Glee is pretty dumb...

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Alex Meyers

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Art 3mis
Art 3mis преди 17 часа
"No one cares Rachel shut up " is seriously what I thought about everytime she opened her mouth yet I love glee.
Art 3mis
Art 3mis преди 17 часа
I actually like Glee . It has many flaws don't get me wrong. I even liked it after season 3 .
Korah Stoddard
Korah Stoddard преди 18 часа
The guy who played Glee is one of my favorite authors
TheonewhoOofs 1
TheonewhoOofs 1 преди ден
The only reason I watched glee was for Jonathan groff
happy little panda
happy little panda преди 2 дни
The best thin in glee is the relationship Brittney x Santana
?? преди ден
I like quinntana better
Sophie Schroer
Sophie Schroer преди 3 дни
I'm sorry but I might be the only person who loves Rachel. I love how annoying she is.
The cola Ice
The cola Ice преди 3 дни
As a person who has a stutter Tina’s fake stutter makes me cringe
Gemma Quist
Gemma Quist преди 6 дни
The gleeks will come for you 😡
James Capanas
James Capanas преди 7 дни
To be honest, I feel like seasons 5 and 6 were so messed up because of Cory Monteith's passing and how he was probably part of the main plot and they had to improvise and that's most likely why the premiere of season 5 was a month delayed
Rachel Vigliotta
Rachel Vigliotta преди 8 дни
rachel sucks i hated her ngl
Rachel Vigliotta
Rachel Vigliotta преди 8 дни
Glee seasons 1-3 was actually good until it was all about frigging Rachel and everyone else in New York. It’s literally not even about glee anymore.
Alisha Raj
Alisha Raj преди 9 дни
I agree with Alex because I always thought Glee was pretty dumb
Enrique Trujillo
Enrique Trujillo преди 10 дни
I blame glee for the current crystal generation
N G преди 11 дни
Glee is iconic and very good and no one can change my ming
Dylan Carey
Dylan Carey преди 12 дни
nobody liked Rachel am I right
from the soundless city frost
from the soundless city frost преди 12 дни
I knew it
Sydney Blaw
Sydney Blaw преди 12 дни
The reason everyone loves Glee is because of how ridiculous it is lol
Starrynight edits
Starrynight edits преди 13 дни
To be fair, if you compared glee to some of the other show made around the same time, it doesn't look 𝗔𝗦 bad
Starrynight edits
Starrynight edits преди 13 дни
I honestly only watched this show for santana × brittany and kurt × blane/ blake ( i cant remember his name) and thats it.
Isabella DiPaola
Isabella DiPaola преди 13 дни
Why is Rachel's mouth moving so weird
riverq преди 13 дни
yes rachel is annoying like yes
Immaculate Gaba Pheeloane
Immaculate Gaba Pheeloane преди 13 дни
I don't know why everyone hates on Rachel so much I mean yes she can be annoying at times but she is still my favorite
Aitana Peralta pastoriza
Aitana Peralta pastoriza преди 13 дни
The unholy trinity and sue>>>>>rachel
Kitty Lover
Kitty Lover преди 17 дни
Ok but the most true sentence is “no one cares Rachel shut up”
zoey kathryn
zoey kathryn преди 19 дни
i know someone who genuinely loves rachel and hates quinn
d a i l y d o s e o f d o n u t
d a i l y d o s e o f d o n u t преди 19 дни
this is what caused glee to go off of amazon prime for free ;-;
dr drama 2008
dr drama 2008 преди 21 ден
my opinion is that glee was an awesome show and even if it wasn't I would have still watch it bc she and santana were the greatest characters
esgaymer преди 21 ден
This video made me watch glee, I finished yesterday
Frickle Frackle
Frickle Frackle преди 22 дни
my favorite part of this pilot is when Finn is in Mr.Schue’s office after he blackmails him, and the camera zooms in on the poster that says “Priority #1: Help The Kids” that shit has me CACKLING every time
UN- -Known
UN- -Known преди 22 дни
I'v only watched some parts of the show cause my sister watched and keeps watching it so i started watching but i kinda just want to skip all of season 1 or at least until terry leaves
I STAN TWICE преди 22 дни
I continuously shit on glee even tho its one of my favorite shows but when someone else shits on glee then I get all defensive
Abby Gellman
Abby Gellman преди 23 дни
the best kind of glee fans are the ones who admit how crazy the show is and yet can't stop themselves from rewatching it
jaayne jeevita
jaayne jeevita преди 24 дни
RIP Naya, Cory and Mark. forever in our hearts.
colin kim
colin kim преди 24 дни
it’s a satire pipe down
360Blaine преди 24 дни
Rachel: Since Mr. Shoe isn't here I'll be teaching why I should get all the solos Santana: *angry spanish noises*
Rosalee Smith
Rosalee Smith преди 24 дни
R.I.P. Nya Rivera
Rosalee Smith
Rosalee Smith преди 24 дни
It totally was. Barely watched it comparing to other shows. I hate most musicals. Oddly enough, it was like "Secret Life" with a soulful voice ... Which isn't saying anything good ... ETA: Even the pregnancy storyline was a cmob of the two main pregnancies in "Secret Life". Boy screws friend's girl and knocks her up ... The personalities of the two characters involved was also a blend of the main four (of 6) in SL.
Eliza Jennings
Eliza Jennings преди 26 дни
Alex: WHAT SCHOOL DO YOU GO TO! Me: a public school...
CORA_ WAZ _ HERE преди 27 дни
Glee is a show where everyone dated everyone who they were friends with, and it just got weird after that...
Magdalene Green
Magdalene Green преди 28 дни මව ලදායි ලෙස නිෂ්පාදනය කර ඇතනමුත් එය බොහෝ විට එයට වඩා සමීප වනු ඇත
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why did everyone like Gilmore Girls so much
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