Sam and Cat was a weird show...

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Alex Meyers

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Zoey 101 was such a weird show...
Drake and Josh was the weirdest show...
iCarly was a weird show...
Victorious was kinda dumb...
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RATNADIP PAUL преди 7 часа
only thing i remember after this cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat
María Vic
María Vic преди 23 часа
Yo shoul do "Sunny with a chance" and its spin off "So random"
Lorianna Scott
Lorianna Scott преди ден
Victorious Funny and ridicuolus, Sam and cat, STUPID and nonsense and hilariously dumb.
Scie_Art преди ден
Please do Jessie! Its from that era, and I think it would be a good video.
Boris spivak
Boris spivak преди ден
remember when in an episode in victorious she said that her grandma lived in india or uh i'm not exactly sure where but maybe she's here where her grandma lives and now this is where she lives with sam
Shannitra George
Shannitra George преди ден
Hey 👋 Alex I love your videos When they make a coods 2 Please make a video about it
EarmuffPenguin преди ден
Ava преди ден
I never really liked this show idk I could never get into it like victorious or icarly
Aidenlol bonzanto
Aidenlol bonzanto преди ден
u should make ur own show
ssalambwa col
ssalambwa col преди 2 дни
what sam & cat was my favourite its not dumb !Goomer is my favourite character
Carol Elliott
Carol Elliott преди 3 дни
5:00 is my favorite part
ben trimble
ben trimble преди 3 дни
I have to side with blondie on this one... the robe looks like someone puked up a box of Lucky Charms. 😀
ʀaᴡmᴇn ɴoᴏdʟeᴢ
ʀaᴡmᴇn ɴoᴏdʟeᴢ преди 3 дни
You just earned a dislike👎🏽 Not cool man
HassanatSaysHello преди 4 дни
Can you please do ever which way? ✨🤍
Kate L
Kate L преди 4 дни
There was literally no point to this show
Maria Eduarda Alves
Maria Eduarda Alves преди 4 дни
9:46 Yeah! I think that’s why Dan Schneider’s shows are so good. When you’re a kid they’re funny and when you grow up they’re still funny, but now you get the hidden jokes. It’s different from Disney’s, like Wizards of Waverly Place that I used to love but recently I realized it did not age well.
AbdulTayyeb Ratlami
AbdulTayyeb Ratlami преди 4 дни
Why do you ruin my child hood
arjunn s.
arjunn s. преди 4 дни
Erif The fox
Erif The fox преди 4 дни
Cats voice WAS ok and she was not a insanely dumb character in Victorious. She was not annoying In the future of victorious and sam and cat....SHE IS ANNOYING
Beatriz Ramírez
Beatriz Ramírez преди 5 дни
Can you do Muláns remake please it so bad
Wolfyyy Idk
Wolfyyy Idk преди 5 дни
U should do the worst witch on Netflix
Eddworld fan
Eddworld fan преди 5 дни
Cat is my fav characters
Eddworld fan
Eddworld fan преди 5 дни
I love sam and cat i lobe it
Katharine Unwin
Katharine Unwin преди 5 дни
This came out the day after I started watching sam and cat on netflixs
GoTeNkS DrAgOnBaLlZ преди 6 дни
Lmao, anyone remember every witch way?
Inside Nathan's Head
Inside Nathan's Head преди 7 дни
Lets not forget the Laverne and Shirley cameo episode
It gets worse
It gets worse преди 7 дни
Icarly was my childhood lmao
{ popfizz }
{ popfizz } преди 8 дни
Alex, I swear to God, don't ruin my childhood
Sarah W
Sarah W преди 8 дни
Plz do the haunted hathaways
Mega Raichu
Mega Raichu преди 8 дни
After watching this video, I searched for Arianna grande's first music video. One word: DAMN 😖 (She is one of my fav singers)
glitch trap peep
glitch trap peep преди 8 дни
I just LuvsChicken
I just LuvsChicken преди 8 дни
Ariana Grande doesn’t really like her Cat Valentine days. She actually doesn’t like when people associate her with Cat Valentine anymore! :D
Mei TheRainbowLover
Mei TheRainbowLover преди 9 дни
Brindha Anand
Brindha Anand преди 9 дни
abs the musical
Sequence Fulfilled
Sequence Fulfilled преди 9 дни
Believe it or not, I still love this show! Sam and cat X
Lacey Fisher
Lacey Fisher преди 9 дни
Love this channel
Maxswing Pl
Maxswing Pl преди 10 дни
Dude, when the show was created there wasn't anything like tik tok
Just Sayori
Just Sayori преди 10 дни
Oooooh my god sam and cat was probably my favorite show
Amanda Winter
Amanda Winter преди 10 дни
Do you have a trade you dragon three
Varsha Patibandla
Varsha Patibandla преди 10 дни
If he doesn't do wizards of Waverly place
Addy Brown
Addy Brown преди 11 дни
You should do Julie and the phantoms!
Theflash Fan
Theflash Fan преди 11 дни
Cough there’s two seasons cough
dapper sugoi
dapper sugoi преди 11 дни
Ahhhh yes Sam and cat
burningmarshmellow yt
burningmarshmellow yt преди 11 дни
this animator sus
Deleralia преди 11 дни
I love how the background music at around 0:50 is literally shining force town theme... LOVE IT SO MUCH
Squish Playz
Squish Playz преди 11 дни
If that was trash you are a full dumpster
Get me to 1k so I can brag at school
Get me to 1k so I can brag at school преди 12 дни
Yes it was
1,000 subscribers with no videos?
