The Santa Clause 2 is the dumbest Disney christmas movie

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Alex Meyers

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The Santa Clause doesn't make any sense...
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The Santa Clause doesn't make any sense...
High School Musical The Musical The Series is hilariously dumb...
The Knight Before Christmas is the dumbest movie...
The Princess Switch is the dumbest christmas movie...
Home Alone literally makes no sense...

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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers преди 10 месеца
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only in the next 30 days
quokki преди 8 дни
Hmmm no thanks I will just dunk my head in the other side of BGcd
hiface преди 11 дни
No, I don’t think I will.
DanielTubeHQ-MSMhq преди 11 дни
No f raid I will never play it because of the annoying adds on The king of randoms channel lol
Melissa Ludovico
Melissa Ludovico преди 18 дни
U haven't done the 3 Santa yet
Charlene Brooks
Charlene Brooks преди 24 дни
Ah shit
Callista Paige
Callista Paige преди ден
How is no one talking about the tool time references??? I love that show
Fire Lord Azula
Fire Lord Azula преди ден
LMAOOOOOOOOO why does the thumbnail look so fake santas just sitting there like-
Irma Rodriguez
Irma Rodriguez преди ден
Ok DUDE! Your saying That all the movies are dum and stupit your so stupit!!!!!!!
Mason Wink
Mason Wink преди 2 дни
yes. I watch these vids when I am bored in class
Zachary Siple
Zachary Siple преди 3 дни
1:26 I looked up Ed Decter and John J. Strauss because their names sounded familiar... it turns out that they co-wrote There's Something About Mary! What a filmography!
Sarah Angus
Sarah Angus преди 3 дни
A robot Santa that sees everyone as naughty - you mean the Futurama Christmas episodes?
Rubys in the Sky
Rubys in the Sky преди 4 дни
That kid Curtis is I think from cat in a hat
Drew Peters
Drew Peters преди 6 дни
5:36 be like
cullen hayes
cullen hayes преди 6 дни
what the heck is going on with rade
Celestial7Heavens преди 7 дни
The second film was alright. I thought the third film was awful and made no sense. Like how was the new and married Mrs.Claus not old anymore and pregnant? The plot was just poorly written and I didn’t like how the writers pretend the first two films didn’t happen.
kaylove преди 7 дни
Are you gonna make a video on Santa Claus 3
Joaquina Lee
Joaquina Lee преди 7 дни
You should do the Percy Jackson movies
Holden Loonsfoot
Holden Loonsfoot преди 8 дни
I respect the tim Allen sounds lol
V3x преди 9 дни
11:31 why does he look like he wants to start a war and reunite the soviet union?
Sebastian Cedillo
Sebastian Cedillo преди 10 дни
Dumbest christmas movie,but still a fun movie.
Sebastian Cedillo
Sebastian Cedillo преди 10 дни
I'm the biggest movie buff in my school,not kidding.
Daily dose of Dumb
Daily dose of Dumb преди 10 дни
Omg- At first I thought the Santa Claus copy was supposed to be his wife...
Angela Wintering
Angela Wintering преди 10 дни
13:10 though, right? 🤣🤣 Literally never noticed that
Natalie Playz
Natalie Playz преди 11 дни
Guys guess what I knew Curtis and Curtis played the brother in cat and the hat with Dakota fanning
Joseph Brossard
Joseph Brossard преди 12 дни
I'm pretty sure Santa makes adults think they bought the presents
Vincent Harsh
Vincent Harsh преди 13 дни
Raid is trash
Flame WitherHeart
Flame WitherHeart преди 13 дни
Alex: Curtis had a stroke Me who knows what Curtis said: *Smort 100*
Harry Asbury
Harry Asbury преди 13 дни
do Santa Claus 3 but if you do not do it don't say anything bad about it
Canukplays преди 14 дни
10:58 soviet Santa
Saltyshima Kei
Saltyshima Kei преди 15 дни
Why does every time santa make that "huuuhhh" sound, it reminds me of Scooby-Doo😂😂
Jessica V
Jessica V преди 16 дни
Why did his animation of Scott showing up at Principal Newman's house have me dying over here?
