Outer Banks is a weird show...

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Alex Meyers

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The Gloss Shop Lipgloss
The Gloss Shop Lipgloss преди 19 часа
love this show along with the society, on my block, and umbrella academy! also anyone know how to thread a sewing machine im in home ec
Sara Yildirim
Sara Yildirim преди ден
So all he did was hate on the film?
casuallysana преди 3 дни
i love how he absolutely *CANNOT* mention jj's gun bc youtube is a snowflake LMAOSOAOSOASD
ChloeRainbowBlast преди 3 дни
Not you trying to make fun of outer banks 🤚🙈
Zaira Thomas
Zaira Thomas преди 4 дни
Can you react to Julie and the phantoms
Reilly Johnson
Reilly Johnson преди 5 дни
8:17 what is up that dance
Mare Malvīne Īstenā
Mare Malvīne Īstenā преди 5 дни
I looooooved this show. I just hope they don't mess it op.
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga преди 6 дни
the little police officer animation is the best fucking thing i love it so much
Sara Singh
Sara Singh преди 7 дни
Why do other girls deem girls who hang out with guys as superior? Its soo weird lol... like the only way to be "cool" or "socially accepted" is to hang out with "the guys." And guys do it too.. the new thing is being a "bruh girl" ??
Harmony преди 7 дни
I actually had or have guy friends that have girlfriends so they never loved me 😎
Bassin with Jackson
Bassin with Jackson преди 9 дни
ngl there are some weird things in this show but you can’t lie, this show is such a vibe and it’s soooo good especially for a “teen” show
Cebsile P Nxumalo
Cebsile P Nxumalo преди 15 дни
Outer banks was pretty dope
The Light
The Light преди 17 дни
Wow Pope (the "black one") is the youngest of them (of all the teens) and he looks like it. How can you put him among the old looking actors? This lack of interest for anything that isn't white is getting pretty absurd.
Ericka Williams
Ericka Williams преди 18 дни
From north carolina. It's heavy on the teenage drama.
Chidera Michelle
Chidera Michelle преди 18 дни
Question... Does Alex SERIOUSLY judge a whole show by just watching ONE episode?? Coz if he does then I get why most of his videos have dumb at the end😐 he just hasn't actually watched anything
Nightmare Gaming
Nightmare Gaming преди 19 дни
I liked it a lot
Isabella Brown
Isabella Brown преди 20 дни
Emma Camper
Emma Camper преди 21 ден
If Addison Rae is in season 2 ima just delete Netflix
Ricardo Theotis
Ricardo Theotis преди 21 ден
6:57 this representation of how the fight actually went down in the episode kills me everytime ☠️☠️🤣🤣
Mary, just Mary
Mary, just Mary преди 21 ден
Is this the first video without his dog? 🥺🥺
theraputic69 преди 22 дни
I rlly like this show
Tommy Acuna
Tommy Acuna преди 23 дни
so many loop holes in the show
28 Stab Wounds
28 Stab Wounds преди 25 дни
Me, being a girl who has mainly guy friends: *chuckles* I'm in danger
J S преди 26 дни
Very cheesy and predictable, last few episodes are a bit shaky-but it’s a fun show to watch
Dansabot преди 29 дни
I run with the boys and am gay . So yeah theres two types of girls who run with the boys.
CraftyCarrot преди 29 дни
What ruined the show for me wasn’t the premise, it was knowing the fact that they filmed all of it in South Carolina. Because anyone who’s been to OBX knows it doesn’t look anything like it does in the show.
ArtisticBeauty by Hanako
ArtisticBeauty by Hanako преди месец
We love when guys snub nlogs and 'cool girls' helps the ones irl realize how ridiculous they look flexing and preening 😂😌
Crystal Francisco
Crystal Francisco преди месец
I loved outer banks and I really hope they make a second season 😫
Fred Vima
Fred Vima преди месец
outer banks is the shittiest popular netflix show ever made CMV
Dominic zande
Dominic zande преди месец
You’d only understand if you grew up in nc
It's London Love
It's London Love преди месец
7:11. Indra???? Oh how I’ve missed u Indra
Karen Garcia
Karen Garcia преди месец
How is it weird?
Sarah Mekking
Sarah Mekking преди месец
The 2.45 doesnt matter made me die. Lmao!!
Evelyn Mihai
Evelyn Mihai преди месец
Sara is the worst character I HATE her
kamson cres
kamson cres преди месец
its a really good show tho , considering
Tristin Griffin
Tristin Griffin преди месец
Marina Petrosillo
Marina Petrosillo преди месец
2:45 wait are you serious!
