Katy Keene is a weird show... (new Riverdale spin-off)

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Alex Meyers

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Riverdale has completely lost its mind...
To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...
ZOMBIES 2 doesn't make any sense...
how is Riverdale still on tv...

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Jasmine Pescarino
Jasmine Pescarino преди 14 часа
I love riverdale so I was like "lemme watch katy keene" .............. I was so bored after the first 2 minutes that I left and gave it another chance
Sarah Taavetti
Sarah Taavetti преди ден
I work in window design for a department store and just "winging it" the night before with some rando is the most laughable thing I have ever heard. Especially in a department store that is all about luxury. Our designs are planned months in advance and signed off on by the CEO and setting the window up involves multiple people who have all been briefed at least a week before. (Really, this is about as realistic as meeting a big music producer the first week you are trying to be a singer.) Also, the window design is not very good.
Anđela Zdravković
Anđela Zdravković преди 8 дни
5:32 So- no one gonna mention that it sounds like the teme of a song "Mad at disney"
Cat Devereux
Cat Devereux преди 15 дни
So they ripped off Mannequin?
Abby Normal
Abby Normal преди 25 дни
Wanna know the kind of person I am versus my little sister? She LOVES Riverdale and the such. Around her age I, on the other hand, was watching the 1960?70s? whatever Archie and Josie and the Pussycats cartoons on like Boomerang or some similar channel. To this day I've never seen a full episode of Riverdale. Which brings me to the point of this. ALEX, DO THE OLD CARTOONS! I know it's not your normal thing, but you won't regret it.
HOW ITS MADE преди месец
Who else thought this show was a new batwoman Kate Kane
Elhison M
Elhison M преди месец
"From the creators of Riverdale" does not help
SoelPockychan преди месец
Is Lucy Hale going to play teens till she is 80 or what?. 😂😂 I feel for her
katrina j
katrina j преди месец
Lucy Hale is an amazing actress she could've done better
Haven Elliott
Haven Elliott преди месец
It's almost sound like a rip-off of Jane by Design but throw in the elegance and the looks of a hotel.
Ali Oop
Ali Oop преди месец
All I kept thinking when Katy gets roped into helping with the window display was how much I wanted to watch Mannequin..There's a chance I may be too old to be watching this show.
Celia Yota
Celia Yota преди месец
it's crazy how shay mitchell got into YOU, one the most sucessfull netflix serie, and lucy got a riverdale's spinoff. It's too bad she is such a great actress! Her job on pll was on point
Small Miss Entertainment
Small Miss Entertainment преди месец
god i hate when voice overs dont match up
mr tomato sheri
mr tomato sheri преди месец
Snd gossip girl i mean jenny humphry
MuslimLives Matter
MuslimLives Matter преди месец
“Dreams never come true disney chanell lied to me” LMFAO😂😂😂😂
Cherlyn Bams
Cherlyn Bams преди месец
"The white Pop Tate" I died- 💀
Karen Blake
Karen Blake преди 2 месеца
To be truthful season 4 of glee wasn't that bad
Gabby C.
Gabby C. преди 2 месеца
Can you react to the rest of pretty little liars plz oh and the order on Netflix
Bobby the bookshelf
Bobby the bookshelf преди 2 месеца
I really liked your podcast!!!
PK преди 2 месеца
Working at Lacy’s seems kinda fun ngl
ToxicMangoYT преди 2 месеца
daddystyles преди 2 месеца
well idfc i just watched all the scenes with ko because UGH DAMN DADDY ZANE
Morgan Pugh
Morgan Pugh преди 2 месеца
I just love how Riverdale was filled with dark stuff and how someone ended up dieing or missing and the spin off reminds me of Sofia the princess.
Christal Beukes
Christal Beukes преди 2 месеца
That show is onestly really bad
Brandy Loutherback
Brandy Loutherback преди 2 месеца
Where's our Kevin Spinoff, CW?! I know you're listening to me!!!
Quizzly Bear
Quizzly Bear преди 2 месеца
Did this show get canceled?
Naomi Even
Naomi Even преди 2 месеца
Kaylee Keen
Kaylee Keen преди 2 месеца
my name is kaylee keen and it constantly gets compared to Katy Keene I'm so offended
StrekozkaPlays преди 2 месеца
"Katy is gonna try and be a fashion designer - one of the most notoriously toxic industries you could ever get into..." ;__: As a person with a fashion design degree, I FINALLY feel like someone understands me!! Thank you, Alex. People keep asking me why I never did with my degree and I tell them I found out that it's a shit industry during my education and I don't want to be any part of it.
Royally M
Royally M преди 2 месеца
A few months later and show is cancelled lol
Ryan Rock
Ryan Rock преди 2 месеца
this wasn’t true at all the show is so much better this guy is so critical and didn’t really watch it
Hafsa Ahmed
Hafsa Ahmed преди 2 месеца
For those who wanna watch it it's on BBC (UK network)
Idongesit Usen
Idongesit Usen преди 3 месеца
Why didn't they just make a Pussycats show?! They already had Josie, so just have the first 2 episodes be her meeting the other girls and convincing Alex to work with them.
