365 Days is the worst movie I have ever seen...

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Alex Meyers

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365 Days Netflix Movie Animated Reaction
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RUJUL GODBOLE преди 4 часа
Guys its an erotic film! You possibly can't make any logic of an erotic film! just watch it and have fun lol
Vicky преди 8 часа
Have you never seen Room?? No but really, when you aren't sure if Room or this one is worse then you know it's bad
Linda Johnson
Linda Johnson преди 9 часа
Don't watch it simple as that
Linda Johnson
Linda Johnson преди 10 часа
If you don't like the movie don't watch it
Gre kko
Gre kko преди 10 часа
Are you going to do the second After movie? I hated the first one so I’m excited to see what you do in After we Collided.
Natalia Ruelas
Natalia Ruelas преди 12 часа
ArE yOu lOsT bAbYgIRl?
Bendis per Kotys
Bendis per Kotys преди 14 часа
There was this low budget movie on youtube (I think it was made by students, it only has like 2 or 3 actors and most of the action takes place in a single room). I saw it like a year ago. A guy kidnaps a girl and tells her he is basically a genius and he did some calculations (using data he hacked from phone companies databases I believe, like recordings of phone conversations) and the result was that he and this girl were like almost 100% compatible. And his plan was to spend enough time with her in order for her to fall in love with him. She fights back at first but in the end she actually does fall in love with him and they sleep together. But the thing is... when he leaves the room (after they made love) he goes into another room where.... PAM PAM PAM!!! He has another girl tied up, freshly kidnapped. And he starts telling her the same story about him being a genius and them being a perfect match for eachother. It was a mindfuck. But I can't remember the name of it, uhh!
Agnes Popielarczyk
Agnes Popielarczyk преди 16 часа
samanta afrin
samanta afrin преди 18 часа
I went to watch this movie after watching your review and God.! What a waste of time! I will never get back the pracious 30 minutes of my life! Yeah right! Could not watch the whole thing! Yuuuk! 😖😖. Just wanted to see if that movie is as bad as you are saying ! Dude,You are not saying enough !😪
vanshika pansari
vanshika pansari преди 19 часа
This movie was meant to be in pornhub but they decided to add a story. (Not shaming the actors, shaming the writer.)
AnAn7s29 преди 20 часа
Movies are exagerrated stories, fiction or non fiction. There is no Logic , expect in few movies. And this movie is also based on a novel next part is called "10 Dzien"
AnAn7s29 преди 20 часа
there are 2 more parts of this movie. Spolier : in last part massimo has to choose between Laura and baby (not baby girl :P).
Aldrina lincy Albert
Aldrina lincy Albert преди 21 час
It's a great video... But I mean did you really have to allocate so much time for the movie scenes??!! coz basically I didn't even wanna get reminded that I watched this creepy movie... I am cringing every time a scene plays... 🤮🤮
Namjoon's used contact lens
Namjoon's used contact lens преди 23 часа
*killing* *me* *softly* *flashbacks* *intensifies*
H C преди 23 часа
Its a narcissist game, its your loss if yiu didnt fall in love with me even if Im creepy
Ihaveno Soccs
Ihaveno Soccs преди 23 часа
This could have been such a good psychological horror if Laura escaped and Massimo decided to stalk her some more and just break her mind to convince her that she needs his protection and after he gets her he just locks her in a room forever, idk that seems a bit more interesting than whatever Stockholm syndrome garbage this is
The Anonymous Sniper
The Anonymous Sniper преди ден
Him: ArE yOu LoSt BaByGiRl?!?! Girl: 👁️👄👁️ Me: she reacted HORTIBLY the first time and he decided that it would be a good idea to repeat the line the exact same way....
Devdog Devdog
Devdog Devdog преди ден
Lol how do you make a video about this movie without your video getting stricken down by BGcd
Gen-z Faith
Gen-z Faith преди ден
Hahaha nice
Gigi преди ден
I don't wnna spread rumours or smt, but I heard that they are making a second part of this movie. Like a 365 days 2 idk tho
Mushu преди ден
I stopped watching the movie in the middle, I was off put by the start, but the last straw was when he said that shit about her seeing what she's missing, but he's receiving? Like wtf? See what? That made zero sense, are there women who like doing that?