Ruby Hobbit
Ruby Hobbit преди месец
*me being one of those girls who had nothing but guy friends and very few girl friends* Welp I'm not surprised, but high school boys are idiots if they liked me that much. I mean i played D&D, duel monster, and watched anime and make sims4 videos on youtube. I guess they just wanted something different from every other country loving, boot legging girl who wore booty shorts and tried to rap
karol vega orozco
karol vega orozco преди месец
JJ is the best character, and don't get me started on this one...
Blaze Frost
Blaze Frost преди месец
I grew up with mostly guy friends because there weren't any girl in my neighborhood.
TRG_PORK66 преди месец
This show is so much better than I thought
Rune stone
Rune stone преди месец
David Weisleder Shacalo
David Weisleder Shacalo преди месец
Outer banks is a very good show check it out if you want to watch something new
Raegan Scarlett Video Editing
Raegan Scarlett Video Editing преди месец
Honestly this show doesn’t sound too terribly bad...
Ethan Maynard
Ethan Maynard преди месец
Who else has watched the first season like 10 times
leah rose fleming
leah rose fleming преди месец
'weird' what??
Nav Singh
Nav Singh преди месец
So does this guy just summarize an episode, how is it weird. You didn’t even say anything about that?
Clara Carneiro
Clara Carneiro преди месец
Hey, if youre looking for new series, you could always try to do a cartoon series.
Eglantine S
Eglantine S преди месец
Honestly i really like this show and it's rare for a Netflix teen show 😂 the actors are good, i like the characters and some of the plot lines are really good :) tho i don't like the John b and Sarah thing it's annoying
Jomi C
Jomi C преди месец
What does Alex have against people having abs!? 😂🤣
Otter Pop Culture
Otter Pop Culture преди месец
Okay I'm still struggling to keep watching OBX but it's soo fucking cheesy. I'm on Ep. 5, is it worth this show worth finishing?
Anastasia ganidou
Anastasia ganidou преди месец
Am I the only one who doesn't match jj (my love) and ki
Aaron burr
Aaron burr преди месец
I have a lot of guy friends and what’d you know 3 of them liked me when I found out it was awkward cuz uh I’m 11 no where near dating and one of those friends is my neighbor...
SomeGirle 0nThe1nternet
SomeGirle 0nThe1nternet преди месец
Unrelated to most of the video I like to watch his videos in the background when I’m animating and I make all my key frames in procreate and when he brought it up during the ad I thought it was kind of funny but I can also guarantee it is a really good program!
The Guy Nobody Really Likes
The Guy Nobody Really Likes преди месец
Did this guy ever make any videos on Dawson's Creek?
oui oui croissant
oui oui croissant преди месец
outerbanks is kinda nice, but come on, THE ENDING???????? the MINUTE they wake up there is a boat nearby. sarah still has the gold in her hand while she was unconscious (?????) and then the boat goes to the same place they have to go ... that just took it too far for me lmao. it wasn’t even necessary (the boat having the same destination) they also could’ve made a story on how they got to that destination, it just made it unrealistic
DEVN BLU преди месец
is it not literally riverdale - just add water?
hira rana
hira rana преди месец
Abigaël Sévère
Abigaël Sévère преди месец
When Alex says John instead of Jhohn B 👁👄👁
Z G.
Z G. преди месец
Great show. and premise. Way better than many cw shows and other netflix shows.
Molly Atherton-Walby
Molly Atherton-Walby преди месец
How to tell if the girl you’re hitting on is a real one, start out with : “you like jazz?”
Ben Christoff
Ben Christoff преди месец
He said the fight gets so bad like under exaggeration much topper was drowning my man and then jj, best character on the show, pulls a gun
Keagan Terry
Keagan Terry преди месец
Hearing him call John B just “John” was soooo weird.
Friendly Salad
Friendly Salad преди месец
never heard of it.
Xtatic_Games преди месец
He makes it sound like the characters aren’t even good, they are awesome
Luna Martínez
Luna Martínez преди месец
Pope and Kiara are a bad couple, and she likes Jj, *change my mind*
Riley Johnson
Riley Johnson преди месец
I died a little inside when he didn’t say “John B”
Denatorxxyt Dummer Name
Denatorxxyt Dummer Name преди месец
Cherlyn Bams
Cherlyn Bams преди месец
The police is the same actress as the 100🤩🤩 (too exited forgot the name)
Martin Soltan
Martin Soltan преди месец
I like the way you explain thing, it's funny 😂
ExtraCub преди 2 месеца
I’ll admit that the first episode was whack, but it really was a good show. And I miss the fact that I can’t see more of their story.