Isabel Torres
Isabel Torres преди 16 дни
do Noelle next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tiny Room
Tiny Room преди 16 дни
"it was all thanks to this guy who was standing on sett" I'm laughing my head off
Jon Haverstick
Jon Haverstick преди 17 дни
It is just to funny 😄 😆 🤣 😂
Saad Filali
Saad Filali преди 18 дни
4:03 He said the deSANTAfication process
jose rivas
jose rivas преди 19 дни
I grew up on these movies I love the collection
oxXSweet Xxo
oxXSweet Xxo преди 19 дни
This probably is gonna get lost in this comments but Alex sense of humor saved me through a very rough couple months ❤️
Rayce Randeau
Rayce Randeau преди 19 дни
I love your videos
Rayce Randeau
Rayce Randeau преди 19 дни
THIS MOVIE.. is ok
ÅłłįęMøøñ преди 20 дни
Coraline is Christmas Ee
azlynn leclair
azlynn leclair преди 21 ден
this i one of my favorite christmas movie
Mizraim PlAyZ
Mizraim PlAyZ преди 21 ден
ey alex you should do the inBESTigators
Erin Sistar
Erin Sistar преди 22 дни
Hey Alex! Where are you going to rewatch the Santa Claus 3?
Eli Araujo
Eli Araujo преди 22 дни
#### raid
Wolfers 333
Wolfers 333 преди 22 дни
Has anyone notice that evil santa sounds like buzz from toy story
Seth Kok
Seth Kok преди 21 ден
yes and I know why
OrangeT0RNAD0 преди 22 дни
Alex can you put Santa clause 3 now
ISoGood преди 23 дни
“He is too Santa” 😂😂😂😂😂
Kylah Hansen
Kylah Hansen преди 24 дни
Remember that one kid that just had a stroke? 😂 I remember watching this and being so annoyed by that kid.
Fazbear Hills
Fazbear Hills преди 25 дни
0:25 every BGcdr in the wrold
TylerPlayz преди 25 дни
i like it how he has infinite popcorn lol
Jacob Noel Duran
Jacob Noel Duran преди 26 дни
thx for being a ytber, for people to enjoy ur vids love them peace ✌✌
Trinity Trevino
Trinity Trevino преди 26 дни
I absilutly LOVE youe'r vids
Trinity Trevino
Trinity Trevino преди 26 дни
can I have a shout out
Angelwolf 78
Angelwolf 78 преди 27 дни
Why is the principal at the high school in the middle of the night?!?!?
Slush and Slick
Slush and Slick преди 28 дни
Joseph Bennett
Joseph Bennett преди 9 дни
The BGcdrs that advertise games or other stuff get paid to advertise their things , that's why a lot of BGcdrs talk about Raid Shadow Legends it's free money for the BGcdr if they talk about the dumb game.
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez преди 29 дни
Even as a little kid I hated the toy santa ploy line, but loved the finding love parts. And this one was my favorite of the three santa clause movies.
Mami Magica
Mami Magica преди месец
Ah yes. Here I am, in September, binding Alex’s Christmas movie reviews.
