we believe are right is just spot on👌
Josh Kim
Josh Kim преди 15 дни
Nice bro it is kind of creepy and funny
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez преди 17 дни
Whatch dexter
Carlota GM
Carlota GM преди 18 дни
You should watch Julie and the phantoms
Belgian Football
Belgian Football преди 19 дни
This is just dennis from its always sunny
Blerb O
Blerb O преди 20 дни
I love how he says “DEVILS TANGO” instead of sex
Shoyo Hinata
Shoyo Hinata преди 7 дни
I'm going to start saying that from now on
sora преди 20 дни
The fact that people even root for him is weird... Are people nowadays hate privacy or smt?
Aqua Li
Aqua Li преди 23 дни
Who the *firetruck* is this
Wesman преди 23 дни
You’ve never heard of the show dexter have you, basically this show but way better
Kara M,
Kara M, преди 23 дни
Paco is the name of a ghost in my schools boiler room
Cindy E
Cindy E преди 23 дни
Dexter= serial killer you empathize with.
Shadow Hunter
Shadow Hunter преди 23 дни
Hundred present a yandere lol
Bellemy преди 23 дни
You Know we need a part 2 of this.
Alexandra O'Donoghue
Alexandra O'Donoghue преди 25 дни
Wow, Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl and now Joe onYou. Am I the only one seeing some sort of correlation between the two shows and characters?
Lisa преди 17 дни
Well, they are being portrayed by the same actor, so I think it’s normal that these two characters show certain similarities
Amàlia Robo
Amàlia Robo преди 26 дни
Wait, this isn't treated as a horror serie? I thought that it was after seeing the trailer
Elle on a Quest
Elle on a Quest преди 27 дни
It turned out to be great, for the first season. The second, well... Also, I've read criticism that the showmakers made Joe's character softer compared to the books; as in he's worse in the books. Per example, there's no Paco in the books, I think, so no side character to flush out his better side, not that it redeems him in any way.
Elizabeth wang Karmademilo
Elizabeth wang Karmademilo преди месец
Alisha Raj
Alisha Raj преди месец
Characters on YOU are pretty messed up Like Beck and her daddy issues
pandora s.
pandora s. преди месец
Katarina преди месец
Gossip Girl has really gone wild.
Bella Rodriguez
Bella Rodriguez преди месец
me seeing joe take her underwear * o^o yeeeeeeeuuuup
TDE 44
TDE 44 преди месец
The squeak with the hammer strike had me fucking dying~ XD
Millie comoy
Millie comoy преди месец
I thought this show was really good the whole horror was based on the fact your rooting for the bad guy!
Rebecca K
Rebecca K преди месец
9:35 is a little similar to Dexter, where you understand what's wrong with the scenario but you realise you are rooting for the serial killer
Teodora Adriana Oprea
Teodora Adriana Oprea преди месец
Víctor Ponce
Víctor Ponce преди месец
This shows really reminds you of how anyone could be a creep, Joe looks so normal and it's presented in such a way that previous cliches of the medium nearly force us to root for him as a character, even though he does such horrible things, he does them for love... I don't think the show it's creepy. Instead, what's really terrifying it's how so many movies normalize abuse and/or stalking (also murder, but that's a whole other issue). A really extreme example of that would be 365 days (wich aired in the biggest platform of the moment, followed later by, yeah, cuties), but almost any movie reproduces this behaviour in some degree.