ImPosTeR Blockade
ImPosTeR Blockade преди 3 месеца
They should make a Riverdale sequel set in the perspective of a cult
Chelsea преди 3 месеца
I heard they are canceling Katie Keane
curiousjeon преди 3 месеца
"dREAms nEveR ComE tRUE DisNEY CHannEL LIED tO ME" 😂
diba saleh
diba saleh преди 3 месеца
Do Nancy drew
liewi fidel
liewi fidel преди 3 месеца
Well that's where Josie went. Wasn't in season 4 Wondering what happened
liewi fidel
liewi fidel преди 3 месеца
1:41 Wo man not Pop. I love you Alex but you make fun of my man pop again and we gonna swing
Sive_Fusion преди 3 месеца
Every guy is a boxer or Batman
vivek rajan
vivek rajan преди 3 месеца
I love this katy keene ....very very optimistic the story is...love to see more season....
Lu Dominguez
Lu Dominguez преди 3 месеца
I absolutely hate pepper and I don't even watch the show. Sue me.
AshleyAdam16 преди 3 месеца
The chick with the glasses has such an irritating voice/accent. Also,Josie is supposed to be a white readhead. Melody a white blonde woman. Valerie is black.
Florence Wilkinson
Florence Wilkinson преди 3 месеца
Mar H
Mar H преди 3 месеца
Where do u watch this show on? Like is it on Netflix?
jeswin george
jeswin george преди 3 месеца
Its funny after watching all your revies upto katy keene and then watching the review on katy keene my first emotion was smthings wrong the show and then u mentioned it was normal 😂😂
Allie Shoen
Allie Shoen преди 3 месеца
Who's here after the show got canceled.
Widad Laassikri
Widad Laassikri преди 3 месеца
1:17 how in any way shape or form can a sewing machine last for 3 generations, my guy i bought one two months ago and it broke before i could use it
Hrudaya Bobde
Hrudaya Bobde преди 3 месеца
yo!! BTS Winsss.
Luciana S
Luciana S преди 3 месеца
Okiedokie преди 3 месеца
Welp it got cancelled
Emily Yukki
Emily Yukki преди 3 месеца
So that’s why the That’s why thats canceled
Emily Yukki
Emily Yukki преди 3 месеца
Like Sabrina chilling on Netflix
LEMONADE преди 3 месеца
Honestly i am obsessed with classy/cute/fashionable girls who have red hair or wear red clothes and have this AESTHETICS of katy keene and cheryl blossom ( that's why I watch those shows even so they are weird and cringy ) I am a huge fan of the color RED so you understand why I will be attracted to such characters. honestly I am like cheryl blossom when it comes to the color red and I am glad I found a character like her who share my aesthects.
Miquon преди 3 месеца
I just heard the show was canceled.
Megan преди 3 месеца
Wow, this video has more views than the official trailer.
Hey Samara
Hey Samara преди 3 месеца
Uh- Blue Peter is a british kids TV show, it’s been around since the beginning of time. It airs in CBBC and you can get badges for taking part in challenges and sending in fan art. SO WHY WAS KRISTIN STEWART THERE?
Clemmo преди 3 месеца
6:11 bts wins by a long shot...
aliyah преди 3 месеца
Alex is the only BGcdr who’s videos are always sponsored by some random companies I don’t ever recognize
April Vandervest
April Vandervest преди 3 месеца
Every time you say "hyuk" I immediately can't pay attention for the next few minutes because I'm suddenly thinking of Jang Hyuk or Lee Joon Hyuk
Monokuma преди 4 месеца
Her name is lucy hale she is the one from pretty little liars
Stephie Michelle R.
Stephie Michelle R. преди 4 месеца
I honestly think that Alexander Cabot has the personality of a potato lol
Ellacorn преди 4 месеца
“Josie? JOSEY MCCOY?!” Me: **Chokes on ice cream** W H A T
Esther AJAYI
Esther AJAYI преди 4 месеца
pls why is alexandra in charge of cabot industries when alexander is his actual son
Esther AJAYI
Esther AJAYI преди 4 месеца
anyone get confused when katy said the sewing machine was passed from her grandmother to her mother. and then we find out the sewing machine was a gift to her mum from lacy's son. so who has the sewing machine pls
Kamia Carter
Kamia Carter преди 4 месеца
Keep on watching the show it gets really good
Simple Simply
Simple Simply преди 4 месеца
Don't worry. I'm sure in a few episodes towards the end it will turn into an almost supernatural show like all the others.
nO bUt i gOt cHeEz wHiz
nO bUt i gOt cHeEz wHiz преди 4 месеца
Am I the only one who thinks they should legit come out with a South Side Serpents spin off
Shiirow преди 4 месеца
that whole thing is like Mannequin but without the magical egyptian princess portion of the story.
D. B.
D. B. преди 4 месеца
All right so I have to say I started watching this show and I had to stop I can handle a slumber party sing along but wow the random singing in every episodes got really annoying. Was it a musical.... I have no idea? No I'm not talking about Josie or Jorge I'm talking about when the other cast randomly sing and it's terrible totally ruined it for me. I had to stop watching it.
