The Knight Before Christmas is the dumbest movie

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Alex Meyers

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The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
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Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh преди 6 часа
Trust me, there is no way he survived even 3 days without getting infected and most probably die
Emily Leather
Emily Leather преди 21 час
late comment but is no one going to acknowledge "Brooke's niece falls in a lake and dies or something" ... like fair enough
Trish_Iyer 414
Trish_Iyer 414 преди ден
Honestly the movie about the witch sending all the knights to the future to take over the castle sounds like much more interesting movie 😂
AnimeCompilation преди ден
Pretty sure they got the scene from 10:27 from a movie called Ghost. Not sure if you've done this one before, but it was pretty fun to watch, so if you haven't I think you should. My opinion by the way.
sam Alexi
sam Alexi преди 2 дни
Disney is totally for 12yr if u agree
641 MyNameIsName
641 MyNameIsName преди 2 дни
4:08 i love that sound effect
ilikethecokev2 преди 2 дни
Is that 2020 sequel still on, or was it delayed thanks to you know what?
Subbu Ramanathan
Subbu Ramanathan преди 2 дни
Are we not going to talk about how in the winter carnival, Vanessa Hudgens was wearing just like the most stylish winter outfit possible, and the rest of us have to walk around looking like the world's fattest penguin waddling like an idiot during winter?
super deep human
super deep human преди 3 дни
Did anyone else notice that the witch who gave Cole the quest thingy was also MRS. CLAUSE?!?!?! Look at their faces! 3:27 and 6:53
Niharika Naidoo
Niharika Naidoo преди 3 дни
please do Thundermans
Shades преди 3 дни
2020 is also giving us things no one asked for or wants...........................................
Nekufan1000000 преди 5 дни
About a year later, Cole opens a history book and finds out that after he disappeared, his kingdom was struck by a plague and the lives of the citizens essentially held ransom by some forest witch that had a cure, and a ton of people died, including people he knew, and it was all because his actual quest was to the slay the crone of the forest and she diverted him.
Jocky Simanjuntak and Nasya Sihombing
Jocky Simanjuntak and Nasya Sihombing преди 8 дни
didn't she go to Stanford Law or something? how'd she become a high-school science teacher?
Ashia Smith
Ashia Smith преди 9 дни
What a terrible movie lmaooooooooo
KayCee Umi
KayCee Umi преди 9 дни
It reminded us the spirit of Christmas, which is giving! Only good people will understand! This is not a Harry Potter movie for you to expect too much!
nounou dreams
nounou dreams преди 9 дни
1:39 Ad ends
Kylee преди 9 дни
I want you to do Meet Dave with Eddie Murphy
-_Ichika_- преди 10 дни
Billy Batson
Billy Batson преди 11 дни
When you’re name is Grayson...😑
Jotham Burrello
Jotham Burrello преди 11 дни
my friends name is greyson meany
Akhil Teja
Akhil Teja преди 14 дни
Old witch plan is to take over the castle by sending all the knights into future 😂
like hurricanes
like hurricanes преди 16 дни
'D a l l i a n c e w i t h a d o u c h e'
Trent Boyd
Trent Boyd преди 16 дни
Man. Alex really like Space Jam.
I don’t use this account anymore
I don’t use this account anymore преди 16 дни
Ok off-topic but the guys hair looks like s i n j i n ‘ s h a i r .
Directioner 99
Directioner 99 преди 17 дни
One Direction looking dude?!?!?!? I'm sorry to say this Alex but you seriously need to check your spectacles
Some Dude
Some Dude преди 18 дни
People who were around when this vid was at 69k likes,like this comment
Sebastian Cedillo
Sebastian Cedillo преди 18 дни
People named Hunter are always jerks.
Puppy Moxie
Puppy Moxie преди 19 дни
Cole will probably regret coming back here once he lives into 2020
Alice Cowden
Alice Cowden преди 19 дни
...... he really did say "e'gads" when she hit him with the car........ 🤣🤣🤣🤣 had to check again to be sure
H L преди 19 дни
But come on who wouldn't fall for that jawline, curly hair and stuble
GB 95
GB 95 преди 19 дни
My name is Grayson so yeah and I'm dating someone so yeah
megha sharma
megha sharma преди 21 ден
3 months later, pandemic strikes. The Knight realizes that he has no immunity, and he is now dead!
neonkscksc преди 21 ден
That which has the power of time travel and she lives in a forest dressed like a hobo? Am I the only one bothered by It? I mean, wut?!