Ela Hoły
Ela Hoły преди ден
As a young polish woman I would like to apologize all of you, please don't give up on us. If you wanna regain your faith in Poland go watch The Witcher. Thank you Ps. The funny thing is subtitles you've put in this video doesn't mean what they really say in the movie haha, but I assume it was on purpose
King Amoeboid
King Amoeboid преди 2 часа
I’m gonna watch Decalogue.
Brook Kidd
Brook Kidd преди ден
I decided to watch this after watching the video and i swear..... my mind 😭😭😭
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy преди ден
If the movie had even a bit of Sarcasm and Savagery from Laura, it would be so much better. What it needed was to be slightly meta and more acerbic in its humour.
edidiong udoeyop
edidiong udoeyop преди 2 дни
Are you lost baby girl 😂😂
Polina Ivanova
Polina Ivanova преди 2 дни
I just want to ask the people scrolling through hundreds of comments.... *Are you lost, baby girl?*
Tracy-allen Ezechukwu
Tracy-allen Ezechukwu преди 2 дни
I loveeeeeeee your humour. I love love it. 😂😂😂😂
Angel Mateo
Angel Mateo преди 2 дни
R u lost bb gurl?
Roxana Fuentes
Roxana Fuentes преди 2 дни
Well, we all have different opinions about it. It’s a movie that’s it move on.
Caembria Furtado
Caembria Furtado преди 2 дни
What’s sad is that people hate this movie saying it promotes kidnapping and Stockholm syndrome. But none of y’all are hating beauty and the beast. He kept her captive for months and wouldn’t let her leave until she fell for him, by then he finally said she could go and she didn’t want to. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Hamida Bayram
Hamida Bayram преди 2 дни
But Massimo is pretty handsome
love story drama
love story drama преди 2 дни
This guy deserves a 100 million subscribers this is absolutely accurate 🤣
Sarah Saiful azwan
Sarah Saiful azwan преди 2 дни
Is the subtitle at 0:53 true? Bcs it'd be funny if it was..
eyasmin akhter
eyasmin akhter преди 2 дни
So y wasnt i aware of this channel's existence earlier???
Kate преди 2 дни
*Whenever I want my cousin to laugh while playing you laugh you lose, I legit say "are you laughing, babygirl?" Thanks to 365 Days* I loved this opinion cause it saved me a lot of time to explain to my friends why this movie was dumber than fifty shades lmao
Surbhi Sharma
Surbhi Sharma преди 3 дни
2:08 I knew you gonna do it. I KNEW .
Natalia Arias
Natalia Arias преди 3 дни
1:40 lmao same alex still can't get over it
Dae Marie23
Dae Marie23 преди 3 дни
has the guy ever heard of...idk....Therapy???
Malak Buhardan
Malak Buhardan преди 3 дни
Did not even need to see the video to give it a thumps up
__yeri преди 3 дни
we shouldn’t be glorifying stockholm syndrome & toxic relationships. i hope this is the last movie with this type of shitty plot to exist..
Elle 77
Elle 77 преди 3 дни
Hahaha... I laughed so hard while watching the movie and laughed some more! 😂
Phúc Hoàng
Phúc Hoàng преди 3 дни
I don't want to justify kidnapping no matter how long it last but 365 days is really long, like try 2 weeks or something.
Kookie & Tae
Kookie & Tae преди 3 дни
The evolution of "Are you lost-" "Are you lost babygirl?" "Are you lost babygorl?" "Are you lost babygrill?" "Are you lost babygorilla?"
Nabanita Das
Nabanita Das преди 3 дни
I just realized something. When Laura fell from the boat after the massive fight, the boat was mid ocean and the uncle of Massimo was on board. The uncle must have been on board the whole time when they started the non-stop boning marathon all over the boat for I don't know how long!!! Gotta suck being the uncle with all the boning going on.
yugabrat deka
yugabrat deka преди 3 дни
Receives message from random guys in facebook: omg such a creep Watches this guy with really faked deep voice and all the red flags: omg, I'm gonna let him smash me fr.