Foxae преди месец
I feel like if they marketed this as like, the mind of a psychopath it would have made 10x more sense then as a romcom
Justin Eberlein
Justin Eberlein преди месец
It's *obviously* different from the Notebook. Joe doesn't look like Ryan Gosling, so he can't get away with all this
Ava P
Ava P преди месец
Joe was your average Joe
I like stuff
I like stuff преди месец
Webtoons: it's mine This is a pretty similar comic that is free to read. Anyone who enjoyed this vid should read as it is really cool to see the full picture . Have fun
Clem :3
Clem :3 преди месец
I'm sure that Joe is some sort of yandere lmao
Tre' Weis
Tre' Weis преди месец
That is the point of the show
Aurora Chantel
Aurora Chantel преди месец
This is exactly why I didnt watch this
PhantomGamer 1.0
PhantomGamer 1.0 преди месец
shoulda said:new wrinkle in the FABRIC of the show
Lilie Chan
Lilie Chan преди месец
I loved the first season. The second on the other hand was just stupid and unwatchable. I hated Love's personality and Joe lost all of his "charm". A good show totally ruined.
Ishwarya Murali
Ishwarya Murali преди месец
The thumbnail looks like Henry Cavill
Lara Gorčenko
Lara Gorčenko преди месец
Why does Joe look like Ted Bundy? 😳
Juhafa Luna
Juhafa Luna преди месец
Stalking is basically two people on a date but only one of them knows about it 😅I'm sorry
ZAiN UNEDiTED преди месец
Not stealing her 🩲
ZAiN UNEDiTED преди месец
“Uh, Beck... who the 🚒 is this?”
ZAiN UNEDiTED преди месец
“Ah, crap”
hoochiemoochie преди месец
I love how your avatar sits there with your lady and your dog as you watch the show eating popcorn... it’s so funny especially during awkward scenes
The Cartoon Man
The Cartoon Man преди месец
I want to make cool animation like that
Morningstar Of Darkness
Morningstar Of Darkness преди месец
I love the Show, it is a funny show and creepy at the same time,Best show i've watched.This year.
lxlynnxl gaming
lxlynnxl gaming преди месец
Lemme just day, absolutely love this show-
Summers gacha life
Summers gacha life преди месец
"Who the fire truck is this" XD
Rosalee Smith
Rosalee Smith преди месец
The only complaint I have is that these type of guys usually hate women and hate their mothers. Joe only had one going ...
Rosalee Smith
Rosalee Smith преди месец
The show wasn't trying to put him as sympathetic (though if you are a good writer you can do that with any character). It was trying to show how fucked up in the head he was in a comedic way. A way that made you cringe and laugh at the same time. Joe is a twisted version of "The Nice Jewish Guy" (romantic, loving, kind, good-hearted, faithful, the female protagonist's soulmate/twin flame) trope -- except he isn't a genuinely good person and he isn't genuinely romantic. He is the "hero" in the "love story" except these aren't real love stories and he's not a hero. It's a "twisted" version of all the romantic movies we all watched over a lifetime. The writers were geniuses.
Rosalee Smith
Rosalee Smith преди месец
It is.
Gabriel Bobocea
Gabriel Bobocea преди месец
If this is the creepiest try "Dexter"
dave ok
dave ok преди месец
Ok so I want to a presentation about You for my COM class but I need 3 main points to talk about. What should I talk about? Any ideas? Thx :D
Rachel Now
Rachel Now преди месец
You're SO funny!!
Илья Abiss
Илья Abiss преди месец
7:59 nig*a ?
Tails преди месец
He works at a book store Boy ;-; your life is already boring
Jadorefairytale ,
Jadorefairytale , преди месец
For everyone saying how beck shouldn’t have died , the shows based off a book so they had to kill her off ,
iminlovewithlouispartridge преди месец
this gives me anxiety
iminlovewithlouispartridge преди месец
iminlovewithlouispartridge преди месец
iminlovewithlouispartridge преди месец
i abolutely hate this
Jay преди месец
Your videos are helpful ‘cause I can get the summary of a show and not actually watch it 😅 this is definitely not for me
gemini преди месец
one whole yandere movie,now i just want yandere anime boys not in real life hehehehhe
Remy N.