Quinn Vanderwal
Quinn Vanderwal преди 21 ден
HONEY!!!!! MRBEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The purpleBat
The purpleBat преди 22 дни
.. Well .. you know ... I loved this movie & I still do, it's just so wonderful mawkish & cheesy, sometimes, especially around christmas, one just _needs_ this kind of movies.
Fire Cat
Fire Cat преди 22 дни
Cole you made the wrong choice now you have to face 2020
reflex games shorts and videos
reflex games shorts and videos преди 23 дни
My cousins name is grayson
Justine Jayco
Justine Jayco преди 23 дни
Here's Alex Meyers throwing shade at ppl who r named Grayson, Grayson dolan: 😶
skid kid
skid kid преди 23 дни
tama moeke
tama moeke преди 23 дни
Yo man whats wrong with yugiohs
Origami преди 25 дни
"All little girls wants to be a princess, get married with a knight in a shiny armor and be happy ever after" WRONG !!! When I was little, I wanted to be a witcher able to turn myself into a winged blue unicorn with stars on my butt I dare you to tell me that getting married to a knight is better than that
wisdomwalrus преди 25 дни
10:39 lol, nothing important or anythinng
Maaya1717 преди 25 дни
i looked exactly like mimi xDD
TheYigafooWisperer преди 25 дни
Anyone else notice Cole's chain mail is binder rings?
Bethany Spade
Bethany Spade преди 26 дни
Alex Meyers plot at the end was way more interesting lol 😂
zeylah L
zeylah L преди 28 дни
Don’t insult Last Christmas it’s the bestttt Christmas song
SHARP SHARK :D преди 29 дни
and then brooks niece falls in a lake and dies or somthin like that anyways, CHRISTMAS EVE 😂
Schokomotte преди 29 дни
"jUsT bEcAuSe YoU cAn´T eXpLaIn SoMeThInG dOeSn´T mEaN iT cAn´T hApPeN" - Brooke, since teacher... yea
Deepa Kandpal
Deepa Kandpal преди 29 дни
You know Alex I just want HARRY STYLES 😂✨
halloween sky
halloween sky преди месец
I like the other one with the Halloween world. And sally and jack .the skelloton. The nightmare before Christmas but the knight before Christmas. Is dumb as hell the copied the nightmare before Christmas. Like I just hate that
HunterTheBest преди месец
Hey, I'm offended my name is Hunter.
Matthew Kaplan
Matthew Kaplan преди месец
“ if you’re looking for true love, just start hitting people with cars and somethings bound to work out.” -Alex Myers 2019
Alexis D
Alexis D преди месец
I love when Alex gives us life advice. It's really nice ❤️
The Reebstir
The Reebstir преди месец
*My perfect boyfriend:* No one
Unicorn Squad
Unicorn Squad преди месец
Hmmmm yes it’s not like they stole the name of nightmare before Christmas or anything
Evelyn_Afton преди месец
can you plz do a series called Fuller house
David Van Loo
David Van Loo преди месец
2:36 it's funny cayse it actouly happens.
10:35 you know all chill and WHAT WUT
hello my name
hello my name преди месец
One of Alex's merch should say ok back to the show
Nicholas James
Nicholas James преди месец
2019 Cole: I want to be here with you. 2020 Cole: What was I thinking I want to go back.
David Hendrix Marbella
David Hendrix Marbella преди месец
69k likes... *nice*
Jayse Edmondson
Jayse Edmondson преди месец
The facts that he realized what the movie was about is so funny
XD ѕмιlє
XD ѕмιlє преди месец
0:29 Yea.. I watched a lot of BGcd videos a lot of videos
Little Jilliery
Little Jilliery преди месец
The teacher is Gabriella from high school musical and she broke up with Troy and met his great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandpa. And she finds him attractive but knows it's Troys grandpa so she doesn't wanna kiss him or anything like that ;) but then HE falls in love with her and she's just like "screw it" and BOOM. But that's just a theory, a Film Theory. AAAAAAANNNNNNND CUT
Little Jilliery
Little Jilliery преди месец
Oh and the witch lady who made Troys great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandpa go into the past is the drama clubs teachers great great great great great great great great great great great great great great granny DUN DUN DUN
Ali the Heep
Ali the Heep преди месец
4:32 when she hits him with her car, he yells “EGAD!”
Wysa Kim 김 위사
Wysa Kim 김 위사 преди месец
Kinda sorta manly dude.....