Anushree преди 3 дни
when he says that line "baby girl"....yikes, cringy!!!
serious22 преди 3 дни
If you have a good sense of humor & don't take everything so seriously this movie is pretty entertaining in a Showgirls kinda way. Needless to say the woke police was not amused. They never are. Also, even though there's always a line, the more attractive a person is, the more they can get away with regardless of their gender. Massimo is handsome & brooding & therefore has more leeway(in an absurdly stupid movie). That's just human nature, not the patriarchy.
Erica Nozak
Erica Nozak преди 3 дни
This is just..... modern day Beauty and the Beast..... bruuuhhhhh...
Sagarika Rai
Sagarika Rai преди 3 дни
This guy is handsome and a very talented singer and too very hot and that girl is fire.. dont fucking be a spoiler u POF!! Go and get yourself girl or a guy!! How did I get hea?? SOS!!
Mad преди 3 дни
As Polish I’m pissed. We have so many talented filmmakers and the world only gets to see this shit.
Lin преди 4 дни
You SAVE me from watching this movie. THANK YOU THANK YOUUU 😁
Erika P
Erika P преди 4 дни
I just found your channel. I laughed sooooo much!!! And I totally agree with you! Someone who experienced abuse, I hate to see how they make it seem normal abuse!
Drummond Studios
Drummond Studios преди 4 дни
Lol, All he had to do was go on Tiktok and posted a video of her to the Tory Lanez "You don't know my name cover" and we'd find her for him.
Autumn Potato
Autumn Potato преди 4 дни
"I do business" Vincent Adultman, is that you?
Th3ories преди 4 дни
I know it's all jokes and whatnot but in reality, this is how marriages formed in ancient times and romance always blossomed after the fact. I mean, David and Bathsheba is a critical example of this. It's part of human nature.
Cíťa преди 4 дни
I came back like for the fifth time because of the Big Ol' Red Flag... sorry, this video is hillarious but that 8:54 killed it :'D
Shana преди 4 дни
I don't understand why so much people like this movie.. This shows just that a big part of humanity don't understand what love is anymore.
Md Sagar
Md Sagar преди 4 дни
Sometimes you don't need to focus on story you just need to focus on the content in it 😂
Willowy13 преди 4 дни
"Are you lost baby girl?" - I'd call the police to denounce a pedo.😱🤔 He speaks too middle east to be Italian.😂 So generous! Kidnap me so he can concede me 365 days to fall in love with him. Laura reminded me of the actress from Emmanuelle in Space.
Agata B
Agata B преди 4 дни
I have bad news for you *There are 3 books/parts*
jemima преди 4 дни
No exaggeration, I genuinely want to rip out my ear drums everytime he says baby girl
Muhmmad Khan
Muhmmad Khan преди 4 дни
erica ghosh
erica ghosh преди 4 дни
But good 🤣 summary
erica ghosh
erica ghosh преди 4 дни
Excuse me she wasnt disillusioned she didn't look for fun her boyfriend was cheating on her 😒get your facts right
Tina S
Tina S преди 4 дни
I’m sorry but the animation you did for the white creature thing IS SO CUUTEEEEEE
Keva Alpine
Keva Alpine преди 4 дни
Alex Meyer's animation and Laugh is way more interesting than this shitty movie 😂 !!
Keva Alpine
Keva Alpine преди 4 дни
In the end she loved all of his notorious act though 🙄like seriously girl u have no self respect. 😑😑 He fucking kidnapped her , forced himself on her n what not. She falling for him is so cringy. Real Mafia, Gangsta ,criminals are not so dashing attractive sexy man as portrayed in this film 😂😂
Aditya Narvekar
Aditya Narvekar преди 5 дни
Fun fact ......This movie was #1 trending on Netflix India for 2 months in a row😵😵😵😵
lover Movie
lover Movie преди 5 дни
365 days (2020) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E --------------------------- √ 365dni-full-movie-santet.blogspot.com Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent
Kris преди 5 дни
Google:- "searches 365 days" Google:- "did you mean stockholm syndrome" LMAOOOOO
sunjit gill
sunjit gill преди 5 дни
this script seems from the drama webcomics I read
sunjit gill
sunjit gill преди 5 дни
my parents live in a different house .... hahaahahaha
Dark shantelle
Dark shantelle преди 5 дни
Dude the 365 days and fifty shades are the same,same toxicity who would love to be choke and get boss by a man
Abigail Agyekum
Abigail Agyekum преди 5 дни
Someone who agrees with me lol
Daebooty Lover
Daebooty Lover преди 5 дни
This reminds me this barbie show I was watching when I was little and Barbie asked Ken where was he working. His response was: at a business company and Barbie was like: So coooolllll, you must work so hardddd. Barbie and Ken= Massimo and Laura
ABC D Minus
ABC D Minus преди 5 дни
The fact this movie thinks it deserves a sequel is hilarious.