Disney's Little Einsteins Fan
Disney's Little Einsteins Fan преди месец
I liked it almost as much as the first. Because it expands on the Santa Clause mythos and you get everybody including Bernard from the first film and of cores a great villain. However I wish I could say the same thing about the third in the series. It did OK but it's not as good as the second film. The Santa Clause 3 The Escape Clause not only has tons of problems and to many subplots but we are missing Bernard in this third film. What would happen if The Santa Clause 3 The Escape Clause was never released in 2006? Would they rewrite the script and do some subplot changes here and there? If I was the producer for The Santa Clause 3 The Escape Clause I would not only wait a few more years until David Krumholtz is done with his TV show Numb3rs so he can come back playing Bernard the head elf again but I would also tone down Jack Frost a bit and tone down the Canada jokes a bit as well. I would do something different to the new time line like showing bits from the first two films that would be changed. Maybe after Jack Frost takes the coat Scott will not only turn back into his normal self but just like the Christmas classic movie A Christmas Carol he will watch Past Scott and his family from the first film and second film showing the stuff that would happen if he didn't became Santa in the first place. Like Past Scott becoming the CEO of the company and neglected his son Charlie at a point where Scott as Santa didn't. And 8 years later show Principal Newman moving away and Laura and Neal file for divorce. Because if Scott didn't became Santa Claus on that Christmas Eve night in the first film his family fell apart. It would have made a big difference to show theses parts so that when Scott is the new time line after watching all of that stuff where he isn't Santa and I want to see him fix it. And I would also change the ending because the first two Santa Clause films are all about legal shenanigans. The third Santa Clause film wasn't they didn't have that cool business card from the first two films. Other than that Martin Short is out of control and to crazy for a villain. I would probability chose a different actor to play Jack Frost be size Martin Short. I would probability give Mike Myers or maybe Chris Tucker or perhaps Jim Carrey to play the role. I bet one of those actors will be a good choice to play Jack Frost and I bet one of them would be even better compare to what we got. Martin Short can be funny depends on who writes for him. But this is not the kind of film he should be taking part in.
Mario26 преди месец
Review the Santa Clause PLEASE.
Flame преди месец
The Kitamisatrivist has begun!
William Keane
William Keane преди месец
Mando27ful преди месец
Not RAID bbbhbbhbbnhbhnHbBybyhYgyhhHYbhhBybHbyhyYYhygYhyhYgbyhYhYhyhyhYtfcvvgvvgyuvugyvYgvygvyugHUViIHUyyuhi
Charles Pease
Charles Pease преди месец
The evil santa clone turned into Hitler.
HoneyedHylian преди месец
I never realized the thing about the free presents just showing up and parents not believing. That's hilarious.
The amazing gamer Person
The amazing gamer Person преди месец
Alex- home alone isn’t as good as everyone says Home alone fans- nooooooooo Alex- Santa clause 2 is dumb Santa clause 2 fans- yeah we know
Jordan10o5 преди месец
10:59 he’s a Secret Nazi
Grant Smith
Grant Smith преди месец
just get to the point
McKayla P
McKayla P преди месец
Do a Gravity Falls video please!
Kirbs1261 7
Kirbs1261 7 преди месец
What would happen if carol wanted a divorce?
Kirbs1261 7
Kirbs1261 7 преди месец
12:18 is literally the definition of perfection
Kirbs1261 7
Kirbs1261 7 преди месец
There is a third one and.... it’s just more freaking weird
Madison Emmick - CVMS 2025
Madison Emmick - CVMS 2025 преди месец
“Well, his name is Curtis” *The Outsiders fangirls* CURTIS BROTHERS!!!!
Liak n’ Stuff
Liak n’ Stuff преди месец
I would have to disagree. Evil Adolf Hitler Santa Robot (E.A.H.S.R) is an important factor to the movie and you will never change my mind.
Squeegee Boi
Squeegee Boi преди месец
Oh god Alex‘s Is a sell out :(
Hej Hej
Hej Hej преди месец
On pc
Hej Hej
Hej Hej преди месец
I have raid shadow legends
Cameron Gouck
Cameron Gouck преди месец
Oh no... a cringy RAID: shadow legends sponsor
Fantasticfloor преди месец
Evil robot Santa that judges everyone as naughty, sounds like Futurerama Santa.
