Descendants doesn't make any sense...

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Alex Meyers

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Descendants doesn't make any sense animation
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Liv R.
Liv R. преди 31 минута
Kristen Chenowith was r o b b e d in this film. She could have done great things, but she got an... interestingly CGI'd Maleficent dragon. Disney... what are you doing???
Sidd __
Sidd __ преди 46 минути
Was this movie supposed be a big joke?
OceanRae преди 51 минута
Every movie has “Perfect Chin,Jaw, and Abs man” like *what*
Olivia Ellis
Olivia Ellis преди 5 часа
descendants is the best movie bitch!
Olivia Ellis
Olivia Ellis преди 5 часа
HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!
itsfearful преди 5 часа
mulan's daughter: rips da skirt* NoW iM cOoL me: wait wheres my skirt
tracey Welsh
tracey Welsh преди 6 часа
Now that I look back at this movie I’m kinda starting to see how weak and ridiculous it is
Underwatch Rnaqvi07
Underwatch Rnaqvi07 преди 6 часа
Btw theres another show called EVER AFTER HIGH which came out before. They cancelled it because Descendants became popular. Ever After High in my opinion is SOOO much better. Theres a good plot and I love the animation. AND the clothes are AMAZING. Im so upset that they cancelled it because of Disney. I LOVED it. They even had really cool dolls that I would've KILLED for when I was younger.
Ethan Plays
Ethan Plays преди 8 часа
Ethan Plays
Ethan Plays преди 8 часа
Kit Kat
Kit Kat преди 8 часа
stop puttings ads on your videos.
Goldie преди 10 часа
It's actually not the latest, it's Zombies
Chu Myat Kyel Sin
Chu Myat Kyel Sin преди 14 часа
you don't know even Chad and you want to blame descendants
Chu Myat Kyel Sin
Chu Myat Kyel Sin преди 14 часа
I hate all of you!!!!!!!!
Chu Myat Kyel Sin
Chu Myat Kyel Sin преди 14 часа
Boooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate you!!!!! so baddddddddddddddddd
leland playz
leland playz преди 16 часа
or am I missing something
leland playz
leland playz преди 16 часа
3:41 wait so is Shrek her father
Avatar Ahnk
Avatar Ahnk преди 19 часа
So then they go on this *SuPeR rOMantIc* date.
Daniella Muñoz
Daniella Muñoz преди 20 часа
can we just talk how descendants 3 was not organized for example it would have been better to talk about Mal's dad or about audry's evil dream cuz it had way too much events so it looks like they tried to make everything look great but it doesnt, im not saying its bad im just saying it could have been better
Daniel Pepper
Daniel Pepper преди 21 час
carve out its heart
Darking Dusk
Darking Dusk преди 21 час
lmao can't stop laughing XD
Trivedam преди 22 часа
is your monitor thicc af or is your dog SKINNY af
Rice Man
Rice Man преди 22 часа
I love you videos but can you please target adult Chanel’s like love Island
Amara Okezie-Ibekwe
Amara Okezie-Ibekwe преди 23 часа
Audrey seemed like an insecure girlfriend
T-Cave Playz
T-Cave Playz преди ден
Lets be honest all the dislikes on this vid are from pissed off 9 year old's from what hes saying about their movies lmao
Fernanda Oliveira
Fernanda Oliveira преди ден
You need to do one with Julie and the phantons...
Kaitlyn Reyna
Kaitlyn Reyna преди ден
Review attaway hospital plz cuz they suck
Evie190 Brin
Evie190 Brin преди ден
No!!! Descendants isn't boring you just don't watch it so don't let the director mad or else Cameron just died and now you didn't make any sense it does make sense it's a movie for kids is because your old enough to watch it so it does make any sense!!!!!
Evie190 Brin
Evie190 Brin преди 16 часа
Excuse me@jinsoulaceI'm not 8 year old and realy Descendants make any sense watch it
Lucillia Mainolfi
Lucillia Mainolfi преди ден
Descendants is my favorite book series 😡
Shara Andersen
Shara Andersen преди ден
talk about cringe.
Patricia Mastropolo
Patricia Mastropolo преди ден
why are you so picky my sister watched this vid and she loves decadence and now she never wants to see it again your a bad influence also hate you and nobody should watch your vids
jinsoulace преди ден
be quiet 8 yr old
Jaoofy преди ден
"If someone handed you a crying baby- AD: we can make this jeep apart of who they are
Patricia Mastropolo
Patricia Mastropolo преди ден
stop pausing it also i hate you
jinsoulace преди ден
be quiet 8 yr old
Veida Trevor-Smith
Veida Trevor-Smith преди ден
who the hell would press there finger down on a pin thats dumb
Dilan lol
Dilan lol преди ден
she got some Jade vibes
Isabella Culp
Isabella Culp преди ден
4:03 KiRbY wItH hUmAn FeEt!?!??
Cr4zi ._.
Cr4zi ._. преди ден
*Duh its a disney production-*
Rafaela Oliveira
Rafaela Oliveira преди ден
Meme Kings
Meme Kings преди 2 дни
11:41 is the truth
⟭⟬ 𖧵 SugasCupTae 𖧵⟭⟬
⟭⟬ 𖧵 SugasCupTae 𖧵⟭⟬ преди 2 дни
I remember loving this movie and obsessing over it at like 13 now a few years later I hate it
Descendants 2 doesn't make any sense...
Alex Meyers
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why does everyone like On My Block so much?
Alex Meyers
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365 Days is the worst movie I have ever seen...
Alex Meyers
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Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
Alex Meyers
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The Knight Before Christmas is the dumbest movie
Alex Meyers
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To All the Boys I've Loved Before is kinda dumb...
Alex Meyers
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Twilight doesn't make any sense...
Alex Meyers
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Sam and Cat was a weird show...
Alex Meyers
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Teen Beach Movie is kinda dumb...
Alex Meyers
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Glee is pretty dumb...
Alex Meyers
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Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...
Alex Meyers
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