The artsy guy on the internet
The artsy guy on the internet преди месец
Well COLE, hows this whole "stay in the future thing" going for you
No Way
No Way преди месец
"Dalliance with the douche." That's all.
No Way
No Way преди месец
So a medieval knight didn't bring any deadly pathogens from 500 years ago into modern times? And he didn't immediately fall sick from all of the modern time pathogens he has zero immunity built for? And despite coming from right in the middle of La Reconquista he doesn't harbor any ill sentiment against moors?
isold klara
isold klara преди месец
Why did the witch send him off tho... like he wasint being mean or a jerk like ususal when wutches try to teach them a lesson... like wha
Mascha Sinha Verma
Mascha Sinha Verma преди месец
🎵🎶kiNdA sOrtA mAnLy dUdE🎵🎶
Ana Marquez
Ana Marquez преди месец
11:43 what a great reference
Charmantha Adji
Charmantha Adji преди месец
The Nightmare Before Christmas is Better
Elijah Zehr
Elijah Zehr преди месец
omg i was just thinking about how you and theodd1sout are like the same poeple and now you both hate the name hunter
Flame преди месец
I can understand why he want to stay in present day Ohio Back home there's The black death, the 100 years war, The Holy Roman Empire starting to go to crap, The great English succession crisis (The Wars of the Roses), The Holy Roman Empire is in civil war with the state of Austria trying to succeed, the ottoman empire is doing its thing and starting to expand, religious reforms, the war of eight saints but somehow he has perfect modern day English and not even Old English from the late 16th century
Flame преди месец
well they actually got somethings right with Edward III being one of the oldest reigning kings of his time during most of the 14th century with his reign lasting from 1327-77 and during the time when chain mail started to become less popular and more knights came to be since it was also around the start of the 100(and 16) years war
miNA aShid0
miNA aShid0 преди месец
is it sad how I know what he says in the honey sponsor
Hallie Geary
Hallie Geary преди месец
The funniest thing is that he started hoarding hand soap way to far in advanced.
Lebron James
Lebron James преди месец
Nothing is as bad as the Kardashians.
Palitha Senanayake
Palitha Senanayake преди месец
If you say Sir Cole repeated, it'll be circle.
adoor you
adoor you преди месец
the harry styles part. i feel attacked
Alexis Means
Alexis Means преди месец
I love the last theory... lets do an in depth movie of that story!
Arisa Bays
Arisa Bays преди месец
Sir Cole: Brook you were my quest Me: well two things. 1 way to quote Kubo and 2 I thought we established this like 5 minutes ago.
e j
e j преди месец
“ just start hitting people with cars and somethings bound to work out eventually “ I swear officer that’s what he told me
Casey Widjaja
Casey Widjaja преди месец
14:10 One of the things on the list was "used to date Zac efron" and I laughed so hard but then my heart broke🥺😥💔
Vikram Adithya
Vikram Adithya преди месец
If all you have to do to meet the "love of your life" is to meet some old, weird woman, then I got a lot of shots at my gossiping neighbours
Mr.Bunny _Bear
Mr.Bunny _Bear преди месец
Brooke nd the old lady is the same😭
Mr.Bunny _Bear
Mr.Bunny _Bear преди месец
Wait she what😭😭😭😭dies?! Hold on
FLB Films
FLB Films преди месец
You should do one on bunkd
Erin Ghiani
Erin Ghiani преди месец
"So after Brooke and Cole do their thing..." *animated Cole casually turns into the Demogorgon from Stranger Things and eats animated Brooke*
Snk Kalty
Snk Kalty преди месец
“Brooke’s niece falls into a lake and dies idk whatever” best line ever
Zoe Rae
Zoe Rae преди месец
mr feeny from boy meets world
Jason Wren
Jason Wren преди месец
cobra kai
Sadie Williams
Sadie Williams преди месец
When onward comes out pls could you possibly do that?
black bird
black bird преди месец
Really getting tired of the "main characters always fucking bumping into each other when they first meet" trope.
Mr Ferny
Mr Ferny преди месец
To bad that 70 show is gone from Netflix
Harry the gaming pug
Harry the gaming pug преди месец
He sou
Gaming with Grayson Bahmiller
Gaming with Grayson Bahmiller преди месец
My name is Grayson and I broke up with a girl named Paige lol
Logan_Games_ преди месец
I have a friend named Hunter and he’s trying to be a TikTok star.🤣
Soha Ishaq
Soha Ishaq преди месец
brooke: I remember my first love, his name was Troy whatttttttttttttttttttt
The Princess Switch is the dumbest christmas movie...
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