1,000 subscribers with no videos? преди 12 дни
if surfsharkdoesnt work, imma sue u
Kelvin Duong
Kelvin Duong преди 12 дни
two words. *sloppy waffles.*
Cienna Jervies
Cienna Jervies преди 12 дни
Can you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do full out on Netflix
Crystal Wang
Crystal Wang преди 12 дни
Okay but Sam and Cat are the two biggest Nick contenders of that era for a lesbian couple other than Tori and Jade. I watched the show again as a 17 yr old for the gay factor and the stupidity.
Super Sonic drawing fan Hedgehog kid
Super Sonic drawing fan Hedgehog kid преди 12 дни
Dude do not talk crap about my favorite show that was my childhood I would watch that every single day so don’t even believe this video or I will report it
Goldebillionare преди 13 дни
could you do the thundermans
Ghazala Zafar
Ghazala Zafar преди 13 дни
I admit I loved Sam and cat
Ashleigh Bailey
Ashleigh Bailey преди 13 дни
So anyways sam and cat- ~le gasp~ ThAtS wHy ThEy CaLlEd ThE sHoW tHaT! 😂
Kenneth W
Kenneth W преди 13 дни
심 육군
심 육군 преди 13 дни
you should do amazing world of gumball
K. Esquire
K. Esquire преди 13 дни
This show was NEVER FUNNY
wxllyxwxnka преди 14 дни
Do the worst witch
Dona Nasol
Dona Nasol преди 14 дни
Sam: Dude! Stop the truck! You have an idiotic girl in your truck!
Celine Mason
Celine Mason преди 14 дни
I wish I liked Cat... She always annoyed me even as a kid. There's something about the forced breathyness of her line delivery that drives me nuts.
jedi webster
jedi webster преди 14 дни
Henry danger now
ME :D преди 14 дни
Wait wasnt justin Bieber dating ariana grande ;-;
TheMadamHatter преди 14 дни
The girl who played sam was a fucking gem
UlyVentures преди 15 дни
Review Mr.Meaty and Sonny with a Chance
-Fluffshi- преди 15 дни
You should cover liv and Maddie it was really cringe but it was good
SeanTheMan1 преди 15 дни
Apparently Arianna & Jennette hate each other & that’s why the show got cancelled. And something about Arianna getting payed more I think.
Exequiel Asuncion
Exequiel Asuncion преди 15 дни
You need to do Julie and the Phantoms!
Gacha Club Daily Videos Sometimes Weard And Funny
Gacha Club Daily Videos Sometimes Weard And Funny преди 16 дни
Abs the misucical
Zara Draws
Zara Draws преди 16 дни
Bananas are now electronic devices
94ejack преди 16 дни
Alex, look up Dan Schneider; he created "Sam & Cat" and other Nickelodeon shows.
benji bandz
benji bandz преди 16 дни
LMFAOOO nickelodeon basically called Ariana grande trash when they threw "Cat" in the truck
Alora Vigil
Alora Vigil преди 16 дни
what did you say about sam & cat
Alora Vigil
Alora Vigil преди 16 дни
well you don't get it
Kieran Milnes
Kieran Milnes преди 17 дни
I wacht all of the episodes on Netflix
J K преди 17 дни
“nice sack” no further explanation
Kadija Jabbie
Kadija Jabbie преди 17 дни
Not to be rude or anything but do u only like one show and one movie.
KillerQueen msp
KillerQueen msp преди 17 дни
Doubledd Q
Doubledd Q преди 17 дни
Aw man I saw an Ariana interview too and it’s just...that girl talks in twitter speak in real life. It was pretty cringe. And also like throws in the word like, like a lot.
BlackCat d
BlackCat d преди 18 дни
Ariana Grande sucks cause of her song lyrics.
i exist
i exist преди 18 дни
do they still talk tho
Dank poster
Dank poster преди 18 дни
Arianna Grande is the younger gender swapped Joe Biden.
Aria Kyobashi
Aria Kyobashi преди 18 дни
When I was little I loved one episode when Cat bought a bunch of random stuff online 😅
Anjali Kaptain
Anjali Kaptain преди 18 дни
Could you do Avatar the Last Airbender?
Mermaid mlp 1000
Mermaid mlp 1000 преди 19 дни
You should totally do Bizardvark
Bobby Braun
Bobby Braun преди 19 дни
Sam and Cat was really bad and pretty much ended the best shows on Nickelodeon. I didn't like it but watched every episode because there were no more shows left on TV that I liked so I was like "Huh, well this is close enough."
Manav Udgirkar
Manav Udgirkar преди 19 дни
this is like kid friendly cinema sins also alex needs a sin counter also im not hating...i love alex
Amara M
Amara M преди 19 дни
Can you do some assembly required Honestly the weirdest sitcom I’ve ever seen
Ramon Kean
Ramon Kean преди 20 дни
Now I'm gonna be honest this guy just onliterated this whole shows existence
Rufaida Mansoor
Rufaida Mansoor преди 20 дни
Do Henry danger
Eliza Healan
Eliza Healan преди 20 дни
Do Jessie plz plz plz
BobaBear преди 21 ден
When he realised why it was called Sam and Cat XD
Mr. Mystery 25
Mr. Mystery 25 преди 21 ден
F E E T= Dan Schneider
Chaly Gagnon
Chaly Gagnon преди 22 дни
Im on my mom’s phone
Chaly Gagnon
Chaly Gagnon преди 22 дни
Or I will report your videos
Chaly Gagnon
Chaly Gagnon преди 22 дни
So don’t make kids cry
Chaly Gagnon
Chaly Gagnon преди 22 дни
Im six
Chaly Gagnon
Chaly Gagnon преди 22 дни
Boo I hate your vids
Chaly Gagnon
Chaly Gagnon преди 22 дни
Bad BGcdr boo
Chaly Gagnon
Chaly Gagnon преди 22 дни
Your makeing me cry
Rori _
Rori _ преди 22 дни
God I used to LOVE this show
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