Ania Bed.
Ania Bed. преди 5 дни
Carolina Murtha
Carolina Murtha преди 5 дни
What is with the way he puts a pill in her mouth because she had a bad reaction to the sedative (that he gave her to so he could kidnap her)? Who puts medicine in your mouth for you and the rubs your lips with their thumb, it’s so weird! It’s not sensual 😖.
fluffy pups
fluffy pups преди 5 дни
ArE yOu LoSt BaByGiRl Gosh I officially feel so sorry for everyone seing this bullshit lmao
Emiru Zaiikawa
Emiru Zaiikawa преди 5 дни
i had no idea this movie was from Poland lmao XD that's kinda insane tbh, but also kinda interesting like, how did that even happen? who thought this was a good idea? well ... it's not exactly a "good good" idea per se, but a good idea for shock value content
Manahil Alhindi
Manahil Alhindi преди 5 дни
It should’ve been labeled a horror movie that would made more sense
login soliman
login soliman преди 5 дни
i genuinely thought he edited in the 'are you lost babygurl' like how is this movie REAL
Dead Inside
Dead Inside преди 5 дни
"ArE yOu LoSt BaBy GuRl"
Hari Puttar
Hari Puttar преди 6 дни
365 days in a nutshell : kidnap , seduce , s*x , s*x , s*x , love , s*x ,s*x , baby , death , boom
E C преди 6 дни
Oh shut up! It's a great movie and Massimo is hot as hell. I'm guessing your a little wimpy punk who is jealous.
Autumn Fox
Autumn Fox преди 6 дни
This sort of reminds me of yoon bum and sangwooo from killing stalking
Nicole Coakley
Nicole Coakley преди 6 дни
A stranger walks up to a woman in real life..."Are you lost Baby- girl?" What happens next??? He gets a face full of mace. Because stranger danger!
Cyan • 50 Years ago
Cyan • 50 Years ago преди 6 дни
Can we still say Twilight is a bad movie at this point? (I don't like Twilight but I wonder...)
Autumn Potato
Autumn Potato преди 4 дни
in comparison to some of these other bad movies, twilight is a masterpiece
Esther Ehighelua
Esther Ehighelua преди 6 дни
Like how do you get wet and soaked probably cold as hell and you wake up naked with no questions 😂😂
Esther Ehighelua
Esther Ehighelua преди 6 дни
I don’t even think you insulted this movie enough, you almost made it a smidge bit better 😂😂😂😂 the movie makes honestly no sense and I hated, “are you lost baby girl?”
Shermila Fernando
Shermila Fernando преди 6 дни
Thank you for the story explanation 😊
Nandini Gautam
Nandini Gautam преди 6 дни
Seriously when I first saw a BGcd video with it's plot...I honestly went into the washroom and vomited...cos seriously.. It's like an extreme, Stockholm syndrome..n u end up loving a guy just cos he's handsome.....GI'ME A BREAK!! WTF!!.. HE'S CREEPY AS F
Christy Gendron
Christy Gendron преди 7 дни
Clearly, you've never seen Last year at Marienbad.
Mika преди 7 дни
im from poland and i want to say one thing - sorry, we didnt want it either. i mean the movie, noone asked about it
am hm
am hm преди 7 дни
The animations are killing me 😂
მႩRklႮႶႩR RႩiႶ преди 7 дни
Haha 😂 not creepy, not creepy AT ALL!.
Eden Allami
Eden Allami преди 7 дни
It's just disrespectful to sexual abuse victims like yeah let's make a trauma r o m a n t i c
Alma Dahlin
Alma Dahlin преди 7 дни
The commentary is BRILLIANT
Coffee and Ready
Coffee and Ready преди 7 дни
This is a gem.. way to go! Lol
Q Sareli
Q Sareli преди 7 дни
He talks like a mumble rapper and i hate it so much
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