Liang Escandell
Liang Escandell преди 2 месеца
He watches 4 while seasons of river dales trash show but can’t even watch a whole season of an actual good show
Claire Zhong
Claire Zhong преди 2 месеца
"do you like jelly beans"
STRANGE CHILD преди 2 месеца
Ok I don’t give a shit if it’s good or not is there lesbians?
Pro Remix!
Pro Remix! преди 2 месеца
At the end of the day it is a "opinion." Some people might get entertained by a specific genre. If thats your opinion, ok. If that's what you wanna do go for it, just at the start or end say "this is my opinion." If you think the genre of shows you call "wierd show" "bad show" "hilariously dumb." Don't watch em
Samantha Mundel
Samantha Mundel преди 2 месеца
Lol this is just one of those shows where it gets boring after a while like at the end its all about JB and Olivia and her crazy dad and the whole island looking for him. I didn't watch the whole last episode tho so maybe i'm biased
Sandra R
Sandra R преди 2 месеца
You still didn't convince me why this show is weird. You literally just recapped the 1st ep.
Braxton Myers
Braxton Myers преди 2 месеца
It’s like not amazing but the characters make the show really interesting
Lafka Laf
Lafka Laf преди 2 месеца
How old is John supposed to be, 17 ? I mean, foster care would be a very temporary problem for him anyhow so that's a rather weird story setting to begin with 🤔
Brianna Daley
Brianna Daley преди 2 месеца
Lol I’m just happy to hear someone call him John instead of John B all the damn time
Meg Kooi
Meg Kooi преди 2 месеца
i guess outer banks has a small bit of good in but it can be cringe sometimes. ;~;
Seksikäs Rotta
Seksikäs Rotta преди 2 месеца
It's the motherfucking Indra fuck yeaa (aka the police officer)
insert name here
insert name here преди 2 месеца
𝑤ℎ𝑦 𝑖𝑠 𝑬𝑽𝑬𝑹𝒀 𝑔𝑜𝑜𝑑 𝑠ℎ𝑜𝑤 𝑡𝑜 ℎ𝑖𝑚 𝑏𝑎𝑑?
brianna преди 2 месеца
i think the best thing about outer banks is that it’s teenagers on an island, doing whatever with no rules, no parents, no phones or distractions. it’s kinda just like, chill. and that’s probably the most appealing thing, to me anyway
Hannah K
Hannah K преди 2 месеца
Yes, I feel the same way about it!
Shy Bitch
Shy Bitch преди 2 месеца
I see riverdale with a new filter
The KIan’s Slimes
The KIan’s Slimes преди 2 месеца
Don’t litter
Mario1237 преди 2 месеца
Why do you find every good movie bad or weird? Go back to your anime shit then..
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Sugawara ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Sugawara ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ преди 2 месеца
Can you do a video about Never Have I Ever please?
Jin's cookies in A Blackpink bowl
Jin's cookies in A Blackpink bowl преди 2 месеца
I never really like Netflix series but stranger things and outerbanks are the only shows I have ever been addicted to
RadMelxdy преди 2 месеца
im starting the show....! For the 35th time :)
gavin barrett
gavin barrett преди 2 месеца
it’s amazing
Xtatic_Games преди 2 месеца
It’s a good show
theraputic69 преди 2 месеца
I love this show so much jj is the best
Giovanna Moi
Giovanna Moi преди 2 месеца
Let's be honest, if it wasn't for JJ we wouldn't have liked the show
ツFreysmoon преди 2 месеца
You really talked about kie like that...first she isn’t pretending to be poor she just don’t fit in in the kook world and fit more with the pogues ty❤️ and she isn’t hanging out just with guys it’s just that the pogues are only guys so...
Ayeisha Jahan
Ayeisha Jahan преди 2 месеца
It's not a weird show Alex!!! Just staph! Okay 🙄
Lia Prangikos
Lia Prangikos преди 2 месеца
The way outter banks ended!!! OMG I need season 2
Mary Claire Stuart
Mary Claire Stuart преди 2 месеца
So you say pretty much nothing bad about the show but you still put it as a weird show? I’m confused anyways you should do Minor Details
Grace Oliver
Grace Oliver преди 2 месеца
This video made me feel better about hating outer banks literally 75% of the characters were so whiny and emotionally USELESS
Sylvia Grace
Sylvia Grace преди 2 месеца
He did not need to pull out that gun idc what you say 😭
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