The Kissing Booth 2 is hilariously dumb

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Alex Meyers

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The Kissing Booth is kinda dumb...
To All the Boys I've Loved Before is kinda dumb...
Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...

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Selena Golden
Selena Golden преди 7 часа
Please do the vampire diaries
Selena Golden
Selena Golden преди 7 часа
You should do the vampire diaries hehe
Alana Touart
Alana Touart преди 12 часа
Every single person in this movie is so problematic and manipulative 1. Elle uses and manipulates people to get what she wants and doesn’t think about consequences or other people’s feelings 2. Marco took advantage of Elle (knowing damn well she was in a relationship) when she was emotionally vulnerable 3. Lee literally CONTROLS Elle and everything she does and makes her feel bad for wanting an actual life outside of lee 4. Noah was being sneaky and should have just said what was going on in the first place 5. Rachel was super jealous and was being mean to Elle for just being friends with lee and spending time with him All in all this movie was terribly written and has very awful characters
Lystra ·
Lystra · преди 15 часа
This movie is painful
Will Mangrum
Will Mangrum преди 22 часа
I have never laughed so hard until I saw the "how-girls-talk-about-boys" sequence.
Alanis Michelle
Alanis Michelle преди ден
You should react to Julie and the Phantoms
Jorge Angulo
Jorge Angulo преди ден
Kissing booth2 and 1 suck
Manaswi Thakur
Manaswi Thakur преди ден
You remember the guy who came at the end and told marco, "she's not worth it". I think he was the smartest character in the movie.
Amyah Scott-Thomas
Amyah Scott-Thomas преди ден
The part where you talked about how girls talk about the guys they like...had me rolling!
Esther Jannat
Esther Jannat преди ден
Harsha Chhawchharia
Harsha Chhawchharia преди ден
the question is why do u either of these guys go for Elle. What's the appeal?
Spencer Mayer
Spencer Mayer преди ден
Some of y’all comment on the movie. I comment on Alex’s great comedic inserts. For example, the “poorly inflated party blower that makes a sad hoot” which conveys that nobody gives a shit about a video game dance competition when it’s a plot device.
Ameerah Washum
Ameerah Washum преди ден
Jade Hall
Jade Hall преди ден
wow noha you told her you liked her and than this wow
Ximena Nossar Yépez
Ximena Nossar Yépez преди 2 дни
I'm the only one who thinks Marco is the latin version of Noah? No? Noone? Just me?
Donn Patrick Harper
Donn Patrick Harper преди 2 дни
wait how is the old guy from the end of the 1st movie friends with them?
Katelyn McNeely
Katelyn McNeely преди 2 дни
Goldie преди 2 дни
"He is the master of DDM!" Me, who FC'ed Freedom Dive: ...
Sahil Dahal
Sahil Dahal преди 2 дни
When twilight and the emoji movie have a one night stand.
Deztroyer преди 2 дни
Arigat - O
Arigat - O преди 2 дни
It's 1:00 AM, a school night, I didn’t do my math homework and I have Iron Maiden stuck in my head. I am very, very tired.
Tenzin Yangchen
Tenzin Yangchen преди 2 дни
When I see Noah and chloe hug I am like dudeeeeee does friends hug like that. Am I missing out or smth. 😅
Lxmonz преди 2 дни
My sister: *i like the kissing booth* My cousin: *i like the kissing booth* My *other* cousin: *i like the kissing booth* Me: *shocked Pikachu face*
Applicorn преди 3 дни
Noah may be good looking but the difference between him and Marco is the fact that Marco actually has a personality, Noah is so boring I can’t even bear to watch the scenes with him and elle.
CaptainSHIELD преди 4 дни
The fact that the last 40 minutes of the movie Alex is fast forwarding is The Goofy Movie 😂 12:12
The lovely life of Nevaeh
The lovely life of Nevaeh преди 4 дни
i cried when i watched that
Leen Ashraf
Leen Ashraf преди 5 дни
Letting y’all know that there’s gonna be a kissing booth 3😭😭
MagiWasTaken преди 5 дни
"Do you love him?" - "You noah who I love."
Maya преди 5 дни
i hope i die before the next movie comes out
Kenzie's Kompilations
Kenzie's Kompilations преди 5 дни
It’s extremely formulaic. It’s structured the same as the first. And immediately you know that Marco doesn’t have a chance because he’s introduced in the second movie. She chooses Noah for no reason, I completely agree. Lee gets mad at her for no justifiable reason, and Rachel’s blurt at Halloween was hilarious.
Awana Al Islam
Awana Al Islam преди 5 дни
K but who else thinks Lee is cuter than Noah? like y do girls always go for the fukboys when a perfectly adorable handsome guy is right there?!? Also i think Elle would've been WAY better off with Marco.
Ashu Kutty
Ashu Kutty преди 5 дни
after 2 please
MrMooCow25 преди 5 дни
thank god for the vacuum
Kylie Tiffany
Kylie Tiffany преди 5 дни
Can we also talk about when Elle meets Noah at the airport he throws the card he was holding and it hits the green screen 😂🤣🤣
The Modern Glitch
The Modern Glitch преди 5 дни
13:40 -13:58 & 15:50 - 16:39 *oof* I had to learn this the hard way but yes, I can confirm this is correct.
I love kittens
I love kittens преди 5 дни
Alex: Boys are.... SUCK DUMM Bots: Write that down. Write that down!
auriqa преди 6 дни
“boys are uh......... SUCK DUMB”
Isabel Sandqvist
Isabel Sandqvist преди 6 дни
ok, now i know what movie im not going to watch :)
Ivan Sherbinin
Ivan Sherbinin преди 6 дни
when I saw a guitar scene, I've immediately though about the Christopher Walken watch episode from Pulp fiction.
Sam T
Sam T преди 6 дни
I lost it when Alex started acting like girls when they talk about a guy 😂 that funny part is it’s not that far off
The Extremer
The Extremer преди 6 дни
“Boys are... suck, dumm” -Alex Meyers, 2020
To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...
Alex Meyers
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