Remy N. преди месец
Beck is such a dingbat, I hated her the whole show. She was a walking pile of self destructive #$%^^. I'm surprised someone didn't off her sooner, she's practically serial killer bait, obvious routine, posted everything online, it's like she had kill me tattooed on her forehead and girl no screamed kill me now, I'm oblivious to everything, oh she gives blonds a bad name.
Princess Aubynn
Princess Aubynn преди месец
I think hes a serial killer that falls in love
Mariane marangão
Mariane marangão преди месец
He is FOR SURE the bad guy, but the story is told by his point of view, so we tend to root for him because of that. He thinks he is doing this for the best, that he is right, and we are seeing the world through his eyes. It's really funny, because I'd root for him and then stop myself, thinking "Wait... He is the bad guy here. Fuck, I forgot".
nick преди месец
He reminds me of Dennis from its always sunny
Nail Or Fail
Nail Or Fail преди месец
I love this show!!! I am always yelling at Beck because I'm paranoid and I tell her what she should've done and I for some reason discus Joe's murder techniques with my parents
Rev. Gunn
Rev. Gunn преди месец
I changed my mind about joe, he is Dexter in the bookstore
S A преди месец
me *Hates scary movies* also me: * sees title saying "YOU is the CREEPIEST show i've ever seen" me: clicks to see the video
Jade преди 9 дни
Same lol
Aisha swaleh
Aisha swaleh преди месец
I knoooowwwww.... So creeeppppyyyyy..... But I couldn't stop watching 😂😂😂😂
Aspen Ryder
Aspen Ryder преди месец
Thank you for watching this so that I NEVER have to.
eli paredes
eli paredes преди месец
love this show
Bananna преди месец
Alex: "Steals his underwear..." *underwear ad pops up* Me: 0.0
LaFleur преди месец
I think it´s good that Joe is the narrator. Stalkers often really think that what they do is normal, in no way creepy or they think they´re just protective, just without realizing how wrong it is. Murderers and stalkers tend to be the normal guy next door besides the killing and stalking, also I like it when protagonits aren´t likeable (I just can´t enjoy those perfect, kind, loving, innocent characters who never do anything wrong, because who the hell is that supposed to be? There need to be some flaws with the protagonist)
A.Y. преди месец
Everyone who thinks Beck was dumb for not noticing are dumb as f. for letting the narrative manipulate themselves.
drownintea преди месец
didnt know the upper east side catched dan so hard.
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller преди месец
Do when calls the heart
Laurie Smith
Laurie Smith преди месец
First admitting that you're Gossip Girl and now turning to stalking women in both New York and Los Angeles? Oh Lonelyboy, what have you gotten into?
wolf wise
wolf wise преди 2 месеца
what is up with this you can see into her flat, like it is litteraly open to anyone. I mean at least make that room your kitchen not your BEDROOM saying that, the video was hilarious.
sehno преди 2 месеца
Joe is literally the definition of "yOu sAiD hI tO mE sO yOu lIkE mE"
artsy batsy
artsy batsy преди 2 месеца
I honestly love this show.
dUm преди 2 месеца
Title: YOU is the creepiest show i have ever seen Me: D:
Michael Nabulele
Michael Nabulele преди 2 месеца
Part 2?
Crusader преди 2 месеца
Guys, let’s face it... Joes a simp
hella sane
hella sane преди 2 месеца
I just dont get people saying if not for the invoice of Joe we would have hated him. Like isn't this supposed to be an insight into how he sees stuff. if it's just like any other stalker story what would be so interesting about this. His thought process makes this such an interesting way of approach to the stalker murderer situation. This shows how reasonable things like this are to a sick person. That's how he thinks. Everyone in the wrong has a story for what they did doesn't make them right it's just their own mind
Pride C Jimmy
Pride C Jimmy преди 2 месеца
Plz try doing the tv show "DARE ME"
Kylie Jo
Kylie Jo преди 2 месеца
I hated this show but at the same time it was soooooo good. I honestly hated all of the characters but at the same time I liked them.
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