_Issaboll _
_Issaboll _ преди 4 месеца
You have to do a glee series! It would be so good!!
the girl with no love life
the girl with no love life преди 4 месеца
Don’t care what y’all say, but this show is actually one of my favorites 😂 I hope the CW renews it for season 2. *Nevermind*
Carolyn 123
Carolyn 123 преди 4 месеца
Stop!!! Why is he shitting on all these shows? Who the hell does he think he is!????
AmeliaGuest 2709
AmeliaGuest 2709 преди 3 месеца
he is alex meyres, the resident riverdale guy
Jan Hollås
Jan Hollås преди 4 месеца
Alex: Riverdale has the lowest graduation rate of all high schools Me: What about Greendale
MMcool преди 4 месеца
jane the virgin is the one CW show that I could actually say the writers were good :P
scottpilgrim920 преди 4 месеца
Riverdale is "the murder capital of the world"? I thought that honor went to Santa Carla
Christopher Harper
Christopher Harper преди 5 месеца
Sorry to say this but Nancy Drew is not a Riverdale spin-off Nancy Drew is based on a book series
Michael Kalinowski
Michael Kalinowski преди 5 месеца
I really enjoy the show, waited to watch your video before watching it. Love your videos and art =D
Kayles S
Kayles S преди 5 месеца
You know a show is boring when I can’t even finish a video of someone talking about it jeeezzzz
Michelle Mullins
Michelle Mullins преди 5 месеца
Please review the tv show Velvet!! It’s very good but also so many ridiculous characters and I’m sure your review of it would be hilarious. It’s about a department store and fashion design but in the 1950s (when department stores were actually relevant)
Gerard Collins
Gerard Collins преди 5 месеца
"I'm from Riverdale, the muder capital of the world. I'll be fine." Gotta love the network trashing it's own show.
Famoussdolll преди 5 месеца
isn't he from After?
Brooke R
Brooke R преди 5 месеца
I love Glee!
Tahia Rouf
Tahia Rouf преди 5 месеца
Jarrel преди 5 месеца
The most full milkshakes thrown away per day 😂😂😂
Florence Claire
Florence Claire преди 5 месеца
that broadway guy kinda looks like Shawn Mendes
Foster Nova
Foster Nova преди 5 месеца
This show is scored like a freaking Hallmark movie or Netflix Christmas rom-com
Millettia Jackson
Millettia Jackson преди 5 месеца
Literally watched all of glee and you are exactly right
Isabella Davila
Isabella Davila преди 5 месеца
I’m crying at this video omg
Vintaj преди 5 месеца
these bitches gonna have a mega crossover huh? (katy keene, nancy drew, caos and riverdale) they are trying to be like their dc shows counterpart (arrow, lot, batwoman, supergirl, the flash). good job CW
JPierce преди 5 месеца
this show looks so boring lol Lucy Hale is great, but man even she cant save this from being a flop. And the actress who plays Josie (Josie and the Pussycats) is giving her a bad name man. Bad casting all around...
Duarda преди 5 месеца
ikr, i'm just watching this show for Lucy Hale ... It's sad bc Life Sentence (her old show) was really good
Isabel Alexander
Isabel Alexander преди 5 месеца
wait isn’t nancy drew just... nancy drew
directioner always and forever
directioner always and forever преди 5 месеца
Let's be honest, the only show with good and worth watching spin offs is The Vampire Diaries. Actually the spin off (the originals) is a masterpiece.
Zeniah Wilburn
Zeniah Wilburn преди 5 месеца
I just wanna point out how dirty they really do black women. Josie from riverdale is on this show and she’s not even the main character. Let that sink in. A show that’s supposed to be a spin off from another series has a character that was on that show and she’s not even the main character. Since when has there ever been a spin off and the character from the previous show wasn’t the star? I can name a few. Sam and Cat, the Parker’s, Bunk’d, Good Trouble, ie.
chinesecigarettes 00
chinesecigarettes 00 преди 5 месеца
You should reallyy do NEVER HAVE I EVER
Fatima Hassan
Fatima Hassan преди 5 месеца
Please do part two please
Potato преди 5 месеца
Yay I’m in the show (names)
Martin Borský
Martin Borský преди 5 месеца
Pepper is so relatable
Coffee Pasta
Coffee Pasta преди 5 месеца
4:49 ASHDJFKFK LITERALLY BEFORE JOSIE SAID IT I WENT "nah this gorl from riverdale she fine"
vaidahi преди 5 месеца
I almost forgot caos was a riverdale spin off bc of how good it is lol
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a weird show...
Alex Meyers
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The Knight Before Christmas is the dumbest movie
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the Riverdale season 3 finale was a mess...
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Fifty Shades Freed is hilariously dumb
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Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...
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Riverdale is a mess... (season 2 finale)
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the new Pretty Little Liars is hilariously dumb...
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Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a pretty dumb movie...
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does anybody remember Degrassi??
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