The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was kinda weird...

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Alex Meyers

преди 3 месеца

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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers преди 3 месеца
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PunchFor Pound
PunchFor Pound преди 20 дни
Alex, I really like your comedy but can you please stop including what feels like 1-2 jokes pushing regressive SJW political agendas into every video? I don't think that's what most people come to your channel for. IMO, funny review videos about about old TV shows, often kids and teen TV shows, is not the place to push, IMO, regressive, one-sided political opinions. If you want to preach SJW political views, IMO I think you should make videos specifically about that, or dedicate an entire channel to it, but that's just my opinion and my preference, and I respect your opinion and your views too. I'm just giving my own personal feedback of how I would like your channel much more. But of course, you are free to do what you want. It's just sometimes you not only include, IMO, very controversial political opinions into your videos, but you do not even label them as opinions, you just state them as if they are scientific facts and not your opinions, which IMO comes off sort of cocky and condescending. But, it is your channel! Respect your opinion... no hard feelings... Peace
Alice Auger
Alice Auger преди месец
Alex Meyers I love your videos but can you check out my BGcd channel of the infinite Kitcat please
Breanna преди месец
its 30$ not 29
Shanni Elgarat
Shanni Elgarat преди 2 месеца
Once upside down magic comes out pls do it
Berliandiva Aulia
Berliandiva Aulia преди 2 месеца
Dylan Sprouse is going to be in the new After movie sequel
Sara Shafie
Sara Shafie преди 9 часа
just cause london is rich does not mean she has to be dumb!
assassinman0066 преди ден
“What are you? A 14?” “Yes... The same as your IQ.” DAAAAAAAYM MADDIE AINT HOLDING ANYTHING BACK
Lilliannthepups преди ден
👁 👁 🐽 👄 MY GOD
And they had a indian version of this called suite life of karan and Kabir....
ITS Laurie
ITS Laurie преди 3 дни
Well, I'm from iowa so when u were talking about the rich kids being smart I was like yup
dinanath upadhyay
dinanath upadhyay преди 3 дни
a very richsy hotel with world smallest lobby apparently .😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Unreasonably Random
Unreasonably Random преди 4 дни
Dylan sprouse is obviously Roomie
Awesome Tanay Sharma
Awesome Tanay Sharma преди 6 дни
laugh is funnier than the video
Amber Currie
Amber Currie преди 7 дни
1:53 I'm beginning to think Alex really likes Harry Styles lol
curly anika
curly anika преди 7 дни
London got dumber and dumber in every season
Alisha Raj
Alisha Raj преди 9 дни
At least it is better than Riverdale
Bella Rodriguez
Bella Rodriguez преди 10 дни
populare kids are weird af =_=
mr NoName
mr NoName преди 11 дни
after college Dylan Sprouse was in the movie banana split and is going to be in After we Collided, he has his own comic book and his own meadery place called all-wise meadery and is in a long term relationship with model Barbra Palvin. Dylan's brother Coles Sprouse is in Riverdale witch is a dark twist on the Archie comics, and was also in the movie Five Feet Apart, Cole is also a great photographer. And although Coles Sprouse is "more famous" I honestly think in my opinion Dylan is more successful but this could totally change because it seems like Coles has a lot of plans for the future. And I would also like to add that I think Cole should stop playing teenagers since he is almost 30. thank you if you read all of this sorry I did not expect it to be this long.
A U R I E L L E преди 11 дни
Can you watch the spinoff, The Suite Life On Deck
Bisma Anna
Bisma Anna преди 12 дни
Is Alex in any way related to staphenie mayers
Jose Sandoval
Jose Sandoval преди 12 дни
I think you’re the racist one. Casually.. lol
Rosalie B. Rowan
Rosalie B. Rowan преди 12 дни
Thanks for adding to the stereotype that alternative people are uneducated😬 News flash! Alternative people can be clever and motivated too just like petty rich people. All these stereotypes are dumb.
tristan truitt
tristan truitt преди 13 дни
Dylan was recently in a film “ Banana Split “ and it was actually pretty good
Autumn Peacock
Autumn Peacock преди 13 дни
On the "pretty/popular = dumb" yeah my school was the opposite too. The most attractive and popular girls were really smart and going off to good colleges.(popular guys, still dumb) But apparently even Paris is actually smart but has an image to keep up of being dumb for some reason
Selin Güleryüz
Selin Güleryüz преди 14 дни
"kamehameha" i'm done
Selin Güleryüz
Selin Güleryüz преди 14 дни
u are everything i aspire to be
Frank Castillo
Frank Castillo преди 14 дни
This show was hilarious
Boris Gorchilov
Boris Gorchilov преди 14 дни
Dylan works in a coffee shop in NYC
Gunnar Karotte
Gunnar Karotte преди 15 дни
My girlfriend watched the show on disney+ and I have to say: I'm happy I wasn't there all the time. It felt dated and just... on repeat to me for the most part.
Jacqueline Faith
Jacqueline Faith преди 16 дни
I never understand it
narutosbelievin преди 17 дни
Paris Hilton just realized like last year that London Tipton was a spoof of her.
Cory Brown
Cory Brown преди 19 дни
omg is that madam hooch?!?!?!
Quwyn Iscoool
Quwyn Iscoool преди 20 дни
cole sprouse might be playing in the one piece live action
Ganime Ozcay
Ganime Ozcay преди 21 ден
omfg the tweet has the tag @joegoldberggg and the name *please step on my throat geralt* IM DYING
Jamie Dave
Jamie Dave преди 21 ден
Can you do a review on Sonny With A Chance?
Caden Holtz
Caden Holtz преди 21 ден
I love when he makes jokes about him being thirty and a BGcdr, like buddy I’m trying to be a music major you’re doing better than I’ll ever do
Just Hincapie
Just Hincapie преди 21 ден
While other use Disney plus to watched live action Mulan, I binge all the suite life series
Rune stone
Rune stone преди 22 дни
Leah Smith
Leah Smith преди 22 дни
5:49 is probably my favorite Alex Myers moment, I don't know why but it makes me laugh every time.
Tut lrala
Tut lrala преди 22 дни
Haha yeah Dylan... This one guy in the second loving part of after
WAM Spray
WAM Spray преди 24 дни
Do on Deck
TheMarKus преди 24 дни
When that chubby kid from suite life on deck got bit by a rat. That was the funniest episode ever.
Fm Studios
Fm Studios преди 24 дни
More I want more please
Wagic with Watson
Wagic with Watson преди 25 дни
Wizards of Waverly Place was a weird show...
Alex Meyers
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The Princess Switch is the dumbest christmas movie...
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