The MadMom
The MadMom преди месец
I always figured the reason it took so long for the Mrs. Clause to kick in was because the Elves or Powers That Be that enforce these clauses were waiting for the new Santa to actually enjoy being Santa. If he still didn't want to be Santa anymore he could just stay single and let the 'De-Santafication' process do its thing and go back to his normal life. Now that he enjoys being Santa and doesn't want to give it up the Powers/Elves can use it as an incentive to find a Missus.
Dr Oink
Dr Oink преди месец
Umm, Alex talks about Roxanne from A Goofy Movie a lot...
Reiko Harris
Reiko Harris преди месец
Wait, I have a question. If Santa needs a Mrs.Claus .... what the heck happened to the last one. Did she just vanish like Obi-Wan when the other Santa fell off the roof?
Martin Orjuela Bernal
Martin Orjuela Bernal преди месец
youtuber: get's 10 subs Raid shadow legends:Intresting
Videos with Duncan
Videos with Duncan преди месец
omg i hate raid shadow legends now, i've seen way too much
momololtote's shit
momololtote's shit преди месец
oh fuck raid shadow legends
Tomas Hole
Tomas Hole преди месец
This reminds me of odd squad
VaultBoy 1413
VaultBoy 1413 преди месец
Just realized that His initials are Santa Clause. Scott Calvin Santa Clause
fleegle преди месец
I never forgive you for this too because I think I always watch this I have a DVD of this so you're saying this is the dumbest movie nope it was pretty cool to me and your just coming here to ruin it all for me you better not do mrs. Paragons because that's one of my new favorite movies
robjefferson5 преди месец
Your like the best BGcdr 😁
Llama Boy76
Llama Boy76 преди месец
11:27 this scene reminded me of Toy Story 2, when the 2 Buzz's were fighting over who was the really Buzz 😂
ThisOnePot Ay
ThisOnePot Ay преди месец
1:13 So you can skip the sponsor shit
cubbleshasreturned преди месец
I can see what Alex means about the evil santa Claus. They could have saved that Point for a different movie. Or just thrown it out completely since they already did that plot in santa Claus 3 with Jack frost
Kadie E
Kadie E преди месец
Y’all I just realized kertis is the boy from the cat in the hat 😳
Zachary Skinner
Zachary Skinner преди месец
Raid gotcha, Eh?
Alexis D
Alexis D преди месец
Come on....the office party scene was adorable:)
Alexis D
Alexis D преди месец
Being married to a man you knew for a couple of days whose son made your job at school hell, being forced away to a snowy factory in the middle of nowhere with farting gross reindeer, and children who PSYCH! Are actually thousands of years old seems miserable. And now your cute Tim Allen husband gains 100 pounds and grows tons of white facial hair the second after your wedding seems awful. Like damn can I at least have some cool snow powers or something?
dylansstuff преди месец
I like how he didn't ruin the santa magic for the kiddie's
Weird Stuff Animation
Weird Stuff Animation преди месец
10:42 well...yes and no...
Pigeon Gamer girl
Pigeon Gamer girl преди месец
Please do Santa clause 3 if you haven’t!!!!
Don Mcc
Don Mcc преди месец
I guess what we need is a more realistic movie about Santa Claus.....
Michael Moore
Michael Moore преди месец
I've seen the santa claws 3 its so stupid
Cute Stich :D
Cute Stich :D преди месец
omg the film guy WAS in the ending xD
Sage Alonso
Sage Alonso преди 2 месеца
Can we get The Santa Clause 3 for this Christmas?
Rebecca Foard
Rebecca Foard преди 2 месеца
The person below me is secretly a reindeer
Per Lindebrant
Per Lindebrant преди 2 месеца
Video song I love your videos so much sense to place with juice in the world message this person in the world inside of you
Celestine Fenris
Celestine Fenris преди 2 месеца
Why is nobody else choking and dying from the "All thanks to this guy from the camera crew standing in the shot"? XD OH MY GOD! THAT IS HILARIOUS! HE LOOKS SO MISERABLE!
The Santa Clause doesn't make any sense...
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